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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 406: Fire (8) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 409 Fire (8)

Billy expected to have many experiences in that new world, it was a world of magic, after all. He trained hard to get strong and survive for as long as he could in order to experience many more things than he did in his previous life… Still, he never expected that one day, he would find a giant monster… a five hundred meters tall, humanoid fire golem. That was too bizarre, even from his perspective.

As if the creature had been sleeping in that place for one hell of a time, the titanic fire golem stood there before he left that hole very slowly. The creature paid no mind to Billy and his friends since they were the size of ants before itself. The difference in power was also massive, even though Billy couldn’t see it clearly.

Fire Titan – Lv ????

HP: ????/ ????

MP: ????/ ????

SP: ????/ ????


Speed: ????

Magic: ????

Endurance: ????

Dexterity: ????

Status Points: ????

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Spells: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????,

Skill Points: ????, ????, ????, ????,

As if things weren’t troublesome enough, Billy couldn’t see how powerful that thing truly was, but that was normal. Still, he couldn’t let that roam free for long. His home was a few days away, but it was bound to become a target of that thing.

“Wake up!” Billy shouted. “We are going to stop that. Make your apprentices assume their formations, also make half of them focus on defense while the other half will focus on attacking from a safe distance!”

Billy’s friends woke up from their shock and realized that they had to stop that thing no matter what. In any case, Billy made the group leave the hole, using some earth blocks as a platform. Although he tried to be quiet, he saw the creature turning its head to look at them. Billy buried and sent his friends toward their apprentices and then he fired an ice spear toward the magma pond that was in the center of the chest of the monster. However, despite its size, the creature moved its arm and blocked the attack fast enough. The sudden movement of the arm also created and pushed a hot wave of air toward Billy. He tried to protect himself by using a wind wall, but he ended up being pushed backward and he also felt the heat burning his arms. It was no surprise, the fire titan was essentially a worse version of fire golem. It was a Golem that had magma in several parts of its body…

“It isn’t going to be easy, huh…” Billy said and then he took a look at the armies in the distance.

It was going to take some time until his friends prepared everything, so Billy had to buy time. The only problem was the fact that even their best attacks would have a range limit… and they would have to get on the monster’s range to deal any damage. Still, Billy shook those thoughts out of his head… hoping to win that battle without suffering some casualties was beyond insane, it was stupid.

The fire titan suddenly pointed its right hand toward Billy and then a cannon of flames flew toward him. Billy moved his earth platform to the side, but the flames still pursued him. To think that the enemy could do something like that…

Billy moved away from the flames while he used a gust of wind to fight it back, but he wasn’t making much progress in countering that. It was obvious, but the difference in their magic power was beyond insane. Without any other choice, Billy increased his moving speed by using Telekinesis and he managed to gain some distance over the flames.

“Maybe I should have learned Fire Immunity… even if it costs four hundred skill points,” Billy thought.

To annoy the monster, Billy began to fly around its neck and the fire titan also began to attack him as if he were a fly. Billy still managed to be faster… that was because the size of the creature influenced its speed. He had learned that when he fought the dragons. Regardless, Billy decided to fire some ice spears at the monster’s neck, but half of their size evaporated before they hit the enemy and when they hit it, they evaporated after a couple of seconds, not leaving any marks behind.

While clicking his tongue, Billy wondered what he could do if even ice magic couldn’t cause much damage. The fire titan didn’t wait for that, though. The creature made some lava spheres fly from all the parts of its body toward him and those were way faster than the flame cannon.

Using Telekinesis, Billy decreased the speed of those that were about to hit him, and then he dodged them. However, he couldn’t dodge the hit emitted by those and he felt like his skin was being peeled due to the hot air burning his body. A direct hit would probably melt his limbs… In any case, Billy was using magic too fast and not achieving anything, he probably will have to save it when he comes up with a solid plan to defeat the beast. So, he began to use only the minimum necessary for him to fly and decided to use his physical skills.

When the next Lava spheres were shot, Billy used Palm Cannon to deflect them. A single ordinary one could decrease their speed and power by thirty percent, but when he used double the amount of stamina, he completely stopped them. It was no surprise given how high his strength was. Still, even with his current Vigor, Billy could only pull that off a few times every minute…

Fortunately, before he could run out of stamina, Billy saw the armies nearby approaching and when they entered the range, they began to attack with bows and crossbows. Unfortunately, Billy didn’t see the monster paying them any mind… Billy didn’t have the time to check their damage, but he was pretty certain that they were being destroyed as soon as they hit the fire Titan body.


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