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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 422: Reasons (3) Bahasa Indonesia

The female thief was nearly invisible, but Billy didn’t think that was one of her main abilities. Regardless, stopping her right now was impossible without making a commotion. Still, Billy had a feeling that she was going to do something big and troublesome… She wasn’t going to just steal something. It seemed that she had something else in mind, but Billy didn’t know what it was.

“Well now, what should I do…” Billy thought.

Following her was only natural. The real issue was what came after. In any case, Billy followed her and the carriage until they stopped on the side of a mansion that was just fifty meters away from the castle. The people inside the carriage left alongside the driver and some guards. Still, Billy didn’t feel her presence moving after all. It seemed that she was waiting for something…

In the meantime, Billy checked the presence inside the mansion, and while the number didn’t seem too high, he used Appraisal on the people that were arriving, and he frowned.

Vincente – Lv 112

HP: 655/ 655

MP: 123/ 124

SP: 433/ 433

Strength: 155

Speed: 133

Magic: 44

Endurance: 147

Dexterity: 88

Status Points: 00

Juliane – Lv 119

HP: 555/ 555

MP: 183/ 183

SP: 483/ 483

Strength: 144

Speed: 167

Magic: 77

Endurance: 111

Dexterity: 67

Status Points: 00

They were pretty high level, and upon looking at them closely, Billy realized that they had a presence different from ordinary nobles. Most likely, that party was just an excuse to lure her out and ambush her in a closed space filled with mercenaries and assassins. Now Billy had an excuse to stop her, but would she listen? While everyone looked pretty rich and had some valuable things with them, it was clear that she was aiming at someone at the party, not something. Or maybe she wanted to get rid of a large group of people at the same time…

A lot of carriages approached for the next few minutes, and the thief didn’t do anything. Until they stopped coming, and Billy saw a shadow moving below that one that he followed. Billy didn’t have time to waste, and since the path toward her was a straight line with no obstacles, he used Flash.

Although Billy suddenly appeared in front of her, the female thief still reacted on time to grab a knife and then point toward his neck. Still, at the last moment, she stopped because Billy was unarmed and he didn’t look like a guard. The female thief was hiding her face and body under a dark cloak and hood, but he still could see the face of a woman in her early twenties who had long black hair and deep brown eyes. In any case, while she stopped the attack, she didn’t drop her guard since she could tell that Billy was strong and his presence was stiff.

“There is a trap waiting for you inside the mansion, you should retreat,” Billy said. “If you use Appraisal on everyone when they began to leave, you will confirm that.”

“Who the hell are you?” The woman asked.

“My name is Billy and I have been looking for you,” Billy replied. “We need to talk, but right here isn’t an appropriate place.”

The black-haired woman stepped forward and wondered what she should do while looking at the mansion nearby. In the end, she showed an annoyed expression and clicked her tongue. She could tell now that she almost fell for a trap, all because she was too eager to kill many of her targets at the same time.

“Lead the way,” the woman said.

???? – Lv ????

HP: ????/????

MP: ????/????

SP: ????/????

Strength: ????

Speed: ????

Magic: ????

Endurance: ????

Dexterity: ????

Status Points: ????

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????,

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Skill Points: ????

Billy nodded, but before that, he tried to check the status of that woman. Unfortunately, she used the same skill to hide her information. Billy wondered why he didn’t ask Icarus what that skill was yet. Then again, they weren’t on good terms since that battle against the summoned creatures.

They headed toward a dark alley after confirming that no guards saw them walking. Most of them were patrolling the mansion, so they had a hard time avoiding them.

“… You are from Earth, aren’t you?” The woman asked.

“It isn’t far that you two can hide your status and see mine so easily…” Billy said. “In any case, have you realized that you weren’t the only human who was reborn in this world?”

“I considered the possibility after hearing some rumors… You aren’t alone here, are you?” The woman asked.

“Someone else convinced me to look for others like us, he is nearby, but he won’t come if I don’t give the signal, it is up to you,” Billy said. “By the way, what is your name?”

“… Lucyna,” Lucyna said. “You can call him if you want. I don’t know what you two want exactly, but it seems that you don’t want to pick a fight. You could have attacked me earlier if you wanted.”

Billy called Icarus, and he appeared in the blink of an eye, which made Lucyna frown since it seemed that those two had the same skills. Billy sighed… He didn’t consider that he had revealed his newest skill when he tried to stop her. Not like he didn’t have many options at that time. In any case, Lucyna took out her cloak and hood when Icarus appeared, revealing a pretty woman who looked to be at their age. She also was wearing light, adventure-like clothes and not a single piece of armor. It was really reckless even if she had tome thief skills.

“Nice to meet you, I am Icarus,” Icarus said. “We are looking for others like us to prevent problems down the road. We faced others like us, and we are planning to make an alliance with those who want to live peacefully here.”

“I see… So that is what you want,” Lucyna said. “Sorry, but I am not interested in joining any one’s fight.”


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