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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 379: Absolute power (14) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 379 Absolute power (14)

Forgotten Warrior Lv 160

HP: 950/ 950

MP: 650/ 650

SP: 550/ 550

Strength: 323

Speed: 120

Magic: 230

Endurance: 249

Dexterity: 126

Status Points: 00

Skills: Double Cut Lv 85, Defensive Stance Lv 80

Spells: Earth Bullet Lv 40, FireBall Lv 50, Ice Arrow 40

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 100, Fire Resistance Lv 88, Heat Resistance Lv 96, Cold Resistance Lv 96, Dual Wielding Lv 124

Skill Points: 00

Although they couldn’t fly, it didn’t take long for the people of the temple city to find those creatures approaching in the distance. They were quite humanoid, but they had some angry expressions on their faces. Instead of ears, they had some pointy bone-like structures on the sides of their heads. They also had a lower half that was similar to snakes, but they could move quite fast despite that. That was a type of monster that no one had seen until now, so the soldiers raised their guard in tension. It was weird, but it seemed that they had already seen, or at least had heard about the others species. The summoner was finally tired of playing and decided to do something reckless that might make the others learn that he isn’t from that world. When Billy realized that, he couldn’t help but click his tongue in annoyance. Here was he trying to be so careful while someone else was…

“Those creatures are quite weird… How come they have arms, but the lower half of a snake?” Kate asked.

After splitting his friends, he ended up sending the guild masters and Marie to help the eastern side of the city. Lily and Alexander were on the western side, while Sarah would be looking out for the kids as the last line of defense if something happened. Still, things would be fine for them since he finished the tunnel connecting the inn to the place where his vehicle was. In any case, his wives were with him, even though he had planned to send them to help the others. The reason for that was the fact that Billy had a powerful line of warriors in front of him, so he would be able to attack without worrying about being surrounded.

“I have a strange feeling while looking at their swords… It is like them and the weapons are made of the same thing,,” Natalie said.

“They can use magic, so be careful,” Billy said. “I learned how to heal wounds by watching the people from here, but you can’t be careless. I also warned Svan to keep his men in check. We can’t let them run wild.”

“It is kind of weird to imagine that, but they have a weird aura…” Kate said.

Eventually, the monsters got close enough, and the barbarians began to move to face them outside the city. Letting them get too close to the buildings might result in them being destroyed, and the place wasn’t big enough to let too many of them approach. Natalie followed the barbarians, and Billy threw the shurikens with his might. Since the number of monsters was much higher than the barbarians, Billy decided to decrease their numbers from the side. Billy had made six of them, and he threw all of them at the same time.

It was hard to control so many shurikens when they went in two opposite directions. Still, Billy managed to make that work since the power of his Telekinesis was already at max, and he could make them spin insanely fast. Thanks to that, the enemies that tried to block them lost their weapons and necks simultaneously. Those who failed to notice lost their necks in the blink of an eye. The fight finally started, and the people couldn’t care less about what was tinning out the number of enemies in front of them.

Eventually, Billy had to make the shurikens return since they could only fly for so long using his strength. Otherwise, his wives would think that he had other tricks that he didn’t want to share with them.

“I am going,” Natalie declared.

“Watch her back, Kate,” Billy said. “I will make sure that no enemy crosses our defense line from the sides.”

“All right,” Kate said.

Although his wives were no longer nearby, Billy couldn’t exaggerate with the shurikens. Beatrice was nearby with a squad of Galatea soldiers, and their only job was to heal the wounded as fast as possible. They will be busy running across the battlefield to prevent deaths, but it doesn’t mean that they might miss something obvious. Regardless, Billy threw his shurikens yet again when he saw the number of monsters from the sides increasing. As expected, the barbarians were holding their ground, but Billy still had a lot of work ahead of him.

The barbarians’ attacks couldn’t be stopped even by two weapons. Still, even while they were dealing with one monster, two others surrounded them. Thanks to their Fierce Aura, the enemies’ attacks were only causing minor wounds. Still, the damage was piling up, and they couldn’t keep that skill going forever. Suddenly, Billy heard some massive impacts coming from the city’s western side. It seemed that Alexander wasn’t holding back with giant bracers.

“I suppose I can’t hold back now, I am planning to go all out later… While I don’t the people from here anything, they aren’t bad people who don’t deserve my best,” Billy thought and then raised his arms.

The idea of the poisoned shurikens had been a good one. It would have worked in most types of situations, but now when the monsters outnumbered them so heavily. Regardless, the people frowned when the sky suddenly got dark thanks to some rain clouds. Weirdly enough, those clouds only existed above the battlefield. Not a single drop of rain fell, but they could only see powerful waves of electric discharge passing through them… Eventually, they began to fall en masse, frying thousands of monsters at the same time.

“Atomic Thunderbolt… Just kidding,” Billy said.


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