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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 405: Fire (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 408 Fire (7)

Before long, they arrived at an area in which they could see a massive room ahead. As if they were falling from somewhere, the fire golems were landing on the ground and quickly getting up and heading in their direction. That wasn’t a way for them to be summoned… unfortunately, Billy couldn’t see the crystal from where they were. They would need to keep moving to find the answers that they needed, even though it was clear that they wouldn’t be good news.

“I guess we finally found the last room… or the only room of this place,” Alexander said while frowning.

“Let’s rest for a little bit before we advance,” Billy said. “Most likely, we can escape if necessary arises, but we should play it safe just in case.”

It was pretty hard to rest in a place like that, but while Sarah dealt with the fire Golems, Billy improved the weather around them while working as an air conditioner. For someone like him who only knew the heat of the summer in his previous world, the cold air was as relaxing as it could be. He almost took a nap, but then he woke up when the Temperature increased again. He didn’t reach the level where he could control his magic even while sleeping.

Everyone assumed that they would face some big fire monster, so they enhanced their weapons with mana after enchanting the tips and blades with ice magic. Once that was done and they recovered most of their stamina, they began to walk toward the end of the dungeon.

It didn’t take long for them to understand why that room was so deep underground. The room itself was that big. The ceiling illuminated most of the place because they were glowing red with lines that seemed like bulging veins. Billy didn’t like that… Something was very wrong about that, but he couldn’t order a retreat until he found out what that was.

The group slowly entered the last room, and when they did it, the fire Golems stopped dropping from the ceiling. Still. Billy still had enough time to see where they were coming from… It was from a pond of magma that was on the ceiling. Putting the fact that it was defying gravity, that was also glowing red… As if something powerful and filled with mana was there. That was the core of the presence Billy felt.

Suddenly, the cave began to tremble, and that pond of magma began to glow even more intensely than before. Billy and the others assumed their fighting postures because it was clear that something was coming. Their guess was right and in the next moment, a rain of fire golems took place in the area. However, the flames in their bodies were a lot more intense, to the point that the room began to get filled with a dangerous black smoke…

Fire Golem- Lv 250

HP: 2250/ 2250

MP: 2250/ 2250

SP: 650/650


Speed: 75

Magic: 505

Endurance: 780

Dexterity: 155

Status Points: 00

Skills: Charge Lv 115, Fire Field Lv 115, Fire Domain Lv 150

Spells: Fire Bullet Lv 190, Fire Wall Lv 165,

Passive: Fire Resistance Lv 500, Earth Resistance Lv 118, Heat Resistance Lv 468, Cold Resistance Lv 75

Skill Points: 00

Just as Billy thought, they were at a higher level, their parameters had increased considerably and they even had a new and very troublesome skill. Fire Domain was probably what made them consume the air around them and turn into that toxic smoke. Regardless, Billy, Sarah, Kate, and Lily began to fire ice arrows toward them and while they lost a lot of power along the way, they eventually hit the enemies and decreased the flames around their bodies.

Natalie and Alexander also joined the fray and used Palm Cannon to make the enemies fly to the walls before they could even land. Although they had gotten stronger, physical attacks still were pretty useful against them, to the point that they began to show some cracks on their bodies.

You obtained 200 experience points.

The skill Water Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Water Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

Although they were stronger, Billy and the others got a lot stronger than before as well. Billy’s magic power doubled, after all. Those creatures were defeated in the blink of an eye. Still, things weren’t over yet… The next wave of Golems was two times bigger than the previous ones and their levels increased by one hundred.

“It seems this will be a long one…” Kate said.

“It is okay, I got this,” Billy said. “Just focus on attacking their heads.”

When the enemies landed, Billy impaled their legs with earth spears and made them unable to move. His friends used that opportunity to bombard them with their attacks and since they couldn’t move, they were like sitting ducks. The only problem was the fact that Billy had to work hard due to the number of monsters that were falling. Still, even that didn’t last long. The core that was hidden somewhere could tell that something of that level wouldn’t stop them. Billy already knew what would come next, it would be the guardian… But he still got surprised like never before and he wasn’t the only one.

The entire dungeon began to tremble and the magma pond began to glow even more intensely than before. At that point in time, it was obvious that the core was there… Still, Billy didn’t think that the core would send something like that… The entire dungeon began to collapse and huge blocks of rocks began to fall around Billy and the others. With their magic, they managed to repel those, the only thing that they failed to repel was the massive leg that moved from the walls and approached them. They had to run away from that… eventually, the entire dungeon collapsed and the daylight entered the place. Somehow, they didn’t get buried alive, but…


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