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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 417: The fifth (7) Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems interesting, but it is missing something, right?” Kate asked.

“It is missing a lot, but as long as it can be improved, it is fine by me,” Billy said. “You should train with the same thing in mind.”

Kate knew that, but it has been quite a while since she felt so stagnant. Still, she decided to leave it at that when she recalled that Billy hadn’t learned many skills as of late either. He spent months trying to come up with that quick movement skill and yet, he didn’t give up. Billy had yet to learn how to create the other elements. He was making even less progress than her, but Billy knew that his hard work would never betray him. That was why he never stopped his routine of training..

“That skill is consuming less mana as of late due to Spiritual Core, but it isn’t enough given that it has so many limitations,” Billy thought. “Since the system doesn’t recognize it yet, then, it can’t level up.”

Billy tried to name the skill and see if it worked, but it didn’t. So, it was obvious that it was incomplete. While he had to take more steps, he could move that fast just by rubbing as well, so it had more than one flaw.

“I have to keep sharpening the feeling I guess,” Billy thought.

Billy trained day in and day out that skill but didn’t make much progress. Things improved a little when he used Fierce Aura, but that wasn’t the answer that he wanted. Just improving the strength of his legs didn’t work either. Eventually, even with a massive supply of mana, Billy ran out of energy, he kept using that skill in hopes to improve but nothing happened for hours, after all. Still, on a stroke of luck, he learned the trick when he tried to use his mana on his feet, but only covered the very base of his right foot. He dashed forward after taking a step and he barely saw the space around him changing. He also didn’t even feel his feet touching the ground… The mana that he used got rid of all Resistances.

You learned the skill Flash.

Flash: it grants you the power to cross large distances instantly. It can only be used while you are on the ground.

Distance: 10 meters per level.

Cost: 10 MP

In a hurry, Billy went to grab some pills from his company and he tried the skill again. The more he used, the more he confirmed that wasn’t a skill suited for combat. The reason was that he couldn’t see the space around him changing. So, it didn’t change or improve his perception skills, he could use less mana by planning to move to a specific spot that was closer than the limit of the skill because he could control his mana almost perfectly, but he would have to consider the path ahead completely, or he might end up hitting something and wounding himself.

“Instead of speed type skill, this is more like a high-speed jump… I will have to waste some time turning around if I want to use this in different ways,” Billy thought. “Using it in battle isn’t impossible, but it isn’t the same skill as Icarus… I can hope to attack someone many times in a single instant like him. His skill works in accelerating all the senses of his body, this certainly isn’t an acceleration skill.”

While Billy was a bit disappointed and he was complaining, he still got one amazing skill. He didn’t get everything he wanted, but for the time being, he could settle with half. Billy still will need an astronomical amount of mana to cross the states, but eventually…

“Maybe next I should learn a skill that makes me convert mana into stamina, I guess it is in the shop, but I didn’t see… It can’t be that converting mana into stamina is much more expensive and complicated than doing it with health,” Billy thought. “I don’t know if normal skills have a limit, but maybe, if I keep leveling up Dash, I will reach Icarus level.”

Just when Billy was thinking about that, he saw a messenger approaching the gate of his house. He frowned when he received the letter and then saw the word London on the cover… He didn’t know anyone by that name, it wasn’t even a person’s name in that world, but he assumed that it was the city where Icarus was born on Earth.

‘I found her, but I can’t leave this place without risking losing sight of her. To negotiate with her, I would like your support.’

Billy sighed, just when he thought that he could take a few days from training… in any case, it seemed that the next reincarnated as a woman, and Icarus didn’t want to risk facing her if negotiations go wrong by himself. With the help of someone else like him, his words truly will have more weight.

“Well now… What should I do?” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Billy’s newest vehicle wasn’t ready and he didn’t have any tunnel that leads to South. Even with Flash, and if he stops at a dungeon to recover his mana, he will need more than a few days to reach the place that Icarus is. Since his wives will only return to work in five months, Billy assumed that he could spend time together as a family for the whole duration, but…

“There is no way I am taking them with me to a place where we might meet someone like me and I don’t know her intentions,” Billy thought. “Things might get even more out of hand if those two fight and one of them dies. I guess I don’t have any other choice here.”

Billy decided to check the woman with his own eyes, while the goal was to gain another ally, he will go ready to crush her if necessary.


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