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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 373: Absolute power (8) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 373 Absolute power (8)

Somehow, Billy didn’t like to hear that. It was another sign that reincarnated people were in that world to kill each other… Moreover, why do the gods and goddesses create dungeons? It must have some sort of meaning… it would be weird if they just did that to mess with the mortal realm. Then again, it wouldn’t be surprising.

“We have a friend that is in the enemy territory gathering intel, but I think you are the most suitable to do that,” Billy said.

“I can’t, the summoner has some weird monsters in all of his towns, villages and cities, those creatures will warn him if I get nearby those, I can only watch from afar,” Icarus said. “I told you, he is quite resourceful.”

“You never told me that,” Billy said. “You said that he can use many skills and spells despite being a summoner.”

“Well… that is my definition of being resourceful,” Icarus said. “Anyway, things on the other borders are going fine, and he truly is trying to take down the city. The faith of the people here will make them stand to the last man before that happens, but you shouldn’t drop your guard. He still can summon many more monsters that you have ever seen.”

“I won’t drop my guard, but I don’t want to stay here forever,” Billy said.

“I can’t say for how long we will have to fight here, but the more we stall the enemy, the worse it gets for him, just like us, he needs mana to use his best skills, after all,” Icarus said. “We will have to wait and be patient until we find the chance to deliver a terrifying blow to his forces or in himself.”

After saying that, Icarus left. It was really troublesome to work on something that you have no idea when it will end, so Billy naturally sighed. Whenever Icarus appeared, he would leave Billy with his head full of troublesome thoughts. It wasn’t different this time. He had to wait for a while to sleep after he went to bed.

The next day, Natalie decided to stay behind and watch the kids. When the others left, Billy realized that his kids and Lara were already tired of being in that room of the inn. They were growing kids, so they needed to walk outside more and have some sunbathers. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible… At least not yet. Still, Billy won’t be able to stop himself if they start to cry…

In any case, as if Billy had enough problems on his hands when he assumed his position alongside his friends, someone troublesome appeared. It was Beatrice… It was hard to get a good read of her face since she was always so serious, but he wondered if she was there to mess with him, who wanted to keep a low profile.

“I am Sorry for bothering you all, but I have come to properly Thank you all for yesterday,” Beatrice said and then bowed. “Many lives were saved thanks to you.”

“We are thankful for your thanks and we would be even more thankful if you don’t keep drawing the attention of everyone to us,” Billy said.

“Certainly, excuse me,” Beatrice said and then left.

“Good grief… She really just came to say thanks,” Billy said and then sighed while he was massaging his temples.

“You could be more subtle, Billy,” Kate said. “Even for your standards, that was a bit too harsh.”

“Muitos padr?es? I was trying to avoid problems that might come in the future thanks to her,” Billy said while frowning. “Still, the next time, you can talk to her.”

“I guess that is for the best,” Kate said.

Once again, the enemy sent half of the monsters as the flying monsters, and the other half was the two-headed snakes. Still, thanks to Billy and Sarah’s cooperation. The monsters coming from below didn’t attack anyone… By that time, the summoner should have realized that he all has to change his strategy again. Billy was only hoping that he couldn’t summon dragons. Otherwise, things would become quite troublesome. After all, Billy had a hard time against one that couldn’t fly.

“I suppose it is time for me to check the skills of those guys…” Billy thought.

Beatrice Silvi – Lv 108

HP: 676/ 676

MP: 545/ 545

SP: 445/ 445

Strength: 235

Speed: 105

Magic: 155

Endurance: 70

Dexterity: 77

Status Points: 00

Skills: Quick Spear Lv 33, Heavy Thrust Lv 46

Spells: Heal Lv 77, Detoxification Lv 54, Relief Lv 45, Regen Lv 35

Passive: Spearmanship Lv 56, Language Skill Lv 88

Skill Points: 00

“Those are some pretty good status for someone who isn’t an adventurer and is so young… I guess she must got a lot of experience recently,” Billy thought. “Come to think of it, it is pretty rare for people to have surnames.”

While Billy was thinking of that, he looked around and saw the Galatea soldiers using their skills. Beatrice helped as well, and she was one of the few who had four support skills. The others had at best two of those… Since he was watching her, Kate pinched his cheeks, but soon she realized that he was paying attention to her magic.

The skill Heal was added to the skill shop.

Cos: 150 skill points.

The skill Detoxify was added to the skill shop.

Cos: 100 skill points.

The skill Relief was added to the skill shop.

Cos: 100 skill points.

The skill Regen was added to the skill shop.

Cos: 300 skill points.

It seemed that Regen was the improved version of Heal. Those who could use it could make the target recover their health over time and close wounds even faster than the ordinary Heal. Billy could sense the magic being used, but once it entered the target’s body, he lost the feeling, and he couldn’t tell how the mana healed the wounds. He will need to do a lot of tests with that…


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