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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 329: Legendary (12) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 329 Legendary (12)

When the monster turned its head to try and bite Alexander, Billy made some earth spears emerge from the ground and pierced the neck of the creature, just a little bit. Still, it caused more damage than Billy’s previous attacks. Unfortunately, he couldn’t use earth magic that much inside the dungeon… at such a moment, Billy wondered why he didn’t learn Earth Creation. Still, he couldn’t regret learning Spiritual Exchange…

“I suppose I will have to be more precise and deadly…” Billy furrowed his eyebrows.

The monster destroyed the earth spears with a single swing of its arms, but then Billy fired some earth bullets from the ground. Instantly, the monster reacted to their high pitching sound and blocked them. However, that arm trembled quite a bit with each strike. Billy also could hear the sound of the scales cracking since he was using earth transformation and firing iron bullets. They were as sharp as they could be and sturdy as well… Billy wasn’t pulling his punches when he created those. Even though that cost five times more mana than usual. Still, he could tell that just firing those from a safe distance wouldn’t change anything.

“Sarah, cover for us!” Billy said. “We will have to attack from a point where the monster can’t reach!”

Sarah nodded and Alexander gulped. He wasn’t a coward by any means, but one had to be stupid to charge at a monster that can Devour them for a while without hesitating a single bit… And Billy was kind of stupid sometimes. So, he charged at the monster and used Light Spear.

The dragon used its claw to block the attack, but since the creature wasn’t moving, its arm moved backward quite a bit. Meanwhile, Alexander did the same time thing and the monster was unable to use its claws. Still, it could use its mouth and so tried to eat Billy with a single bite.

“What a stupid monster…” Billy smirked.

Before the monster could finish the move, Billy fired an iron spear toward the monster’s mouth, piercing the flesh of the monster and forcing it to stop the attack, Billy didn’t stop, though. He jumped backward and fired the strongest lightning bolt toward the spear. This time, Billy caused a lot of damage… Even though the monster was tough, its internal parts shouldn’t be that sturdy.

Catastrophe- Lv 355

HP: 63.800/ 75.000

MP: 179.000/ 195.000

SP: 14.300/ 15.000

Strength: 1555

Speed: 655

Magic: 3568

Endurance: 2250

Dexterity: 2500

Status Points: 00

Billy smirked once again while the monster was trembling uncontrollably and then Alexander used that chance to approach the monster and use Light Spear at the monster’s right eye. Even the eyelids of the creature had scales, but a lot of blood gushed from the wound… Alexander had learned Rage and Stamina Manipulation, so his concentrated strike destroyed the monster’s eye. However, before those two could do anything else, the dragon used Corrosive Mist that quickly spread around its body and reached Alexander and Billy. However, Sarah used Ice Walls and created some platforms to emerge above the mist. Still, Billy had time to see his iron spear melting inside the monster’s mouth.

Eventually, the dragon stopped emitting the mist and Billy dissipated that with a gust of wind. However, another Poisonous Breath came and his friends approached to help him concentrate on a single point, his Wind Wall. They did the right thing because Billy barely could control enough wind to block such an attack. Fortunately, the dragon could only keep its breath going for ten seconds, so Billy finally had some time to rest.

“What next?” Alexander asked.

“I am still thinking,” Billy replied.

“I suppose we should keep fighting and then improvise when we find the chance,” Sarah said.

Sarah had a point, but Alexander didn’t like the idea of fighting without a clear goal in mind. Neither of them liked that, but it was their only option. Regardless, they split again and this time, they tried to get as far away as possible from each other to make the dragon’s focus spread around and be unable to make any big move without risking a powerful counterattack. In the end, the creature decided to focus its attention on Billy. That wasn’t so bad since he disliked being underestimated or ignored… But it also decreased his options.

The creature dashed toward him and then Billy fired some iron Bullets toward the wounded eye of the beast. While the first ones landed, the others were blocked by the creature’s claws. Still, at least that decreased the moving speed of the monster. When the beast got close enough to attack Billy, he used Light Spear with all his might in order to attack the same spot he did it before. In the end, the monster didn’t notice his goal, so his spear hit the wound and pierced a lot deeper than before. The beast grunted in pain, but despite that, it tensed its muscles when he tried to pull back the weapon, stopping him from doing that. In the next moment, the dragon used its other claw to smash him, but he jumped backward and dodged.

“You never learn, don’t you?” Billy asked and then used Lightning Bolt on his spear.

While it didn’t cause as much damage as before, the spear working as a vessel to make the electricity pass through the body of the monster, made the creature flinch due to the pain. Thanks to that, Alexander and Sarah had the chance to go all out… Dashing from the monster’s blind spot, Alexander approached and then tried to attack the wound on the monster’s eye. He landed his hit and made the creature tremble and even move.

From the other side, Sarah created a massive ice spear and made it spin at fearsome speeds before firing toward the remaining eye of the dragon. The creature tried to block the attack with one of its paws, and it succeeded… But the spear pierced the monster’s flesh and exploded, covering the entire paw with ice.


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