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Chapter 306 Iminent danger (1)

Billy never felt so happy in his life, even after he got married and he got to sleep with two beauties every day… Those days are still losing in comparison to his new ones. That was funny because his new days were filled with cries during the day and at night, and poop… a lot of babies poop. While Valentin and the other servants insisted that they could look after the kids, Billy and the girls weren’t nobles, and it wasn’t like they hated to wake up in the middle of the night to calm down the kids. It was a bit tiring, but they didn’t hate it.

“Aww, Christina and Hector… You two poop so much, what I am going to do with you?” Billy asked while laughing and changing their diapers.

“Why does the big bro look so happy when his hands are dirty with poop?” Samuel asked.

“Well, I am sure you father can explain that to you,” Camilla said.

“I certainly can’t, I didn’t help cleaning him when he was a small and when I tried with you too, I was too clumsy,” Drew said.

“I thought big bro was an important person, but he spends all day looking at the babies even when they are sleeping,” Samara said. “He even insists on changing their diapers in place of the big sisters.”

“Well, I hate to say it, but he is more skilled than us,” Kate said.

It seemed that Billy’s evaluation was dropping, but he didn’t care about that. He could work whenever he wanted. Watching his kids grow was something that he could only do for a limited amount of time. Speaking of a doting parent, Edward also didn’t do much aside from watching the babies. Even though Hector wasn’t directly related to him, he still felt quite satisfied watching him, but it seemed that he didn’t like to be in the arms of the males of his family. Even though he got used to letting Billy change his diapers.

“It must be pretty shameful to be less skilled at doing that for your kids than your husband,” Lucy said.

“… ugh, I am working on that,” Natalie said. “It can’t be helped since Billy already has experience in changing the diapers of the twins.”

One week had passed since their birth. During that time, Billy’s acquaintances came to pay a visit and see his kids. Jean, Pierre, even Marie, Louise, and Henri came. A lot of Kate’s and Natalie’s students came as well to see them. They also frowned upon seeing Billy changing their diapers since he was the man that defeated Jeannette by himself and survived being buried alive by a whole castle. Apparent, the rumors are saying that he dug the hole with his hands before finishing Jeannette, such exaggerated rumors…

“I heard that you discovered something new again, Billy,” Drea said. “Those pills are really something else, but they are pretty expensive.”

“I use those expensive fruits, after all, so it can’t be helped,” Billy said. “Still, can you imagine the potential of those pills?”

“Yes, I can… It can save the lives of adventurers if things go bad inside the dungeons, and in times of war…” Drew said and then shook his head. “Let’s hope that no other will take place for a while.”

For the time being, Billy was mass-producing the pills of the Edish fruits, but he was making some of the Inda and Somia as well. Aside from his closest friends and family, most people don’t heal that fast or recover stamina like them, so those pills would come in handy. Again, the only problem was the taste. The Inda pills were too sweet, and the Somia ones make people feel like their brains are freezing… It has the same effect when someone eats too cold ice cream. Billy had no idea why that happened, though.

“As much I want to stay for longer, I think it is time for us to go,” Edward said. “Thanks to Billy’s vehicle, we could stay for a week, but we have work to do back home.”

“Inform me when you will have some free time again and I will pick you guys up,” Billy said.

“I thought you said that fuel for that was expensive,” Edward said.

“It is, but I am producing a lot everyday since I spent a fortune on those trees,” Billy replied. “Moving around won’t be a problem anymore.”

“Big bro, we are going to explore the dungeon soon, we will beat your record,” Samuel said.

“Your kids are cute, big bro,” Samara said.

“Thanks, I guys, they look like me that much, huh,” Billy said. “Be careful inside the dungeons, if you are too eager, you will make mistakes and don’t underestimate the monsters.”

In the end, Billy gave them more tips since he took everyone home. Once he returned, he began to look at his kids while they were sleeping peacefully again. Thanks to that, his wives decided to scold him.

“Billy, we understand that you enjoy your time with them, but you can’t do all that,” Natalie said. “What happened to your training and work?”

“I am training, now and then…” Billy said. “Also, we are rich, we don’t have to work.”

“Is that what someone who just became a father should be saying?” Kate asked.

Billy usually wins the arguments with ease, but he couldn’t win that one without sounding more and more like a lazy bum. It was a pity, but they had a point, and he had to train and work… At least while Christina and Hector were sleeping. Speaking of work, Jean already asked them when they were accepting new students, and he also asked if Billy wanted to become an instructor this time. He refused again. It couldn’t be helped that his wives wanted to work, but he certainly wouldn’t spend more time than necessary doing his own things… Anything else was irrelevant now, and he wanted to be around while watching his kids grow.


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