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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 414: The fifth (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“You know that I am fast, right?” Icarus asked. “I can make a lot of money with my speed, and those spills are easy to buy and find.”

“Those produced by me are a lot better than the others,” Billy said. “Besides, our agreement was that you would have to bring me some valuable things in exchange for my skills. In any case, what kind of state are you talking about?”

“I don’t know much, but I heard that a few months away from the place I am looking for the reincarnated, there is a land where the warriors call themselves samurai,” Icarus said. “It seems that one of our predecessors used his previous knowledge to create and influence the culture of an entire state.”

Instead of thinking about that, Billy wondered what it meant… Was a Japanese that created and trained those people, or was it someone who liked their culture? Depending on the answers, the previous reincarnated could be of someone who lived in the same era as Billy on Earth or someone from the past. If the first option was the correct one, then it means that the correlation of time between Earth and that world was very weird. In any case, it seemed like a place worth checking. Billy also liked to travel and learn more about new places, even more so when they had things of his interest that he had never seen before, like a different fighting style or weapons. Still, to go to such a place Billy would need a lot of time to prepare since he didn’t know much about the states south from his position. They were completely unknown territory to him, so considering all that, he might have to go alone. It was a pity, but in the end, it was better to travel with his family, when his kids become a bit older.

“Are you interested in checking that place?” Icarus asked.

“I will, if I hear that they have some interesting abilities,” Billy replied.

“You are pretty self centered when it comes to that kind of thing…” Icarus said while looking at the pills. “I guess I will accept this. Please save high quality ones for me when you make them.”

Much faster than the wind, Icarus left the area. Once again, Billy thought that his spy work would be a lot easier with his abilities… But killing someone just to make his life easier wasn’t something that he could do. In any case, Billy used Magic Eyes to see Icarus’ ability in action, but he didn’t see anything. Maybe he was being naive in thinking of learning such a skill, but he didn’t have to pay for dreaming.

“I suppose improving Fierce Aura and making it focus on my legs might be a good start for that,” Billy thought while rubbing his chin.

Although he said that before when Billy resumed his practice, he began to imagine what kind of place the state of samurai was. It has been a while since Billy visited any place for touristic purposes, so that might be a good chance… But even using his vehicles, it might take weeks to go and return. Maybe it was about time to increase the speed of the magic cart. The only problem was the fact that dodging things on the way would get a lot harder. Billy wondered if he shouldn’t make something like a chopper or simple plane to deal with that.

“It will be hard but flying will make the trips a lot easier, without obstacles, I can fly in a straight line toward any place…” Billy nodded to himself in satisfaction.

Billy recalled the fight against the fire titan. While he didn’t use much, he spent some mana flying, and since he wasn’t used to it, his mobility couldn’t be compared to when he was on the ground. The firepower of an aircraft would be limited, but it was better than nothing since it would consume the fuel to attack. Billy could move his friends around, and then they would attack as well from a safe position to compensate.

In any case, Billy had to start small like before, coming up with a mini chopper… The only problem was that he won’t be able to ride or control it, so it seemed that he had to skip that part.

“I will start tomorrow when I head to the dungeon,” Billy made a mental note.

Billy’s routine was starting to get packed again, but it was fine like that. All those things will come in handy sooner or later, after all. Looking at his status, Billy only confirmed that.

Billy – Lv 235 25.500/ 135.000 EXP

HP: 1786/ 1786

MP: 2951/ 2951

SP: 958/ 958

Strength: 479 + 180

Speed: 363 + 50

Magic: 703 + 370

Endurance: 142 + 180

Dexterity: 119

Status Points: 150

Skills: Light Spear Lv 74 (+ 06 UP), Fierce Aura Lv 98 (+ 28UP), Gungnir Lv 65

Spells: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞, Strength Support Lv 56(+36P), Speed Support Lv 56(+66P), Magic Support Lv 56(+36P), Endurance Support Lv 56(+26P), Dexterity Support Lv 56(+36P), Fire Creation Lv 09

Passive: Fire Resistance Lv 72 , Heat Resistance Lv 111 (+ 34 UP), Vigor Lv 96(+ 19 UP), Poison Resistance Lv 85 (+ 17 UP), Sage’s Wisdom Lv 74 (+ 10UP), Brute Strength Lv 36 (+ 15 UP), Toughness Lv 36 (+ 15 UP), Cold Resistance Lv 01, Shock Resistance Lv 01, Wind Resistance Lv 01, Earth Resistance Lv 01, Quick Steps Lv 11 (+10)

Skill Points: 650

Billy’s growth couldn’t even be compared to a few years prior, and not only he but his friends as well surpassed the strongest individuals in a wide area. Still, the world was vast, and some fearsome creatures were out there, so they couldn’t get lax. While training, Billy realized that the most consistent way of causing damage was by relying on physical strength, so he had, and in order to do that with more efficiency, he needed to train harder every day with his weights.


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