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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 372: Absolute power (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 372 Absolute power (7)

Sarah’s spell covered a large area of that part of the city and froze the head of the monsters, killing them instantly and saving those who were being attacked. Still, the poison still was in their system, and while they probably won’t die due to the amount of time, the monsters had to inject it, it certainly would put them out of the fight…

As if things weren’t troublesome enough, the flying monsters began to bombard the area with their wind arrows. Things could have gotten a lot worse, though. If Sarah hadn’t killed so many of those snakes…

“Focus on attacking the monsters above, we will deal with the others that will come from below,” Billy said to his friends.

“You think that was the first wave?” Natalie asked while showing a worried expression.

“It is better to assume that to avoid unpleasant surprises,” Billy replied.

Fortunately, Billy had the skills and mana to search for the approach of monsters in a wide range. He sent his mana across the area when he touched the ground and then found more snakes coming from the north. It wasn’t the best type of attack against them, but when they entered his range, he crushed their necks by strangling them with the ground. Since he used a lot more mana for that to be effective, he didn’t recover much.

You obtained 400 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 200 experience points.

You obtained 400 experience points.

The skill Earth Manipulation obtained 200 experience points.

Fortunately, Billy was getting some nice amounts of experience, so that in itself wasn’t a problem. Not to mention, he was preventing numerous casualties. In the end, things repeated themselves two more times, and with Sarah’s help, Billy prevented a disaster. Many people were looking at them with dubious eyes at that point in time. They were powerful, but they weren’t known, after all. Still, Billy was thinking about something else.

“He had already responded to our recent victories… I guess the monsters only have a full day to return to his base, and he doesn’t send the same monsters to attack for two days in a row,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Thanks to the decrease in the number of the flying monsters, Billy’s friends didn’t have to help all that much. They even returned to the inn before the battle could end in order to avoid people following them. Still, their victory was all but assured once again. This time, Kate stayed behind, and she soon asked about the things that happened that day. She was also quite surprised that Billy looked so creeped out of snakes… the others disliked the idea of being attacked from below, but only that.

“Giant birds and now two headed snakes, what will be next?” Alexander asked.

“I am still trying to understand the fact that they turn into dust upon death… It feels so unnatural,” Lily said. “It makes me wonder if all those monsters weren’t created throug magic…”

The others also nodded. Billy’s friends were sharp, if anything. Still, while their curiosity wasn’t a bad thing, he wished that they could forget about that and focus only on the task ahead. In any case, before planning anything, the group had to hear about things on the other borders. Their interference might cause problems for them if the summoner changes his focus right now.

“Come to think of it, I never heard what type of monsters the people of Riormi and Toles state are facing… It shouldn’t be flying monsters as well, otherwise, they would have asked for help as well,” Billy thought.

While Billy was thinking about that, night fell, and he decided to check the outside of the inn that they were staying in. It was about time for Icarus to show up, and as expected, he appeared the very moment Billy reached a dark alley.

“Thank you for coming, I have noticed that the number of monsters returning to his base has decreased in number, so I decided to check on you,” Icarus said. “Things seem a lot less gloomy than the last time I checked here.”

“What have you been doing?” Billy asked.

“Just making sure that the summoner won’t have anything in store to surprise us at the last moment,” Icarus replied. “I also have been checking the other borders, since this whole continuous attack might be just a diversion in order to keep our eyes on his real target. Still everything that I found until now makes me think that he wants to destroy the temple city.”

“Because it is something built for a goddess?” Billy asked.

“While wants to destroy the city, I can’t say for sure if he wants to destroy the temple, maybe there is something there that he wants, or maybe he wants the whole structure,” Icarus said. “I did some research before fighting him, and he didn’t seem like a bad person, he treats the people of his country well and he prefers to make his monsters do the fighting for him instead of using them.”

Things didn’t add up… It was just too weird. In any case, while they had some questions, they couldn’t stop fighting. It was clear that he was causing trouble, and since that was damaging their reputation, they had to act.

“Putting that aside, you have a leveling up system like mine, right?” Billy asked. “You can experience by killing his monsters and dungeon monsters, but not humans and ordinary monsters that live around. Do you know why?”

“I am not certain, but I do have a hypothesis,” Icarus said. “I think there is a relation between those two. You also gained experience by defeating Jeannette, right? Considering that we definitely received those powers from someone else, then…”

“Then the dungeons might be creations of the gods and goddesses of this world… That makes sense,” Billy said. “So, whenever we defeat something that was created by some kind of divine power… We gain that power, in theory.”


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