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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 317: Iminent danger (12) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 317 Iminent danger (12)

Eventually, Billy and Alexander ran into a problem… the monsters were the least of their worries since they had the skills and the experience to fight even while they were outnumbered. The problem was the fact that they couldn’t take all the horns before the next wave of enemies could show up… The six scorpions groups still appeared every thirty seconds, even after a while when two parties were on the third floor.

“What are we going to do? Leave the horns behind?” Alexander asked.

“That would be the same as ignoring golden coins on the ground…” Billy said. “Are you stupid?”

“Ouch, no need to get angry… still, aren’t you rich?” Alexander frowned. “Our other option is to look for helpers. Still, knowing you, you wouldn’t want to show us fighting.”

Alexander was right. He was getting smart as of late. They couldn’t let others see them fighting… while they were fairly famous and many people saw them fighting in the wars, they improved by leaps and bounds since the last time. It was better to leave possible troublemakers wondering how strong they were, and even if Billy warned them, the helpers were bound to spread some rumors.

“I will think later of what we should do, let’s just retreat for now,” Billy said.

“Time passes really fast inside a dungeon, or maybe it is because of the fighting that I don’t pay attention to anything else,” Alexander said.

Billy was almost certain that they would have to hire some people to help them. The money earned inside the dungeon could be used later to help them. Besides, people would find it weird if they just ignored the loot altogether. There was no need to draw attention to themselves by doing something weird.

“If Francis party began to buy the pills, then that will work as a good … I really need to find a way to automate the whole process,” Billy thought.

While thinking about all that, Billy went home, and then he split with Alexander when they reached the capital. After greeting his wives with a kiss, groping their asses, and being scolded by them as well, Billy went to see his kids. Just by seeing them looking absentmindedly to the ceiling made Billy forget about all the work.

“They were born without my skills, they were born without any skills… But I wonder when I should make them learn the ones that I came up with,” Billy thought. “Maybe too much mana in their bodies could become a problem… Their status was the same as mine when I was born, but so was Lara… Hence, I can’t tell if my body was different due to those skills.”

Billy decided to make Hector and Christina level up now and then every month in order to make them grow with a strong body. That should prevent them from getting sick… He didn’t find any trouble in having extra mana until now, so it should be fine.

In any case, without having a reason to follow Francis’ group from close by, Billy and his friends had a hard time finding the entrance to the fourth floor. He only managed to do so after three days. However, since moving around that much made him get too many materials, he decided to enter the fourth floor only on the fourth day. At that point in time, he could no longer keep delaying the unavoidable and asked Paule to help him find some helpers.

“Did you finally find the entrance to the fourth floor?” Lily asked. “How many hours it will take to reach it?”

“Three hours, it is about time for you to bail from this job unless you want to spend more than a day away from your daughter,” Billy said. “She graduated from breastfeeding, but that doesn’t that she doesn’t need you anymore.”

“You are right, so… are you going to do this with Alexander and Sarah?” Lily asked. “Since the work will be longer now, I suppose each one can work with you for two days.”

Lily was right, things would have to be like that, but he was fed up since he would have to be away from his kids. Hector and Christina weren’t even old enough to recognize him as their father, but that didn’t change anything.

“I can do this by myself, no need to make others waste time leaving their families and work because of this dungeon,” Billy said.

Truth to be told, even Billy would have a hard time fighting so many monsters at once, but that would serve as good training, and the experience was pretty neat as well. That was the only thing that worked to compensate for all his troubles… but it wasn’t enough. It didn’t compare to the bliss he feels when he is with his kids.

Savage Mushroom – Lv 144

HP: 564/ 564

MP: 1285/ 1285

SP: 406/ 406

Strength: 133

Speed: 98

Magic: 456

Endurance: 155

Dexterity: 265

Status Points: 00

Skills: Rest Lv 123, Poisonous Explosion Lv 158

Spells: Sleep Gust Lv 101, Poisonous Breath Lv 112

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 148, Fire Resistance Lv 55, Wind Resistance Lv 163, Cold Resistance Lv 76

Skill Points: 00

As soon as they reached the fourth floor, they found three of those creatures. They essentially were big mushrooms that had faces and could walk somehow. They had a relatively low fire and ice resistance but pretty high wind and earth. As usual, Lily tried to put arrows on their faces, but the arrows bounced from their bodies… she already knew that day probably would be her last one inside that dungeon for a while. Still, she didn’t expect that she would go with such a memory.

“What the hell…” Lily frowned.

“It seems they are good against physical attacks as well,” Billy said.

“As well?” Lily asked while frowning.

“I mean…” Billy said and then covered the enemies with ice and froze them completely. “They look weak against ice and fire, but good against Earth and wind. Still, you should be able to surpass their defenses if you imbue your arrows with mana.”


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