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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 332: Last details (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 332 Last details (1)

“Aww… My cute angels are already sleeping… I wanted to see you awake so much,” Billy said while smiling and watching his two kids. “I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow…”

Billy was acting weirdly again and that made his wives sigh. Still, that didn’t last long. After explaining what had happened, Kate and Natalie were speechless. They wanted to see the dragon as soon as possible. Still, it seemed that Billy exaggerated on his report considering that he was acting like usual… Still, his wounds… Eight days had passed since the fight, and the wounds were closing very slowly. They didn’t know that it was healing quite fast since Billy was using Spiritual Exchange whenever possible. Dragons truly were fearsome creatures… in any case, Billy didn’t have much time to think about it since the end of the fight, but the creature also had a weird name… could that be a coincidence? It was hard to say, but he will check that eventually, once he finds other dragons. It will take a while before he can find one, though. Most people believed that they went extinct, after all.

The next day, after hearing of his return, Jean paid Billy a visit, and he went to see the dragon with the others. Even though they had been looking at that thing for a week, Alexander and Sarah still looked shocked. Even though Billy did most of the work, they defeated that they also contributed a lot.

“I thought that dragons had been extinct a long time ago… How come a dungeon found a similar creature in the recent decades?” Jean asked.

“We found some old items at the entrance of the ninth floor and inside the Guardian’s chamber. They were all pretty old,” Billy said. “My guess is that this dungeon worked a long time ago and then began to hibernate for whatever reason.”

“I see… I never heard of that, but it might be possible,” Jean said. “Still, it will take some time to dismantle something this big.”

“Not at all. By the time I return to the dungeon area to build the guild building, I will have finished it,” Billy said.

That would be some crazy level of fast working… Still, if there was someone that could pull that off, that someone was Billy. He was also quite interested in how he could make weapons out of Draconic bones, so Billy couldn’t wait.

“Let’s return. I want to spend the day with my kids and only return to work tomorrow,” Billy said.

Unlike Billy’s worries, Hector and Christina were finally starting to recognize him and like when he played with them, showing weird faces. Hector still disliked being in his arms for too long, though. It couldn’t be helped… While he wasn’t totally like his father, Billy also would have disliked it if Drew had spent too much time carrying him.

Speaking of kids, Lily showed up at the house the other day and boastfully where Lara was walking by herself. After a while, she even used the words: mama and papa. Which made Alexander and Lily feel very proud. While Billy would have felt the same since he was on the path to becoming a stupid parent, he knew that it was normal for a one-year-old kid to do that much. In any case, while Lily was the one who looked after her the most, it seemed that Lara liked more to be carried by her father… Probably because he spoiled her.

In any case, during the next few days, Billy worked on dismantling the body of the dragon, and while they had destroyed a lot of the scales, he still found a few dozen completely fine. With their sizes, they could be used to reinforce several shields or the back and front of some armor… they had high poison and elemental resistances, after all. The only problem was that Billy and his friends didn’t use shields. Even their defensive gear was kept to a minimum since it hindered their mobility. Still, that was a problem for later.

After the scales, Billy began to work on the muscles and bones, and skin of the dragon. The hide wasn’t that tough, but it was light, so it should make good equipment for long-range fighters. As for the muscles, Billy had no idea how to use them, they even poisoned him just by touch, so perhaps he should forget about it.

In any case, the bones were rather sturdy, but they still had some malleability. Billy assumed that he could turn them into many kinds of weapons, but they probably shouldn’t use weapons made of bones everywhere… In the end, Billy finished that job after just three days since he used his magic to help. Eventually, he tried some of the dragon’s meat, but it wasn’t tasty, and he also got diarrhea due to the poison… it was so powerful that he still could do that after the dragon had been killed more than ten days ago…

Making new weapons was something he would need to do later, though. Billy had to return to the dungeon and make the place operate by a guild and its employees even when he wasn’t there. He also had to build the building… so he had some work ahead of him. Fortunately, his friends decided to come along since Billy’s magic cart was comfortable enough for the kids to be in, and they wanted to move their legs as well.

“I want to finish all this in one go, so it might take a few days before we can return home, are you sure you want to come?” Billy asked.

“If we go, we can help and make you return faster, right?” Kate asked.

“We also are members of Vanguard, so it is only natural that we should help in moments like this,” Natalie said. “Besides, we talked with some people to assume the necessary roles while you were working inside the dungeon. Just leave it to us.”


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