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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 315: Iminent danger (10) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 315 Iminent danger (10)

Billy’s plan was simple, he would create some magic crossbows and then he would have an ice effect on them. That skill needed fifty skill points, and only at level four, it could fire bolts that could freeze the faces of the scorpions. So, he would need to level up those up to forty, but at least that granted the weapon two hundred status points. With the mana he could gather inside the dungeons, he could create five of those every day, but he decided to only make one per week and only make three, for each of the parties that reached the level four. Some adventurers knew how to use mana, but it wasn’t enough to create bolts powerful enough to kill and freeze the monsters, hence, the groups will also have to buy Edith pills pretty often.

“I am a bit worried that this might eventually fall into the wrong hands, but I will take care of that problem if the need arises,” Billy said.

“I see… selling them for around ten gold coins will probably be enough to make everyone understand how valuable those crossbows are, but you will need to make a demonstration,” Jean said.

“I was already expecting that,” Billy said.

“I see… in any case, Paule will help you find those three parties,” Jean said. “Let’s hope that this plan will at least decrease the burden on your shoulders.”

Another reason why Billy didn’t want to make many of those crossbows was the fact that he wanted to be the guild master of that dungeon. Call him selfish and greedy, Billy wouldn’t care. In any case, despite Jean’s words, Billy was quite confident that those weapons given to others would decrease his burden and he will be able to advance further in the dungeon without dealing with several monsters every fucking minute. He was conflicted because both outcomes would help him… Still, he made his choice because he didn’t have time to waste. That being said, there were other issues he wasn’t aware of.

The next day, Alexander joined Billy and as soon as they reached the dungeon area, they looked for Paule and then she guided them toward the party that reached the deepest place of the dungeon. She didn’t look that happy with his idea, though.

“What is wrong? You are making an expression like the one I make when I drink too much Edish juice,” Billy said.

“My apologies for this… It is just the fact that this party is from another state,” Paule said.

“You don’t like people from outside?” Billy asked.

“Rather than liking them or not, I am thinking about how many complaints I will hear for giving preferential treatment to them instead of our own parties,” Paule replied.

“Ah, that is right… Well, sorry about that,” Billy said.

“No need for that, we aren’t giving preferential treatment, you just choose the party that achieved the most, right?” Paule asked. “I heard that you have many friends in other states, even though some of them caused us trouble. You are that kind of person who doesn’t care about the origins of others or the past when you become their friends. Which is something that I respect.”

“I wouldn’t say that I have many friends outside and praising me won’t get you anywhere,” Billy said.

Billy had arrived just in time to see a group of four men and two women preparing their things to enter the dungeon. All of them frowned upon seeing Billy and their expressions didn’t improve after a while. It seemed that he was infamous among them.

“Francis, this is Billy and his friend Alexander, guild master and original member of the Vanguard guild,” Paule said. “Billy, this is Francis, leader of the thunderbolt clan. His companions also are original members of the clan. Billy wants to talk with you all about an offer that he has.”

“I told you that he was my lackey, didn’t I?” Billy asked.

“Hey… why at such an important moment?” Alexander said and then sighed.

“I have heard that you like to joke around…” Paule said.

“We are in a hurry here, so, if you don’t mind getting into business fast…” Francis said.

Francis wasn’t as big as Svan, but he had a battle ax that was as big as his back. He probably could smash or cut the head of a scorpion with ease… as long they aren’t moving. He had short black hair and brown eyes and he had a lot of scars and bluish marks on his arms since he didn’t wear armor to protect those.

“This is something that I made it, it can help your group fight inside the dungeon for longer,” Billy said. “I am willing to sell for ten gold coins.”

“… I have heard that you can use magic, does that mimic your magic?” Francis asked.

“More or less,” Billy replied. “It will be better if I make a demonstration. Let’s go to the dungeon.”

That was true, besides, his group has been getting some looks from other parties, so he wouldn’t buy something without seeing it in action. Things only didn’t get more tense because there was a law forbidding xenophobic behavior.

They headed toward the dungeon and for some reason, Paule went as well. Maybe she wanted to see the deal being done to avoid problems or she wanted to see the weapon in action. She had seen some magic weapons, some were even made by others, but she never saw one that had been made by a guild master and famous warrior.

As soon as they jumped inside the dungeon, the usual monsters showed up and Billy didn’t waste time and fired. What he didn’t expect was the fact that a single bolt would completely freeze the head of a monster and shatter as well. He had forgotten that those were also based on his magic power… and he had used the status points to improve the magic of the weapon.


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