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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 392: Titan (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 394 Titan (1)

When the second group of fire Golems got close enough to bombard the area with fire bullets, the first group had been annihilated. Still, the adventurers guarding the entrance to Aura’s territory were pretty exhausted. It seemed that they had been fighting that first group for quite a while… The twins were also a bit tired, more because of the tension than anything.

“We can’t retreat here… Even if he could ignore the damage to the farm lands, other monsters still are out there and we need to deal with them as well,” Billy thought.

Billy had to be more deadly. Since other groups were to come, he needed to get some time to prepare the terrain for them… With that in mind, he had an idea.

“Go join those guy and focus on bombarding the enemies with ice magic,” Billy said. “It is fine if you can only slow them down. I will attack them from behind to divide their attention.”

“But… Ah, we need to focus on helping the adventurers survive, right?” Samuel asked.

“That is right, they will decrease our workload if they survive,” Billy said.

“I thought you would complain more since it is more like a support role,” Samara said.

“Billy doesn’t mind being in the support role, so I guess I shouldn’t as well,” Samuel said.

Samuel was growing up while copying Billy. He wished that Hector could do the same one day… still, he was happy with that for the time being. Regardless, the twins headed toward the Adventurers, and when they got close enough, they used a blast of cold wind. To damage and slow down the fire Golems. As for Billy, he took out his weights and then used Fierce Aura before jumping above the monsters. He also used a blast of wind to increase his flying speed. In a few seconds, he crossed two kilometers and then landed behind the group of fire Golems. He already landed with some of his new toys in his hands… When the monsters turned around to face him, he threw some Ice Shurikens at their heads and made them spin insanely fast while they began to cut the monster heads.

You obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Water Manipulation obtained 100 experience points.

The skill Water Transformation obtained 100 experience points.

“Now we are talking…” Billy said while smirking.

Billy used some extra mana for them to be bigger, colder, and more durable. Still, thanks to that, the shurikens were cutting the heads and killing at least four fire Golems. He couldn’t have asked for more… Billy spammed those while throwing toward the enemies, but eventually, they began to fight back. A rain of fire Bullets wasn’t something that even he could survive, so Billy started to sidestep. At the same time, he also moved backward and gained some distance over them.

Thanks to this training, Billy felt that his legs were a lot lighter than he recalled, but he still got hit sometimes since he was doing too many things at once. Creating ice shurikens, aiming, and using Telekinesis to make them hit as many enemies as possible wasn’t that easy, after all.

Thanks to that tactic, Billy decreased the problems that the Adventurers were facing, and since his siblings also had a spiritual core, they recovered enough mana to keep the enemies at bay completely. It took them half an hour, but the enemies were completely defeated. Still, instead of celebrating, Billy was looking at numerous smoke clouds rising in the sky in all directions. The fire Golems are still out there… Who knows how many.

“Thank you for your assistance… We heard from Lady Aura that she had requested help from the people of Hiloj state, but we didn’t imagine that you guys would come so soon.” One of the adventurers said.

“Don’t mind that,” Billy said. “In any case, our job is damage control, so we need to head to other locations before the main force arrives. Still, it seems that other groups are heading to this place… I will make some traps and walls to help you guys for the time being. Do your best until the others come.”

Billy created numerous walls in the area, and he put pitfalls between them since the monsters would get crushed if they tried to knock them out. He used a lot of his mana reserves but covered almost the entire northern side of Aura’s territory. Once that was done, he asked which area ahead would need most their help, and they pointed toward the center of the state. Where the capital was, where most of the rich folks lived as well. Billy wondered if those guys only wanted to save their patrons, but then again, most people would live in the capital as well…

“Let’s get going, kiddos,” Billy declared. “You guys can take a nap until we reach the next destination, who knows when we will have the chance to rest after this.”

“Naps are for kids,” Samuel said.

“I guess I am a kid, since I like to take a nap now and then, mainly on rainy days,” Billy said and then entered his magic tank.

Although he said that, it didn’t take long for the twins to fall asleep inside the tank. Once the tension left their bodies, they couldn’t do much to resist the wave of exhaustion. Billy thanked that because while they were heading North, he saw many groups of fire Golems moving around. He made sure to evade those in order to save time. However, he eventually had to make a huge detour because he arrived at the area the monsters appeared, and there, it seemed that a volcano was about to erupt, considering the massive smoke cloud that was emerging toward the sky. Although Billy moved east to pass by the side of the massive number of monsters, he had to do so for quite a while… the number of monsters was just that insane.

“I guess it makes sense that a state was wiped in the past by such an event…” Billy thought.


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