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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 351: Unknwon (10) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 351 Unknwon (10)

The ring was destroyed again when the two attacks landed… almost completely. Only the area behind Billy escaped the destruction for some reason, and despite the blast of energy that made everyone around protect their faces with their arms, Billy didn’t move an inch, and he was completely unscathed. Meanwhile, Natalie was sent in the opposite direction and hit the wall that separated the arena and the seats. The wall fell down completely, but despite that, Natalie was also completely unscathed. She was standing on her feet like nothing had happened. Something happened when their attacks collided, and it seemed that Billy’s plan worked.

Natalie let out a long sigh and then accepted her defeat. She wasn’t completely satisfied since Billy used his magic to protect himself and Natalie from the power of their attacks, but that didn’t change the outcome of the whole thing. The trick was to enhance their endurance with Endurance Support with a massive boost of mana… Regardless, Natalie left the arena silently. Billy felt that he had messed up, but in the end, he truly couldn’t bring himself to wound his loved ones. Billy wanted to go and apologize, but before that, he decided to watch the next fight. His opponent would come from there, after all.

After some people had repaired the ring, the next fight started. In the end, Billy finally understood what the hooded guy could do… The champion of the previous tournaments punched him several times in a row with speed and power that were even higher than Svan. Still, the hooded guy dodged them all by the skin of his teeth. He either could read the mind of his opponent, or he was extremely fast…

At first, the hooded guy just dodged. Still, after seeing the numerous patterns of the adversary, he started to counterattack. He dodged once and then hit the right side of the adversary’s ribs. The punch apparently didn’t do anything, but that same thing happened so many times that eventually, the barbarian fell on his knees with an expression of extreme pain on his sides.

“The damage was calculated… every single punch only caused ten points of damage… and that didn’t spread to the rest of the body,” Billy thought. “There is no mistaking it… he is a reincarnated person like me. Still, I can’t sense anything coming from him… no malice or desire… Why is he here?”

Even if he wasn’t as mad as Jeannette, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t an enemy… it only meant that he wasn’t a psychopath that still might want his skills. Regardless… the barbarian insisted on the fight, but the damage didn’t let him do much. Yet, the hooded guy aimed at the other side of his ribs and smashed him there until the pain made him pass out.

As soon as the fight was over, Billy looked for the hooded guy inside the Coliseum, but he vanished into the crowd like a shadow… Billy clicked his tongue when he noticed that, but if that guy didn’t want to be followed, then he wouldn’t be followed. While he was on his way to the inn, Billy found Svan.

“Good fight, I am surprised that neither of you ended up not getting hurt,” Svan said.

“Rather than that, do you know that hooded guy?” Billy asked.

“That one, huh… I never heard of him,” Svan said. “The world is big and there are a lot more powerful guys out there than I thought. I guess I got complacent after winning just a single tournament.”

Barbarians weren’t known for their information network, but they at least knew some strong guys around. Svan had heard of Gilles and even Manuel, after all. If he didn’t know anything about the hooded guy, then he indeed did a good job in laying low while honing his powers.

Once Billy got into the inn, he saw everyone, and they weren’t making any complicated expressions. However, Kate wasn’t in their room, so it seemed that Natalie wanted some time alone. Before talking with anyone, Billy entered the room, and then he saw Natalie facing her pillows just like Billy did the previous day while Hector was playing with her hair. Billy silently approached and then grabbed Hector before putting him standing on her head.

“Mama, please forgive papa since he is so cool,” Billy said.

“It is funny for you to say that while imitating a baby,” Natalie said. “In any case, I am not mad. I am just a bit disappointed in myself.”

“No need to feel like that, the idea of controlling Fierce Aura and make it more effective in other parts of the body was pretty good… For you,” Billy said.

“What do you mean by that…” Natalie said while frowning.

“Mama is angry, Hector, it is time to call her name,” Billy said while moving his son’s arms like he was doing a weird dance. “Say, mama.”

“My name is not mama,” Natalie frowned. “They really grow fast, huh.”

“That is right,” Billy nodded. “That is why we need to keep improving ourselves everyday, so that we can set a good example for them. Still, don’t think that I forgot my promise. I will Bully you at night once we return home.”

“Don’t say that kind of thing while you are holding my son,” Natalie said.

“He’s my son as well, mama,” Billy said.

“I feel weird when you say that word,” Natalie said.

“Ma… Ma,” Hector said while he was pointing his arms to his mother’s.

“… nice timing, as expected of my boy,” Billy said, a bit shocked.

Hector wanted to be in his mother’s arms and feel her comfortable chest. Billy could attest that it was a pretty comfortable place, so he let Hector go. Much to his surprise, Natalie was happy enough to let some tears fall while she hugged her son. That was a pretty rare occurrence, so Billy decided to keep his mouth shut in order not to ruin the moment.


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