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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 360: Search (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 360 Search (4)

Two weeks later, Billy’s friends’ students began to travel toward his dungeon. The trip would take five days because they would hurry, so Billy will have to take care of the kids for five days by himself. Those days sure were difficult… It hurt Billy’s heart and head when he heard so many times Christina and Hector saying mama so many times and then crying. Once he told that to his wives, they promised themselves that they wouldn’t do that ever again. Fortunately, it would take a while before something like that may happen, and the kids would have grown by them. It was a bit too soon to think about that, but kids had to eventually and slowly obtain their independence.

Around the time they reached the dungeon, Billy received a letter from Aura. She had written that she had received the crossbows, and the people at the borders were already using them. She also wrote that some monsters are appearing there now and then.

“I suppose he is trying to find the weakest link of the alliance,” Billy thought when he was reading the letter. “He might also be trying to measure the power of the defenses in the border… good grief, give me a break.”

Since Aura didn’t mention anything about deaths, then it seemed that the weapons were working fine. He will have to wait for a while longer to hear Rosalie’s report…

Rosalie’s report actually only came after three weeks. Apparently, the monsters were attacking her border even more often than Riormi state. She also mentioned that Svan wrote a message to her that they were fine since there was another state between them… However, the people of that religious group were preparing to fight since they were being attacked as well.

“I see, they call themselves followers of Galatea… from Tersaris state,” Billy said. “Still, I am pretty sure I heard this name somewhere on Earth…”

While Billy used his head for a while, he couldn’t remember where or when he heard that. Regardless, it has been a month since Icarus gave him some news. It didn’t seem like he was that desperate for learning a way to get more mana.

“No ideas for passive skills, and I don’t have any other choice but to wait for more Intel regarding this new situation…” Billy said while running his chin thoughtfully. “I guess I will work on the destroyer instead.”

The destroyer was the name of the replica of the batmobile. Since its first version, the vehicle has changed a lot… Aside from freezing ground, now it had some vertical spikes on the wheels, and the front was pretty big and sturdy as well to bulldoze any monster that tried to get in Billy’s way.

That vehicle wasn’t as fast as the other since billy focused on durability over speed. Still, that much was fine since he added other things to make up for it, like two other cannons that fired fire and wind rounds. Billy considered putting some rotating blades on the front but making them move only now and then was difficult. Usually, a button would do that if he were on Earth, but he wasn’t, then things were a bit more complicated.

Although Billy made some progress there, he still got annoyed since he didn’t make any progress in thinking of new passive skills. So, he had a weird idea… what if he used Mind Control on himself and then forced himself to do that? It was a weird plan, but Billy had to check that skill in action anyway.

Before doing that right off the bat, Billy decided to do some simple things. Like telling himself to fall asleep and take a half an hour nap. The spell usually works when one looks at the user in the eye, but in the closed range version, it could be done with a single touch, and so Billy did it… As soon as he did that, his mind went blank and then, after a while, he woke up in his garden. Judging by the position of the sun, not much time had passed.

“I guess it worked…” Billy said while frowning.

The weird thing was the fact that Billy only used two mana points for that… He assumed that the longer she wished for the mind control to work, the more mana it would be used, but even so, it was a very small amount.

Billy did other tests, like when he fell asleep at night, he forced himself to wake up one hour before sunrise with that spell. He also forced himself to walk around the garden while sleeping… He could see traces of his footsteps while he was doing that, but he had no recollection of that. Billy also made himself craft some simple knives with magic, but it didn’t turn out well… Even Mind Control had limits.

“I can do many things with this, but something that I don’t know is probably impossible…” Billy said while rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “Still, I can probably automate boring things with this and get a good sleep at the same time.”

Billy tested that again, and he spent the whole night sleeping while Zen was also active. He woke up feeling a bit weird since he slept while sitting, but it was just a minor problem… The skill even levels up, after all.

As a final test, Billy used his Mind Control on the monsters of his dungeon and the more high level they were, the more mana he had to use. Some mana was also used overtime when he gave them extra orders. However, when he tried to make them submit to his will completely, one hundred mana points were used and only once. It was a pity that Billy couldn’t take them outside… also, that event made him consider if he could tame the poison dragon… That thing would be one hell of a watchdog for his house. Still, Billy will probably need a lot more mana than he currently has.


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