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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 4: New Life (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy tried to use Analysis on his mother, but it didn’t work, so it became obvious that he would need another skill. With that in mind, he began to use Mana/EXP conversion whenever possible. He even allocated some points into magic to confirm that he could increase his mana that way. If his mana increases, his body probably won’t change, but his spirit will.

Billy – Lv 01 – 00/20 EXP

HP: 05/05

MP: 15/15

SP: 05/05

Strength: 01

Speed: 01

Magic: 06

Endurance: 01

Dexterity: 01

Status Points: 0

Skill List: Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Language Skill Lv 01, Analysis Lv 01,

Skill Points: 0

After doing that, he confirmed that his mana increased by two points by each point he put into magic. However, his mana regeneration didn’t increase.

“Since it didn’t increase that way, I will need a skill for that…”

In the end, with his current mana regeneration, Billy needed two days to be able to level up two times and update the list of skills available to be purchased. Fortunately, Appraisal was among them.

Bash: 05 skill points.

Dash: 10 skill points.

Appraisal: 10 skill points.

“Damn… why is Dash so expensive?”

Since one could use Dash by running with all their might, the price was weird. Nevertheless, Appraisal had a cost, Billy would need three mana points to use it, but he could see everyone’s status. However, the information given would be determined by the level of the skill.

“This system is useful, but it has some severe limitations…”

Camilla – Lv 28 – 20/ 840 EXP

In the beginning, Billy could only see his mother’s name when he used Appraisal, but once the skill reached level five, he managed to see that much. He had to use the skill for one week to reach that level, though.

Billy realized that he needed to recover his mana faster. Otherwise, it will take too long for him to do anything for his family, even with that system. While he had yet to develop any deep links with them, they gave him a new body, so he needed to work hard and make sure that they would live long enough for him to repay the favor.

“Let’s see… I need to recover mana faster and then see all mom’s status. Should I focus on a single one or try both and see which I can reach faster?”

Even if Billy could make others gain experience, it would be meaningless If their status didn’t increase. Since he could improve his own status, maybe others could do as well, but Billy doubted that. If everyone had the same system as him, they wouldn’t be at level twenty-eight when they were in their twenties… With that in mind, Billy was probably the one who had to distribute the status points that he made others gain, like in a game.

In the end, Billy had to wait for one month to reach level seven and find a skill that would grant him the ability to recover more mana. It was Meditation, a skill perfect for someone like him who couldn’t do anything yet since he was just six months old. Unfortunately, it seemed that it would take a while longer for him to see all of the statuses of his mother… like a few months at that rate.

Meditation – Lv 01 – 0/10 EXP – 20 skill points

It restores one point of mana according to the level of the skill per hour.

“The effects aren’t that impressive in the low levels, but I am sure it will improve more than a little bit in the future…”

Billy had plenty of time to level up Meditation by using it, or so he thought. When he was six months old, his mother began to train his body in order for him to learn how to walk. While he already could crawl, it wasn’t very pleasant since he hurt his hands and his knees in the ground all the time, and since his body was so soft, the pain didn’t go away so soon.

EXP + 01


After spending a couple of minutes standing on his feet with the help of his mother, Billy noticed that his experience went up… that was weird. Gaining experience just by learning how to walk. Still, that would explain how his mother reached level twenty-eight without having a system. Even her status points had been allocated, after all.

Camilla – Lv 28 – 20/ 840 EXP

HP: 235/235

MP: 49/49

SP: 299/299

Strength: 65

“I suppose physical training also makes one gain experience… it makes sense considering what EXP Master can do.”

To confirm that, Billy used Appraisal on some kids when his mother carried him to revisit his grandmother. He saw that even five-year-old kids were at level four, and they basically trained with bamboo spears.

“Yes, this is… what?”

Billy’s focus changed when he saw things getting noisy. His mother and grandmother looked toward the same direction, and then they saw some heavily wounded warriors carrying two men who were even more wounded than them… one of the two had lost two legs, and Billy’s father was giving a shoulder to one who lost his left arm.

“What the…”

The wounds in their bodies hadn’t been caused by spears or swords. It looked like it had been bitten off by something… Billy wondered what the hell had caused that while his mother was carrying him home since his grandmother went to help the wounded men. It was hard to believe it,

but it seemed that some kind of monster had done that…

“I am not on Earth, am I?”

It was only mid-afternoon, but Billy saw his father returning home while carrying a big lump of meat. It didn’t look like any part of a cow, pig, or animal that he had seen in his past life, and it was the first time he saw the raw meat that his parents eat every day before cooking…


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