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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 309: Iminent danger (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 309 Iminent danger (4)

The interior of the dungeon was also pretty vast. Instead of being a dungeon, it looked like the tunnels that Billy made. The only difference was the fact that the walls and ceiling were a lot more rough-looking. Unlike him, the core didn’t need to make things as neatly as possible to conserve mana. Still, it was hard to say if the core really made that…

Regardless, the interior of that dungeon had a gray color for some reason. Billy had got used to the brown of the first floor of the other dungeons, so that color really made him feel a bit weird. In any case, it didn’t take long for some monsters to emerge. The monsters looked a bit bigger than Billy recalled, and their eyes were also more vicious than before…

The dark scorpions were two meters long, and even though they were just meters tall, they made it up for with the size of their tails, which were twice of their bodies. Billy was pretty sure that scorpions weren’t supposed to be horns… in any case. Their carapace also seemed pretty sturdy.

Poisonous Griever – Lv 112

HP: 675/ 675

MP: 675/ 675

SP: 654/ 654

Strength: 161

Speed: 133

Magic: 158

Endurance: 146

Dexterity: 121

Status Points: 00

Skills: Poisonous Claws Lv 82, Hard Skin Lv 83

Spells: Earth Bullet Lv 69, Poisonous Arrow Lv 96

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 84, Fire Resistance Lv 95, Wind Resistance Lv 63, Cold Resistance Lv 56

Skill Points: 00

The two monsters charged toward them, and Alexander prepared to take them down, but before he could do anything, Billy zapped their heads. Since he controlled his power, the monsters didn’t die, but they got paralyzed. Alexander felt weird attacking the monsters when they couldn’t do anything, but he did so, anyway. He tried to attack normally, but then he realized that the monster’s heads were way sturdier than he had predicted… Thanks to that, he was forced to rely on Light Spear.

You obtained 600 experience points.

The skill Wind Manipulation received 300 experience points.

The skill Wind Transformation received 300 experience points.

You obtained 600 experience points.

The skill Wind Manipulation received 300 experience points.

The skill Wind Transformation received 300 experience points.

“Putting modesty aside, I don’t think that my attacks are light,” Alexander said.

“That is because you didn’t aim into their eyes,” Billy said.

“Attack the eyes of some paralyzed monster?” Alexander asked.

“Did you come to help solve the situation or have a fair fight with the monsters?” Billy asked.

“You have a point, I guess,” Alexander said.

“Still, no wonder this dungeon hasn’t been cleared yet… those things are pretty tough, and things will only get nasty deeper,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully while he was using his left hand and Telekinesis to pull the horns of the monsters.

Not even thirty seconds had passed since the death of the first two monsters when the other two emerged. That spawning rate, even in the entrance, seemed a bit troublesome. Nevertheless, Billy stopped them with the lightning bolts yet again. Alexander charged, and this time, he didn’t hesitate in piercing the monsters’ eyes until his spear pierced their brains.

“Come to think of it, I have no idea how to use poison spells… shall I let them use it in order to let the spell appear in the shop?” Billy wondered.

While Billy was thinking about that and taking out the next horns, he realized that he recovered less mana than the level of his skills granted him. That was odd… it wasn’t like the monsters had a low amount of mana. Still, after thinking for a while, Billy realized that the mana being taken from the beast was being split between him and Alexander.

“I suppose this much is fine… it isn’t like I am using too much mana,” Billy thought.

As soon as the battle with the third group ended, Billy heard some footsteps, and then a group of adventurers heading to the exit of the dungeon showed up. They were rather tired, and some of them had blue expressions on their faces… they had been poisoned and were not feeling that well. They were too tired and wounded to care about those in front of them, so they just passed by without saying anything. The same thing happened several times in just a couple of minutes…

“Although we didn’t enter exactly early in the morning, no one came from behind,” Alexander said while frowning.

“I guess all the adventures come early in the morning since they can’t stay all day inside. They spend most of their time recovering,” Billy explained.

Alexander nodded since it made sense. He had expected to see some trouble since Jean asked them for help, but things were getting out of hand. It was hard to tell, but it seemed that most parties on the first floor could only stay there for around two hours. They stayed around the same time, but they didn’t get nearly as tired or injured.

“Let’s head home,” Billy said.

“Hey, Billy… It is a bit too soon for that,” Alexander said. “I feel like I didn’t help much. Also, I can understand your feelings, Lara is waiting for me as well, but this situation is seriously. Everyone is making some sacrifices to help.”

“Not my problem,” Billy said. “Besides, if you didn’t notice, the spawning rate is increasing since the other parties are leaving.”

“It is fine, isn’t it?” Alexander asked. “It isn’t like we need a break. Some of my students are here, and I don’t want to leave without feeling like I truly helped them.”

“Again, why should I care?” Billy asked.

“Just think about it. If the monsters escape again and this time with bigger numbers, the whole state will suffer,” Alexander said. “Hunting them outside will be a pain, and perhaps things won’t be safe for many years. This will be bad for your kids as well.”


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