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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 399: Fire (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 402 Fire (1)

While marching alongside the four thousand students of his friends, Billy began to put his plan into action. In order to make good use of those numbers, Billy changed his tactics a bit… instead of focusing on damaging them, he focused on lowering the firepower of the enemies… literally. It cost him tons of mana, but he created some massive rain clouds above the area. The theory was the same as he did when he used Thunder Storm. Still, he didn’t condensate the power all that much, so the result was that the southern area of the capital experienced one hell of a rain.

“When it rains, it pours…” Billy said while he was watching the aura of the fire golems losing power and their bodies shrinking.

Eventually, the rain decreased in power, but Billy made sure to last for a while longer in order not to give the fire golems time to recover themselves. Once that happened, the students dashed forward to finish them off. Billy’s friends, wives, and siblings joined them. Without their aura, they could easily approach the monsters and attacking them didn’t damage their weapons.

You obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Water Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

You obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Water Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

“I should use this time to recover my reserves of mana,” Billy thought as he watched the fire golems being annihilated and being pushed backward.

While Billy was assimilating the mana, the students were having a hard time believing that they could take down those monsters in just a few strikes. When the golems pointed their hands at them and used Fire Bullets, only a burst of hot air flew toward them. While that damaged them a little, it was laughable. They found it hard to believe that a single human could interfere with the power of thousands of fire golems that much… they had heard stories about Billy. Still, they all sounded unrealistic, and now, they could see that they were fearsome, but they were all true.

In the blink of an eye, Billy filled his three reserves of mana, and he tried the fourth for the first time in a while. In the end, he succeeded in not making the mana dissipate or interact with each other. However, he still felt the same difficulty when he came up with that technique. He wondered why the system didn’t recognize that as a skill… maybe if he could turn it into an armor that could only work defensively when he was attacked, that way, he wouldn’t lose mana over time. Still, it wasn’t time to take tests… After half an hour, the group finished the fire golems, and they began to march south.

Pretty often, some groups of fire Golems would appear and get on their way. Still, using the same tactic as before, Billy facilitated things for everyone. Even without his help, Billy was sure that his friends could deal with one or two hundred of those monsters. Still, since he wanted to experience and save time, he was helping them as much as possible.

“We will reach the place where the monsters are coming from and mostly gathered in three days by walking,” Kate said while furrowing her eyebrows. “What will be the plan once we get there? Also, how come their numbers aren’t decreasing even a little bit?”

“There are many possibilities, but we can’t assume anything. Our job is the same regardless of the cause,” Billy said. “Focus on doing your job.”

Billy sounded a bit harsher than usual, so he ended up regretting his poor choice of words. Still, he couldn’t say sorry since he at least managed to make everyone forget about the question for a while. He didn’t want to see them digging too much into matters that might involve the gods and goddesses of that world. Even Billy was worried about that, and he had powers that they couldn’t even dream of having. Considering that he might have obtained them from the gods or goddesses, then picking a fight with them right now wasn’t a good idea and involving his friends and family was even worse.

Regardless, they didn’t have much to worry about Billy’s weird behavior or about anything else because the encounters increased in number. At that point in time, it was hard to believe that the core had been destroyed… it was probably sensing that a powerful force was coming to deal with its monsters and trying to decrease their power. As if that didn’t put even more thoughts in Billy’s head, he looked behind after sensing some presence approaching and then he saw the armies that were once the capital approach.

“Here we go again,” Kate said while facepalming.

“Maybe I should break some of their bones…” Natalie said while furrowing her eyebrows.

“Leave them alone unless they do something that might cause us problems. We should ignore their presence,” Billy said. “If they start doing something like that, then I will stop them before things get out of control.”

“That only makes me feel even more uneasy…” Kate said and then sighed.

In the end, the commanders realized that getting in Billy’s way wasn’t a good idea. He could create monsters even bigger than the fire Golems and summon storms that probably could destroy the capital, getting on his bad side wasn’t wise. Still, staying behind wasn’t something that they should do, so they decided to just work together and share their achievements. At least they were wise enough to split their numbers and help Billy’s group increase the size of their encirclement.

The more they headed south, the more the temperature increased. Even though the nights were insanely hot, Billy was pretty that things weren’t bad when he passed by those points two weeks ago.

When they got closer to the main army of the enemies, it became clear that the area that had been taken had increased again, and they were turning into a stony desert.


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