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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 411: The fifth (1) Bahasa Indonesia

When the others returned, Billy’s wounds had mostly healed. It was weird the fact that he still could feel bad for so many days even when his health was full. In any case, he helped his grandma healing those who still needed some treatment. Those kids frowned since Billy also had medical skills… They truly were kids. Learning all kinds of things was what makes someone survive all kinds of trouble. Still, there was a difference between them… Billy was a reincarnated person. It was no wonder that he felt like working harder than most.

Regardless, the students got a lot stronger and learned a lot, so Billy’s friends gave them two weeks off. They needed to rest more in order to return to their training routine with more eagerness. Their course was going to end in two months, so they needed that final boost of motivation.

As for Billy, he returned to his daily routine of training when the kids were sleeping, and his wives were working. He didn’t have many chances to think of a way to improve his speed, but he will have some time now… Hopefully.

“I heard that you had quite the adventure this time around,” Pierre suddenly appeared and then said it. “Rumors are spreading like wildfire, but few people from here believe in them.”

“It is rare to see you around,” Billy said.

“My lord was planning to visit you sooner, but he is busy as of late, that is why I came,” Pierre said. “Many other rumors will begin to spread, but you shouldn’t mind them.”

“What do you mean by that?” Billy asked, frowning.

“… We have a pretty decent network of information and spies and we caught wind of other rumors like this one,” Pierre said. “Apparently, other giant monsters appeared across the continent… But we don’t know if that is true, or if that was some lies fabricated by enemies to make us make a wrong move and attack us.”

“When did those rumors begin to appear?” Billy asked. “Where did those creatures supposedly appear?”

“Around the time you was facing the fire Golems, and they are in lands to far away, hence, we can’t check their authenticity,” Pierre said. “Our allies are fine, since they aren’t close to the origin of those rumors.”

Billy facepalmed. Why couldn’t he have some months of peace? Since his friends weren’t in danger, he didn’t have a reason to move, but it was another worrisome thing. Besides, if the rumor was true, then it was only a matter of time before those titans laid waste to many states.

“I see, then Jean must be using his time to organize the troops with the other members of the alliance,” Billy said.

“You realized that pretty soon, as expected,” Pierre said. “Still, moving now would make the rumor look real, so we are doing this carefully. Please don’t comment on this with ordinary people.”

Billy nodded. The last thing that they needed now was to spread panic. In any case, Billy decided to stop with his tunnels creation and focus all his mana on leveling up himself. While he got a lot of status and skill points, alongside Fire Creation, he knew that in a direct fight, he wouldn’t have any chances of defeating a titan by himself again.

“Are we even armed enough to deal with something like that again?” Billy asked.

“I am not sure, I didn’t see the monster, so…” Pierre said.

Perhaps Billy should work on making some magic siege weapons that would work against a monster like that. Conventional projectiles won’t work, and those creatures had high resistance against single target spells that most people can use. The only problem was how they would be used in the future… Billy was confident that his magic weapons couldn’t be replicated, but something like a siege weapon could be used and upgraded until it became something like a cannon, and once that kind of thing is fabricated, the path toward mass destruction weapons was pretty straightforward. Still, after thinking for a while longer, Billy assumed that things could be different than on Earth. Individuals on that planet could become stupidly strong, after all.

“For the time being, I should focus on learning the speed type passive skill, I can worry about other things later,” Billy concluded.

Billy almost sighed. He finally had some time off, and the only thing he could think of doing was to train. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone, and his friends and wives joined him. They noticed that his strength and endurance had increased, and they wanted to do the same without having any clues if they were fit to do so. Billy laughed while watching them doing stupid things for a few days, but then he decided to help them. While only Natalie and Alexander were suited for that kind of training, the others still insisted on doing the same. Thanks to that, they had to endure a hellish week to learn the passive skills, and they spent the rest of their days off resting their bodies. Billy began to train by himself again, and he finally had some inspiration to learn the skill he wanted.

Before learning the skill, he had to make an ergometer bike, and then he began to pedal while wearing the weights. He was starting to damage his garden while walking with all those, and now he made something weird that had to withstand all that weight. Kate liked the garden, so she scolded him. In any case, Billy used the ergometer bike with the weights for two weeks until he got somewhat used to it. Then he took off the weights and began to pedal a lot faster than before… Until he got so fast… That he broke the pedals.

Billy had to make a more durable one, and thanks to that, his legs got strong and fast enough to pedal a bit faster than before. When he was running, he also obtained some results.


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