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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 368: Absolute power (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 368 Absolute power (3)

“I guess I will stay behind tomorrow, I am the least suited when it comes to magic attacks of this group,” Alexander said. “Hopefully, things will change for the better on the next few days and then I will be able to join you guys.”

“You are completely right,” Billy said.

“At least don’t make me feel more depressed,” Alexander said and then sighed.

“You can only blame yourself if your magic powers aren’t as developed as the others,” Billy said.

“Well that is because I have been practicing Fierce Aura as much as possible,” Alexander said. “I tried that new technique that Kate developed to control the Fierce aura and I am finally making some progress.”

Billy checked Alexander’s status and he groaned when he saw that his Fierce Aura was level seventy… His was still at sixty and he hadn’t been slacking off with its use. Still, it couldn’t be helped, Alexander was the most suited for physical defense since Billy was all rounded and Natalie was a speed type.

“Are the crossbows that I sent being useful?” Billy asked.

“They are, but Galatea soldiers don’t have a good aim, so…” Svan said and then sighed. “They are improving and we don’t have time for that.”

“Maybe we can use it to our favor…” Billy said while rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “The girls will use the crossbows with the freezing effect. We will knock down the monsters that way, even if we miss the vitals, and thus, no one will connect that to our names. They will only think that we are well-equipped adventurers. To avoid problems, you should talk with your men not to spread rumors about us, they might recognize us from the tournament.”

“Leave it to me,” Svan said. “Well, rest easy for the day, the trip was long, even with your weird vehicle, I am sure. I will see you guys tomorrow.”

In the end, Billy didn’t do much resting that day since he had to make the crossbows. He also wasn’t in his workshop, so he had to be extra careful while using his magic. His friends asked where he found the gems that would add that effect to the weapons, but he told them that he had a bunch of them in stock in case something happens. It was troublesome to lie, but it couldn’t be helped…

“I won’t ask for the impossible, but try not to kill too many of them,” Billy said. “We are strangers here, so we can’t let people get jealous of us. Mercenaries and the soldiers of this country will be very sensitive to that.”

“As usual, you worry too much about the weirdest stuff,” Natalie said.

“Naturally, since I am the brain of this group,” Billy said and then shrugged. “While I said that… let’s summarize our goals for tomorrow. Number one: go all out and wipe out the monsters without letting the enemy know what happened. Number two: help while preserving everyone’s pride. Number three: go back home as soon as possible.”

“Let’s proceed with caution and consider the number three just a bonus,” Kate said.

Once Billy finished the crossbows, it was already late in the night, so he went to sleep in the rooms that they rented for a few weeks. The next day, things got noisy across the city pretty early… It seemed that they always attacked around breakfast time. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe it was strategy, but it sure was hard to fight on an empty stomach.

“This isn’t the first time that it happened… but it sure is annoying as usual,” Svan said.

“This is my first time and it is quite tough,” Natalie said. “I suppose we can’t relax or the monsters will use the chance to attack.”

“Can’t we just try to have breakfast a little earlier?” Billy asked.

“It isn’t the same thing to eat it when it is dark…” Svan said and then shrugged.

Billy couldn’t understand the logic behind it, but his friends agreed with Svan’s comment. Regardless, he isn’t someone who feels much hunger early in the morning before his training session, so it was fine. Regardless, some people looked at Billy’s group with more interest now since they were accompanying Svan and he was pretty famous, but at least that didn’t last for long since everyone was tense and they had preparations to finish.

As soon as the group reached the extreme northern part of the city, they looked in the horizon and they saw a dark point slowly approaching and increasing in size. The other groups noticed that as well and then they assumed the positions.

After a while, the monsters got close enough and Billy managed to see them and frown… they were pretty much like a type of cartoon monster that Billy had seen when he was a kid. They were like sparrows, but they were many times bigger and their bodies were dark and brown. Also, their eyes were vicious, crimson red… that was a bit different from what Billy recalled, but still…

“That summoner… Can he summon things based on his imagination instead of his knowledge?” Billy wondered.

Billy – Lv 162 11.500/77.000 EXP

HP: 1066/ 1066

MP: 1761/ 1761

SP: 858/ 858

Strength: 479

Speed: 363

Magic: 353 + 200

Endurance: 142

Dexterity: 119

Status Points: 35

Skills: Light Spear Lv 62 (+ 06 UP), Fierce Aura Lv 62 (+ 08UP), Stamina Manipulation Lv 48 (+ 06UP), Palm Cannon Lv 36 (+ 07UP), Rage Lv 40 (+ 05UP), Chi Lv 35 (+ 04UP)

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Mind Control Lv ∞, Telekinesis Lv ∞,, Strength Support Lv 17(+06P), Speed Support Lv 17(+06P), Magic Support Lv 17(+06P), Endurance Support Lv 17(+06P), Dexterity Support Lv 17(+06P), Spiritual Exchange Lv 12 (+ 11 UP), Magic Eyes Lv 12,

Passive: Sage’s Wisdom Lv 48 (+ 08UP), Spiritual Core Lv 71 (+ 05UP), , Alchemy Lv 29 (+06 UP), Hawkeye Lv 15 (+ 14 UP), Martial Arts Lv 15 (+ 14 UP)

Skill Points: 185


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