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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 390: Vengeance (6) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 390 Vengeance (6)

“You guys should get moving, we don’t have time to waste since you will have to split up and form a containment line to stop the monsters,” Billy said. “Go together with Alexander, Lily, and Sarah. I will go ahead as well and see what I can do to buy time.”

“What about the kids?” Natalie asked.

“I will take them with me, this seems like another job that will take weeks, so I will bring them to the places that you will be,” Billy replied. “Requiring you guys to work near each other will be difficult in this situation, but we will make it work.”

Kate and Natalie nodded and soon left to explain the news to their students. They would get some real battle experience from that. As for Jean, he went to deal with the logistics. Riormi state was mostly an agricultural state, so the monsters would ravage their lands and cause havoc in their economy. So, they won’t be able to offer their support like they usually could.

Since Billy didn’t have much use for the Edish fruits aside from using them as fuel, he had a lot in stock, and that would be useful for the current mission. The only problem is that the kids will be away from their mothers for a few days. Billy will have a much harder time keeping them entertained than killing the monsters. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Alexander and Lily showed up at his asking him to look for Lara as well.

“You are planning to use that, right Billy?” Alexander asked. “Since that is the case, Lara will be safe with you, and we don’t want to let her see much fighting.”

Billy facepalmed. Aside from dealing with the monsters for damage control, he will have to look after three toddlers and bring them to their parents occasionally. At that point in time, Billy finally realized that the whole idea was beyond stupid. He just had to take his parents from the dungeon town and ask them to look after the kids in his home. The only issue is the possibility of his siblings asking him to come with him.

“… I will ask my parents to look after them,” Billy said.

Due to the sudden change in the situation, everyone was panicking, so they also realized that it was for the best. Billy hurried to pick his parents up at the dungeon town and explained everything to them. Naturally, they agreed to help, and also, naturally, the twins asked him to go with him.

“And I was planning to trust you two with the safety of my kids…” Billy said and then sighed. “It seems you two don’t want to become a respectable uncle and aunt.”

“We are too old to fall for that kind of lip service, big bro,” Samara said.

“Perhaps not too old…” Billy said and then looked at his parents, but they didn’t step down and stop them. They just shrugged. “All right then, you can come with me, but things won’t be the way that you are envisioning. I don’t care about looking cool while I work. I just do things in the most efficient way possible.”

“Sir, we will follow all your orders!” Samuel said.

“I can get used to this,” Billy said while smirking. “Stay and protect my kids, then.”

“But that is…” Samuel said while showing a difficult expression.

“I am just messing with you,” Billy said. “We are going right now, thank you mom, dad, and grandma for the help.”

“It is nothing,” Camilla said. “Go, you need to hurry.”

Billy nodded, and then he brought his siblings to the workshop. It had been a while since they had been there. So, they saw a lot more weapons forged by Billy. They also found a bigger vehicle than the magic car. That was the magic tank that Billy made when he left the dungeon after defeating the poison dragon. Billy had improved it a little bit at a time during the last year, and he was certain that just the impact against it could make even monsters of the same size be pushed back. It was slow, but its firepower and sturdiness were awesome. Not to mention, it was pretty big, so the interior was pretty spacious.

Without wasting time, Billy left the capital while using his tunnels. The twins felt that they weren’t even moving since there was nothing shaking around them and since the walls of the tunnels were basically the same. After one hour, they reached the fire dungeon that was where Billy’s tunnels ended going North. Once that was done, he left the tunnels and began to cross the state in broad daylight. The vehicle will certainly stand out, but it couldn’t be helped due to the emergency. Besides, it wasn’t like they could see them inside. When he made the improvements on the magic tank, Billy used special paint to make people outside unable to see who was inside, but the people inside could see the exterior completely. Billy felt that he still had some room for improvement, but those who saw it couldn’t help but be amazed at the progress and the simple tools that Billy had added. Samara was surprised, but Samuel was astonished and was thinking of asking one for himself. It was only natural…

In the end, they crossed the border when the sun was setting, and even though the night was quite cloudy and the visibility was bad, Billy just improved it by using the flashlights he installed on the vehicle as well. The twins sure looked impressed but a bit nervous as well, since everything around was mostly dark and they were going on a mission that no one could tell what was going to happen. His siblings weren’t little kids anymore, but he still had to be careful with them on his side. It was hard to imagine them doing something reckless that will cause more problems, though.


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