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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 384: Dragon Hunting (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 384 Dragon Hunting (4)

“Even so, his powers have limits,” Billy said. “His summoned monsters would need some time to gain battle experience, so the newer they are, the less effective they will be. That is why we managed to win against so many fire dragons.”

“Hmm… I never thought of it that way,” Icarus said while rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “I guess that it makes sense… I was expecting more of those three dragons that I faced. No wonder he was so much more troublesome… Regardless, I found him this afternoon, but he escaped while flying. My guess is that he will take a break from his plans. By the way, did you find what he wanted in the temple?”

“I didn’t find anything there, and the leader of the Galatea followers also claims that there is nothing there,” Billy replied.

In the end, Billy decided to lie because he didn’t know if Icarus would try to steal it. He claimed that he wanted to defeat the summoner to end the problems that he is causing, but that might be just an excuse for him to get his powers. While he acted friendly until now, it could be that he just planned to use Billy to make the summoner drop his guard. He felt that he was thinking too much, but Billy decided to be careful. Considering the last incident, all the caution was necessary, even more so considering that he didn’t know what was there. All that was also to avoid problems in the long run.

“Well, I should get going, I will keep an eye on the summoner for a week and then I will resume my search for the one in the south,” Icarus said. “I will look for you if something happens as usual.”

Billy wasn’t looking forward to that, but he decided to keep quiet about it. There was no need to be so unpleasant when Icarus was just saying his farewell, it was better to just change his mood. In any case, things in his life were going to change again and while Billy felt like complaining, it was better to adapt quickly.

In any case, the next day, everyone looked pretty beaten down due to the parties on the travelers district. The mercenaries and the soldiers looked fine since they had more discipline, but the barbarians were fighting against the hangover. Billy’s friends and wives were also among the group. Regardless, the people assumed their duty of watching the borders of the city, for a few days, but then when they received the news that the monsters also retreated from the borders of the other states, they began to celebrate again. Still, on the seventh day after the battle against the dragons the groups began to leave the temple city.

“It is finally time to go,” Gerald said while looking at the temple. “I am getting old, feeling this weird when leaving an impressive place.”

“It seems that the leaders of this group are really considerate,” Gustav said. “They didn’t come to cause us to trouble a single time.”

“Cause trouble are strong words… They just wanted to help us with the only thing we wanted,” Kate said. “Anyway, we should hurry up and leave before Beatrice appears. It is annoying to see Billy talking with pretty women.”

“Have some faith in me…” Billy said and then sighed.

“Ah, it is so refreshing seeing Billy having a hard time…” Alexander said.

“I will show you something refreshing… How I am fluent in over six million forms of kicking your ass,” Billy said.

“I am against violence,” Alexander said.

“I am completely in favor of violence, even more so when I am delivering the violence,” Billy said. “Anyway, let’s go home.”

In the end, Billy didn’t discover what was below the temple, but he knew that he would have plenty of time in the future to check it. So, without thinking too much about it and after saying goodbye to his friends that would stay behind, they headed home.

“Ah, it has been a while since I went home… Still, I would like one of those, it is great for traveling,” Marie said.

“I am not making any more of those, and it isn’t up for sale,” Billy said. “Also, the cost to move around is quite high, and only someone like me can do the necessary maintenance on all parts of the vehicle.”

“Since that is the case, I will bother you now and then if I want to go somewhere, but I don’t want to spend months walking or on a wagon,” Marie said.

Billy didn’t even have the energy to say no to Marie. She doesn’t take a no for an answer and she would bother him anyway despite what he might say. Anyway, the trip back lasted ten days since Billy moved around and dropped the guild masters on their respective territories. Marie said that she wanted to test the new dungeon, so Billy dropped her off at his dungeon town before he headed home. To tell everyone that they were fine, Billy also stopped at his hometown to talk with his family. He was a bit worried about Samuel and Sarama, but it seemed that they had been doing well… Although they still were acting weird while they were training.

“You should have brought us this time,” Drew said.

“Well, I didn’t want to make our actions noticed too much by the enemy, so a small number was the best option,” Billy said. “Although we had to go all out and the enemy knows now what we can do, I don’t regret my decision. Things there were quite complicated, fighting alongside three groups of people that barely cooperated between them, it was really a hassle.”

“I suppose, still, considering that you didn’t defeat the enemy, it means that we will have to fight him in the future,” Drew rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I guess I will have to go with those two, for a training trip.”


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