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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 398: Titan (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 401 Titan (7)

“I guess we are finished with all the monsters that moved past the capital. It is time to join Sarah and Kate, right?” Alexander asked.

That question was directed to Billy, but since he was so deep in thought, he didn’t hear it. He stayed like that for the past week, and even his siblings found that weird. Billy didn’t seem the type that would worry about anything for so long. All of them thought that he could solve most problems pretty fast. Usually, he doesn’t let the others realize when he is worried about something, but it was hard to hide in that situation. In any case, that didn’t surprise his enemies, since it only seemed like he was working seriously.

“What is wrong, Billy?” Natalie asked. “You didn’t act like usual lately. You don’t complain about the job, or how about you want to be at home playing with Hector and Christina, and you stayed too quiet for too long.”

“It is nothing… I was just thinking about how we can solve this situation faster,” Billy replied. “Let’s regroup with the others near the capital.

Billy was a poor liar, so everyone knew that he was hiding something. He was worried about the situation but even more worried about things beyond that. The stakes were getting higher now, and while he wanted to deny it, he still was thinking that the gods and goddesses of that world still were involved in that dungeon break… In any case, Billy had to play his hands calmly in order not to mess up and reveal his thoughts.

After leaving some of the students behind to deal with some monsters that might have managed to escape their encirclement, most of the Reinforcements headed south. They then met the others on the following day near the capital. It didn’t seem like Kate had made much progress, even with the help of the soldiers and Adventurers of Riormi state.

“What is wrong, Kate? Did something happen?” Billy asked.

“I don’t want to make excuses, but…” Kate said and then sighed before pointing to a group of heavily armored soldiers that were arguing amongst themselves.

“I see…” Billy said.

“What did you understand by that, exactly?” Kate asked. “Try not to make things more complicated.”

“That was why I didn’t want to stay here or work with them,” Billy said. “You are trying to be considerate and use diplomacy to work together with them.”

“So, you predicted that this much would happen…” Kate said while massaging her temples. “These guys are the leaders of the soldiers who serve the richest merchants of this state, and they are trying to achieve more than the others. That is why we haven’t made much progress… the best we could do was to prevent the monsters from attacking the walls.”

Billy looked toward South, and he saw her students, the soldiers, and adventurers working together to fight the fire golems. Since they could maintain a formation now instead of just reacting to the fire golem actions, they were preventing them from taking any advantage… Usually, that would be the best scenario to create a counterattack plan. Still, since many guys were leading many troops, they couldn’t reach an agreement. After all, they wanted to make their names even more famous with that battle.

“We are wasting time here…” Alexander said without hiding his annoyance. “Can’t they understand that we are losing our people and students to help, and they are only worried about achievements?”

“Go get them, tiger, show them your anger, and I am sure they will become more rational after listening to your complaints,” Billy said.

“… I don’t think they will,” Alexander said after a long sigh. “A lot of people call us wildlings, and if we act without thinking, that title still will represent savagery.”

“I really don’t care about that… It isn’t like… Oh, no. We actually can obtain many things when others have a favorable opinion of us,” Billy said and then frowned. “Still, we came here as an independent force, so we can do as we please.”

“Shouldn’t we at least talk with Aura Aurat about this?” Kate Asked.

“Where is she?” Billy asked.

“She is working with Sarah since her territory is the second place that is being more often attacked,” Kate replied. “The walls and traps that you left behind were used completely.”

“It is decided then,” Billy said. “Let’s give her one hell of a surprise.”

Although Billy said that, he didn’t do anything for the next three days. Unlike they did it with Kate, who was too polite for her own good, the leaders of the many battalions didn’t bother Billy much with their nonsense. They tried, but they decided to give up when they saw him playing with his ice golem and smashing the monsters.

During those three days, Billy also sent some hidden messages to Sarah. Only his friends were aware of that. In any case, at the end of those three days, all of the students of his friends had been assembled around the capital of Riormi state. Billy gave them the chance to rest for a full day, and he stopped the fire Golems by himself using two ice Golems. At that point in time, he couldn’t help but wonder… Did the dungeon really break? They probably killed more than one hundred of those creatures, and they still kept coming. Most likely, the core was still active, or something else happened. There was also the possibility that the story about a dungeon core being destroyed when the dungeon breaks is a lie. If they were sapient creatures, they wouldn’t cause something that would cause their deaths that wouldn’t make any sense.

In any case, after the preparations had been finished, Billy called his friends, and they made them move their students as well. The commanders of the armies tried to ask them what they were planning, but Billy told his friends to ignore them completely. They were going to solve that mess by themselves.


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