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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 408: Fire (10) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 411 Fire (10)

That truly looked like a rain of magma… the skies had darkened due to the rain clouds that Billy had created after emerging from the steam emitted by the monster, and the area below was completely dark and red due to the glow of the falling magma. Using Telekinesis, he created a barrier around him to protect him from the magma as he prepared another attack and watched the massive monster falling to its knees.

Billy decided not to wait to see if the creature could regenerate itself. He decided that it was possible since the core inside itself could summon fire golems. Regeneration shouldn’t be a problem if monster creation wasn’t, after all.

When Billy prepared to throw his spear again, the massive monster suddenly swung its arms at him. That thing certainly was afraid of his attacks… Still, that wasn’t a bad idea. While Billy was facing the creature, his friends would have time to recover and attack its back. Using magic on the same scale as before probably wasn’t possible for them anymore, but they also had physical skills that could be used. Expecting that the best would turn around fast enough to deal with them was unrealistic… Still, Billy at least had to keep the monster busy to prevent the regeneration.

If he uses his mana to control the rain clouds and make them bombard the fire titan with lightning bolts, Billy probably will paralyze the creature for a while. Still, killing was probably unlikely since the discharge of energy will mostly cause heat damage… Eventually, Billy had an idea. It was a risky one, but it was the only thing he could do given the current circumstances.

Billy used as much mana as possible to control the air around and make it move upward. Eventually, the rain clouds above began to change, to the point that they even began to lose their original color. The lava rain hadn’t even ended when the fire titan realized that trouble was coming again. Still, this time, Billy didn’t let the creature get in his way. He didn’t have time to use all his mana available, but he worked fast enough to change the clouds and make the get colder… much colder than before. Eventually, some it became to hail… the temperature began to decrease, and the hot aura emitted by the fire titan began to fight that. Still eventually, it lost the battle, and the beast began to get hit by numerous ice stones that fell from the sky. While one of them didn’t cause any damage, when thousands were put together… even the lava in its body began to freeze.

Billy had recalled that snow forms when the atmospheric temperature is at or below freezing, and there is a minimum amount of moisture in the air. If the ground temperature is at or below freezing, the snow will reach the ground… but under harsher conditions, what comes in hail, and he produced those harsh conditions using his mana and the current weather. Even the lava rain was stopped thanks to that, and the massive monster had to cower itself to protect itself from the damage that was accumulating.

“Attack! Now!” Billy’s voice echoed on the battlefield.

The soldiers, adventurers, and the students who were cowering while protecting themselves assumed their attack stances after hearing Billy’s voice. Without the power of the heat on its size, the fire titan began to suffer damage. The arrows, bolts, and even the spears that were being thrown began to pierce the monster’s body, and rocks began to fall as if they represented the creature’s blood and flesh.

At the same time, Billy used his buff and began to prepare his Light Spear; he began to focus so much energy on that one attack that he began to feel his bones cracking and muscles being damaged… That much pain was fine if he could take down the enemy on the next attack. Unfortunately, that stance of the creature protected its core completely… Billy didn’t have a clear view of the chest of the monster.

While the numerous attacks were shaving away the defenses of the creature, it would take too long before Billy had a clear view toward it. Not to mention, the hail won’t last for long since Billy made it fall as fast as possible… Billy will have to attack in one way or the other, and the shortest route toward the core of the beast was through its nape… Billy wouldn’t have the leisure to attack from a safe distance if he wanted to truly reach the core. So, he flew while spinning to add some extra power to it.

Billy thrust his spear toward the nape of the creature, and the attack easily cracked and destroyed the first layer of the monster’s body, but after piercing a few meters, his advance was halted, and since he was closer to the core, Billy began to feel its heat. His health began to decrease, and the durability of the spear began to drop… In the end, he failed at destroying the core.

The monster began to move again when the hail stopped falling. Its body had decreased in size quite a bit due to the attacks of thousands of people, but Billy could see the body of that thing expanding again… In the end, the fucking monster truly could regenerate so that that battle couldn’t end well to them. Since Billy was already there, he might as well go all out until the very end. He enchanted his chain spear with electricity and then stabbed the monster’s body. It gained some extra piercing power, but it wasn’t nearly enough, and not to mention, the weapon was about to break. Thanks to that, Billy changed his tactics. He grabbed his short spears and enchanted them with his water Transformation. Once that was done, he began to stab and stab the monster, always peeling the blocks of Earth and magma on his way.


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