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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 339: Invitation (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 339 Invitation (5)

Maybe Billy got lucky with that number because he was the first of his friends to be called on the ring, and that happened in the afternoon of that day. Even though things were happening much faster than expected, he still was bored out of his mind. There were some fights that ended with a single punch, but he couldn’t pay attention to all of those. Instead of that, he tried to look for his family in the audience. Even if they probably won’t remember that event in the future, Billy wanted to look cool in front of his kids. Unfortunately, he didn’t find them among the fifty thousand people watching the event. That made him feel a bit regretful, Hector probably wouldn’t react to him, but Christina would.

“Well, I will have a good view from the ring, so I can use that chance,” Billy thought while he was walking toward it. “The other guy don’t seem like someone who would pose a problem, so I guess it is fine.”

Billy wasn’t the type to underestimate others, but… the timing was that bad. The participant number 778 was a pretty big man… and Billy had seen a lot of big men since he came to that state, but that guy stood out among them. He was like 2.5 meters tall, and he also was a pile of muscles… that only made sense in cartoons, so Billy was a bit speechless, but he soon forgot about him and began to look around for his family. He didn’t even bother checking that guy’s statuses…

The fight started the moment those two put their feet in the center of the arena, and the big guy dashed toward Billy, but due to his size, he was slow… even though he was using Fierce Aura. Billy side jumped and dodged the first punch, but then he heard a powerful blast of wind caused by that punch… that even reached the audience and made them feel like a tornado was approaching for a moment.

“He has strength if anything…” Billy thought while looking around.

The big guy took his time turning around, and he didn’t find Billy. He moved his head a lot, but there was no sign of him. In the end, when the thirty seconds were about to end, he quickly turned around only to get punched in the stomach and bend his body forward before his eyes got completely white. Billy used the adversary’s large build to hide behind him and look for his family, but he failed… but at least he won the fight.

“What was that about…” Natalie frowned.

“I was looking for Hector and Christina,” Billy said.

“It is time for their nap, so the others must have gone home after noticing that things would be slow, today,” Natalie said.

Billy had forgotten about that… That state was pretty hot, so it was only natural that Kate wouldn’t let the kids under the scorching hot sun for long. Maybe she will only bring them during the finals… That was for the best, but it got Billy depressed since he acted like a fool.

Regardless, the fights continued until sunset, and only about five hundred fights had been held there… It was quite the number, but it also means that only twenty percent of the fighters had come into the ring. The audience looked pretty pleased with what they saw, though.

“Today was boring… But I suppose it will be our turn tomorrow,” Natalie said.

“Finally, I guess, it is a pity that the next fights will take a while,” Alexander said.

“You have to look at this the other way around…” Billy said. “Things are slow now, but on the finals, we will have to keep fighting and fighting if we keep winning. The damage will pile up and the fights will only get harder.”

“You got the gist of things pretty fast,” Svan said. “I participated in the tournament fifteen years ago, and I won. But after getting so much damage, I had to take a break for three months.”

“You aren’t the dodging type, as we know,” Billy said.

“Well, I decided to work on that thanks to you,” Svan said.

Who said that old dogs couldn’t learn new tricks? That was what Billy was thinking. Svan must also be in his thirties, but he only looked at his daughter’s older brother. Once again, Billy recalled how long-lived people in that world could be… His grandmother was supposed to be in her fifties, and she didn’t have a single white hair…

Regardless, they went home and confirmed what Natalie had said. In any case, it seems that the tournament will really last for several weeks… That could be troublesome. After all, the people of many states were there, and they were important to them.

“I want to spend a week here and go home, but… I suppose it won’t be possible,” Billy said and then sighed.

“At least enjoy this trip with us… It has been a while since we had the chance to do something unusual like this,” Kate said.

Billy could only nod… His wives didn’t regret their pregnancy, but that didn’t mean that they didn’t look forward to these kinds of situations. They couldn’t act like they held back people if they wanted their kids to grow up into healthy and functional adults. Fortunately, they were three, so they could share the work if they wanted to do something, and they couldn’t bring the kids too close to that. That was what was happening at the moment… Kate was looking after the kids, even if she wasn’t alone. Helping each other was a given, after all.

In the end, the next few days passed rather anticlimactically. When all the fighters had their chance to fight, the first round ended, and the number of participants decreased from five thousand to fifteen hundred. His friends only fought weaklings, but after the second round and one week, things began to change…


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