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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 353: Unknown (12) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 353 Unknown (12)

The attack hadn’t been that powerful, Billy lost only ten points of health, but it still surprised him… he was pretty sure that he would dodge in time with his boost in speed. Still, then very suddenly, he just felt the punch. Still, Billy didn’t let that shock get the better of him for long… he fixed his posture and used Palm Cannon almost instantly. Thanks to that, he saw the hooded guy only moving when the blast was just a couple of meters away from him. He knew that things wouldn’t be easy, but Billy still got surprised… that power was truly weird.

“He increased his speed… that is definitely his power,” Billy thought. “I saw this, but how come I didn’t notice his boost in speed previously?”

Billy decided to attack again to confirm it, and this time, he increased the output of Fierce Aura by two. At the last moment, Billy improved his speed even more by using Speed Support while he tried to punch the hooded guy’s face, but once again, the same thing happened. He dodged by the skin of his teeth and attempted to punch Billy on the side, and this time, he noticed. When the fist was halfway to his left side, it suddenly sped and hit Billy…

This time, Billy lost more health since the hooded guy increased his speed beyond Billy’s perception. Instead of saying that he was fast, the hooded guy probably could freely control his acceleration speed. As for his second power, Billy had no idea what it was. Before thinking of that, he healed his ribs that had cracked with that single punch.

“Annoying little…” Billy glared at the adversary in front of him.

While fighting that guy, Billy couldn’t sense any hostility toward him. He was fighting the same way he did it with the others, so he didn’t see Billy as a real problem… It was hard to say if he was an enemy, but he should have been more aggressive if he wanted Billy’s powers. If he knew the method to his skills and parameters, he obviously knew how to see those of his enemies. Billy didn’t have a real reason to hate that guy, but being taken lightly was just too annoying…

Billy took a deep breath because nothing good happens when one lets the blood rush to their head. And yet, he couldn’t think of anything he could do against that guy without using magic. Perhaps he was even fast enough to dodge lightning… A fight using their bodies alone certainly was the best way that he could use his powers. Despite that, Billy didn’t want to back down. His kids won’t remember that fight, but he didn’t want to show them a man running away just because he couldn’t find a clear path to victory. He also didn’t want to show his family and friends something pathetic… So, he steeled his resolve to win no matter what.

“This asshole is using magic to increase his speed, so I don’t have to hold back as well,” Billy thought. “I just can’t let myself get caught by the others.”

Billy increased the output of his buffs while also focusing his magic on his legs, and then he dashed toward the adversary. This time, he was so fast that the audience thought that Billy had disappeared and reappeared, already punching the hooded guy. He was forced to stop the punch instead of dodging it this time. Billy saw his fist and the enemy’s arms trembling very weirdly, and he could also feel that something was off. That guy wasn’t supposed to be that physically strong, and he could stop Billy’s attacks… He could do that because he was using his speed to accelerate the movement of his arms and counter Billy’s push… It was a weird way to use it.

Billy saw the hooded guy preparing another attack with his remaining arm, but then Billy suddenly stepped back, and then they collided against each other since the enemy was using his speed to stop Billy’s attack. Still, he recovered before Billy could do anything else.

“His speed is his weapon, but he still can get caught off guard,” Billy thought.

It will be hard since he always can adapt his speed to the enemy, and Billy will have to be even faster to obtain another chance like that. However, there were other ways for him to achieve that. Billy dashed toward the hooded guy again, and when he saw any reaction coming from him, he used Telekinesis and stooped his whole body from moving. When the hooded guy noticed that something was off with his body, it was too late… Billy punched his face with all his might, sending him to beyond the ring and making him hit the walls that separated the arena and the audience. However, even before the dust caused by the impact could stop falling, the hooded figure was back on the ring again. Since no one saw him fall, they couldn’t say that he had lost.

“I thought that you wouldn’t use magic since you fought like that in the other rounds,” the hooded guy said. “It seems you have noticed that I am using it too.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” Billy asked.

“Right now, I don’t want anything, I am just here because I imagined that someone like might show up with this prize on the like,” the hooded guy replied. “As it turns out, I was right, but you don’t give the vibe that I was expecting. Was you the one who defeated the girl called Jeanette?”

“What if I was?” Billy asked.

“Then, it seems that you came knowing that you might end up making your power noticeable by others, or maybe not,” the hooded guy said. “I heard of you, but I wasn’t certain if you are someone like me… Regardless, I will have to confirm if you can become someone troublesome to me…”


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