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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 349: Unknown (8) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 349 Unknown (8)

The next day, already in the Coliseum, Billy decided to take a peek at the other two guys who would fight that day. One of them was a bulky barbarian that had status even more impressive than Svan’s. Billy heard of him earlier, that he was another champion… the guy who had won the tournament of the last three years. As for his adversary, he was a guy who was around the same height as Billy, but he didn’t have the physique of a warrior. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that had a hood, and he was hiding his face on it. Quite the weird combination… Still, what Billy saw next made him suspicious of that individual.

???- Lv ???

HP: ???/ ???

MP: ???/ ???

SP: ???/ ???

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Magic: ???

Endurance: ???

Dexterity: ???

Status Points: ???

Skills: ????, ????, ????, ????

Spells:????, ????, ????, ????

Passive: ????, ????, ????, ????

Skill Points: ????, ????, ????, ????

“What the hell…” Billy frowned when he used Analyze on that hooded guy.

That never happened before, even when Billy found Jeannette, so that didn’t make any sense. Still, he got the answer that he was looking for when he saw the hooded guy looking at him. Billy was on the other side of the arena, so it was impossible that he looked at him due to a crazy coincidence. He felt someone trying to check his status…

“Another reincarnated person?” Billy thought. “Why is he here? I didn’t sense anything weird with him until now and… Actually, I don’t remember much of his fights.”

Billy couldn’t think how someone would be able to counter his Analyze… Unless they are the same as him or they have a powerful artifact that was made to counter people like him. Regardless, the hooded guy didn’t stare at him for long. He just assumed his position in the arena and waited for his turn.

“Shit… Why now of all times?” Billy asked.

Billy looked for Svan in the audience to ask if that guy was invited as well. If that was the case, then he should be pretty famous. Then again, the barbarians only invited the people of their allied states… Even though they didn’t stop travelers from joining them. Unfortunately, Billy and Natalie were called to the ring before he could find Svan.

“I suppose if that guy is an enemy, I can’t let him notice my relationship with Natalie,” Billy thought while he was heading to the ring. “I don’t know if he is here for me, but… No, he shouldn’t be here for me. Svan only a few people knew that I was invited to this tournament. Still, I need to be cautious.”

Billy didn’t want to hurt Natalie, but after the last few fights, he couldn’t bold back for her pride and because it would look suspicious if he were to go easy on her. All that thinking about being cautious was really annoying since Billy had lived a life without worries in the last eighteen months, but it couldn’t be helped.

While Billy was deep in thought, the fight started, and Natalie charged at him without holding back. Also, without holding back, she tried to punch his face. Billy used his left arm to block the strike at the last moment, but he still felt quite a lot of pain in the areas hit. Her brute strength was quite something…

Soon after, Natalie attempted to kick his left side from that same position, and Billy was forced to jump back to dodge it. It wasn’t smart to use hands or arms to block kicks. Before Billy could prepare for his next actions, Natalie dashed at him with a fearsome speed that left him speechless… While he taught her Stamina Manipulation and Rage, it didn’t make any sense for that to give her such a boost speed.

In the end, her next punch passed through Billy’s defense and hit his stomach. Billy bent his body forward… But not as much as expected. Billy wondered if Natalie held back, but it seemed that the answer was her speed. Billy couldn’t tell how, but he was quite certain that Natalie was using her Fierce Aura to improve mostly her speed. If she had just increased the output of mana, her punch would have sent Billy flying to the distance…

When Natalie tried to attack again, Billy jumped backward to gain some distance, and when she tried to speed up, he used Palm Cannon to put her at bay. Although she got surprised by the sudden skills, she still jumped to the side and easily dodged it and charged again.

“As expected, one of Natalie’s strong points is the fact that she doesn’t let surprises mess with her rhythm,” Billy thought.

Natalie sped up again and ended up punching Billy’s left side. Her strength wasn’t on the same level as usual, but her speed was beyond what Billy could deal with. Considering that he also taught her how to create extra reserves of mana, it was unlikely that she would run out of it anytime soon… So, Billy had to understand the secret of her skill before he got his ass kicked.

Like Natalie, Billy didn’t have good senses, so he couldn’t tell the trick just by focusing on sensing her mana. It didn’t look like he would have the chance to think calmly since she was running toward him again. Still, before she could hit him, Billy had an idea after he recalled a certain thing that he saw in a certain show… He covered the surface of his eyes with mana.

You have learned the skill Magic Eyes.

It grants you to see the mana in the environment and the small changes in the mana of opponents when the skill reaches high levels.

Cost: 05 mana per second.

Billy succeeded just in time to see an aura surrounding Natalie’s body. It was probably Fierce Aura and made him recall like a barrier very close to her body that moved intensely and faster than waves. However, Billy also noticed that the Aura was stronger on her legs.


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