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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 30: Earth Manipulation (3) Bahasa Indonesia

By using Steel Spear at the same time, Drew and four other guards destroyed the walls, but that gave the enemies enough time to attack again. Instead of some single-target spell, they pointed their hands toward the same place and poured the mana into the creation of a tornado. In just a few moments, the powerful phenomena became twenty meters tall and forced Drew and the others to retreat since the powerful winds were starting to pull them. Fortunately, the elementalists needed all their focus to maintaining that, so they didn’t have the chance to attack the guards that were running away.

The skill list in the shop has been upgraded.

Wind Manipulation: 100 Skill points.

That wasn’t something Billy was expecting to see… he knew that humans in that world could do some amazing feats, but that was beyond his expectations. Slowly but surely, the elementalists began to walk toward the walls, and the guards couldn’t do anything. They fired arrows, but the tornado engulfed those. Billy didn’t know for how long they would be able to keep that thing up, but they certainly had the confidence to keep it alive until the walls were destroyed.

Billy looked around and confirmed that everyone was looking in amazement toward the tornado. He had a chance there… but he had to wait for a while longer. Thanks to the tornado, his attack will lose a lot of power the more it flies. Besides, he couldn’t just attack the spell… he had to take down some of the Elementalists to break their control over it.

When Drew was about to give the order to retreat from the walls, Billy ran to the right side and a found a position where the tornado wouldn’t get on his path. Once again, he checked if someone was watching him, but he didn’t find anyone. So, he bent the knee and touched the floor after activating Earth Manipulation while looking toward the enemies. There was no need to exaggerate. There was no need to make a scene. He just had to stop the tornado by killing some of the elementalists… and so he did it.

When they were just thirty meters away from the wall, and some cracks began to appear thanks to the tornado, Billy fired one after the other some finger-size toward the casters. He fired seven, but five hit the enemies. Two of them got their chests pierced by the bullets, while another one got hit on the left arm, and the remaining two got hit on their legs. Those who got hit in their limbs immediately lost them. As for the other two… they died instantly…

The tornado began to tremble since fewer people were controlling it, and the others tried to control it. However, in the end, they failed, and the energy exploded in all directions. The elementalists were sent flying for dozens of meters, and the wall suffered even more damage than before. Still, when the guards went to check it, they confirmed that the battle was over.

While heavily wounded, the elementalists got up and left their fallen allies behind. It was unavoidable since they were having a hard time walking without limping. As for the guards, they couldn’t tell what happened… too many things happened in the last few days, after all.

“…Let’s go check the situation on the other posts… “Drew said.

All the seven recruits were left behind this time since it was clear that the enemies wouldn’t attack. Billy clicked his tongue when he heard those orders… but then he realized that the tornadoes couldn’t be seen in the distance. Why aren’t they using the same strategy on the other posts?

After thinking for a while, Billy assumed that they had just faced a squad of mages that were exceptionally good at coordinating and using Wind Manipulation. A magic of that level could only be used by someone with a massive mana pool, after all… or at least by a group exceptionally good at that type of magic. Still, if there were another group that could do something similar, they would have shown it to this point. With that in mind, Billy relaxed a little bit.

“I succeeded again, but this definitely won’t do,” Billy thought. “Hiding my skills is a pain… what is the use of these powers if I have to worry about the repercussions that they might bring?”

Maybe Billy should become what his mother thinks he is… using the mask of a genius, achieve the very best he can to prevent harm from falling on his family. The last thing they needed was to endure a siege or lose another home.

After a few hours, the recruits received the report that the other guards protected the walls despite some losses. For some reason, the elementalists weren’t as violent as before… probably because the incident of the other day might happen again. They still didn’t know what had happened, so focusing on attacking without some caution would be dangerous. Nevertheless, the next day, the elementalists didn’t come, but the scouts of the lord had come. They proved how useful they were… Regardless, after two days, Billy and his father had the chance to return home. Apparently, the scouts confirmed that the elementalists returned to their territory.

“Dad, why can’t we use the magic that they used against them?” Billy suddenly asked when they were returning home.

“… We weren’t born with that kind of ability,” Drew replied after a few moments of silence. “Besides, it wouldn’t fit our fighting style.”

It made sense; still, it didn’t give Billy the opening that he wanted to show that he could use their magic, and that was something that could be learned… by him, at least.. Without any other choice, Billy decided to keep quiet about it.


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