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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 301: Tears (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 301 Tears (5)

In the end, Billy went to check the lake by himself when on a day off, even if it was fun, no one could swim every day. Also, the girls were reaching the fifth month of pregnancy, so they were getting tired more easily.

Without wasting time, Billy dived into the lake, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that the inclination of the bottom was very similar to that of a crater. Some time had passed since that thing had been created, so there were some plants blocking the view, but even so, Billy could confirm that.

When Billy reached the bottom, he saw that too many plants were on his way, so he used his magic to create a whirlwind and pull those from the ground. However, Billy didn’t find anything there… Still, he didn’t give up. Billy approached and then touched the button before using his magic to sense things underground. Fortunately, he found a pretty round object that was. Billy used Earth magic to elevate that, and then he found a perfectly golden and round sphere. It was a two meters tall and wide rock of pure gold…

“What was this doing here…” Billy thought while frowning.

In that world, gold was valuable, perhaps even more than Earth. Still, it didn’t make sense for such a small rock to create such a big crater. It made even less sense for something like that to be a meteorite… Someone or something used that as a projectile.

“Gold isn’t exactly the most sturdy of the metals, so using magic to create this is stupid…” Billy thought. “Unless it was created by the power of someone like me a long time ago.”

Billy checked the surroundings a bit longer, but he didn’t find anything, so he returned home a lot richer, but that was the least of his concerns. Instead of that, he was wondering what kind of powers the person who used that as a projectile had. If it was the power to create valuable things, then it didn’t make any sense since there were other rare materials sturdier than gold… maybe it was the power to use money as a means of attacking. The more money someone has, the more powerful their attacks become… while using money.

“Just who the heck is giving us these powers? The god or goddess of this world?” Billy thought while he was heading home. “I suppose it is unlikely that someone in the past was born with the same skills as myself.”

Billy just wanted to live his second life normally and explore some dungeons now and then with his friends and wives, but now he had to worry about something like that. The existence of others like him and the possibility that they are destined to fight…

“Why do I have to feel depressed after getting such a sum of money…” Billy said and then sighed. “Well, whatever. I will leave my future problems to the future me. Instead of that, I hope that Jean can trade this for actual money. Otherwise, I will have to make coins out of this.”

Since he had to sell that to Jean, that information would eventually leak to his wives, so he decided to tell them before that happened. As usual, they opened their eyes widely after seeing such an object, after they frowned as to why he had just suddenly decided to explore the bottom of the lake.

“Your actions have been too weird lately,” Natalie said.

“Rather than thinking about that, do you want to eat something? I heard that pregnant women now and then have these urges to eat weird things,” Billy said, trying to bribe the silence of his wives with food.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work since they had servants in the houses, and the money of the girls was basically spent on things that they wanted to eat and clothes… Billy wondered how the hell that made any sense, given that they were born into tribes of warriors. Regardless, around the sixth month of their pregnancy, Kate and Natalie’s bellies were too big for them to walk for hours toward the lake. So, Billy made a pool for them as well. Jean was having a hard time turning that massive gold rock into money. Still, Billy now had enough money to buy a big terrain in the capital for his new trees and to make a big pool for them.

Once that had been finished, they spent the morning doing light exercise in the pool and the afternoon resting. Thanks to that, Billy saw himself with some free time. Leaving his wives alone, even for a couple hours during this period, seemed wrong. However, he also needed to keep getting stronger, and the tunnel connecting to Gustav’s dungeon town had been completed. The trip toward it would only take fifteen minutes. So, he could go work inside the dungeon for three hours and return home after just four.

“I suppose while I am there, I should buy a residence and continue the tunnel from there…” Billy thought. “But still… leaving those two now is… even for just four hours…”

“You are troubled over something,” Kate suddenly appeared and said. “If you want to visit the fire dungeon, then you should go. If it is just for a few hours, then it is fine. We have Valentin and the others to look after us.”

“You aren’t the type to sit still for long, after all,” Natalie joined the talk. “Things are fine for now, and while I don’t like to say this, all these chances are making me worry. At least for the next month, we will be fine. Besides, what are the chances of something happening while we are just lazing around at home?”

People in that world were stronger, so they are mode healthier, and the babies were also both with strong bodies, so complications were rare. Still, Billy had to get stronger steadily… To make sure nothing happened in those brief hours, he told Valentin and the staff to keep a close eye on them.


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