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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 354: Unknown (13) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 354 Unknown (13)

For the first time in the whole tournament, the hooded guy assumed a fighting stance, and before Billy could react, he disappeared. And in the next moment, he got punched three times in the face and rolled on the ring. That hurt like hell, but Billy got up fast enough and before he could fall from it.

Billy used Palm Cannon to attack, and the hooded guy just sidestepped and dodged those attacks as if Billy was throwing pebbles at him. Billy didn’t hesitate and then opened his status and put all the free ones that he had in strength. He wouldn’t become as fast as that guy even if he used all of those in speed. Increasing his endurance wouldn’t help, so Billy might as well bet the whole match on a single strike, and the next one, he will make sure that the hooded guy won’t shake it off.

The next attacks got more speed, power, and even range. Thanks to his habit of dodging attacks by a hair length, the hooded guy got hit by one Palm Cannon after Billy increased his strength. The attack hit his shoulder and then dislocated it. The pain made him clench his teeth and be pushed backward. Billy used that chance to attack and ended up hitting him two more times. He almost fell from the ring on the third, but the hooded guy recovered in time. He could take a few hits despite his appearance, so Billy had to go all out to knock him down.

“If his speed is his power, then he should use mana to do that… He must have a limit to how long he can fight,” Billy thought. “Considering that endurance, he must be pretty high level as well, but it should have a limit since he is at my age.”

Billy had no idea where that guy came from, but it would be hard for him to learn magic by himself without using the system. Billy got lucky in that regard since he had the chance to see some simple magic and then copy it before he tried anything more complex. With that in mind, it was hard to think that he had some skills like Billy’s that granted him high mana regeneration. Still, if he uses a good amount of it all at once… Who knows what he might be able to do? The hooded guy wasn’t making any sudden or complex attacks, so he clearly was trying to save his mana.

Before Billy could choose his next step, the hooded guy attacked. This time, he didn’t stop with just three hits. He attacked Billy’s face, stomach, sides, and neck several times while running around him. The audience could barely believe how fast that guy was… His punches were also heavy enough to make his body fall several times. Still, he prevented that by attacking Billy from other directions. In the end, when he stopped, the hooded guy frowned since Billy didn’t fall. He was bleeding from his mouth and nose, but while his eyes were spinning, he soon recovered. Billy used Endurance Support to increase his toughness and then healed himself when he had the chance.

Despite the unpleasant surprise, the hooded guy didn’t give and didn’t give time for Billy to do anything either. He increased his speed again, and while running around him, he punched Billy’s ribs dozens of times in a few seconds. Even with the extra defense of Endurance Support, Billy felt his ribs cracking at a fearsome speed. He focused all his consciousness on keeping healing himself, but the damage was building up, and Billy couldn’t repair his bones.

The skill Endurance Support has leveled up.

The skill Endurance Support has leveled up.

The skill Endurance Support has leveled up.

Fortunately, at least that skill was leveling up like crazy. So, things would only get easier over time… It was hard to say if they would become easy enough or Billy would last that long. Still, amidst that rain of punches, Billy had an idea… He emerged a small part of the ring around him and transformed it into iron. The hooded guy tripped on that and then rolled on the ground. He tried to get up before he could fall from the ring, but Billy attacked with his own torrent of attacks… Several Palm Cannons fell on him.

Billy tried to push him away from the border, but after he got hit a few times, the hooded guy still managed to get up pretty fast. Billy clicked his tongue in annoyance since the enemy would become more wary of that kind of attack in the future… Still, at least that put some doubts in the hooded guy’s mind, and he didn’t attack Billy soon after. Instead of that, he just walked around the ring to check if Billy had laid more traps for him.

To prevent Billy from doing anything, the hooded guy began to punch the air, and whenever that happened, Billy would feel the impact instantly on his face despite the distance. He quickly understood that the pressure of the air caused by the punch speed caused that, despite that, it was as heavy as the real deal. Billy protected his head and vitals from those, but he couldn’t lose sight of the enemy, so he still was getting here and there. Not like seeing him would change much, but… Billy had another idea.

When the hooded guy confirmed that there weren’t any other traps on the floor, he got closer and began to punch Billy again. However, very suddenly, he suddenly felt an impact on his face… even though he didn’t see Billy preparing for any attack. The other two impacts happened on his back, and that stopped his rhythm. Before he could notice it, Billy used that chance to approach and then punch his stomach with all his might… the hooded guy’s body bent forward while making a V, and Billy finally had the chance to see the expression of pain on his face.


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