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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 299: Tears (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 299 Tears (3)

“Hey, look who’s back,” Alexander said when he, Lily, and Sarah went to visit him the next day. “It is the guy who acts like he has a big brain when he clearly doesn’t have one.”

Edward, Billy’s parents, and the others decided to go home as soon as they finished breakfast, so they missed their chance of saying goodbye to the others. Still, it wasn’t like that was a permanent farewell. Rather than that, Billy felt like kicking the balls of his friends who was trying to be funny and snarky. Still, resorting to violence wouldn’t prove his point, so Billy decided to do something else. Some thing else more befitting of an adult…

“You know… sarcasm isn’t anywhere close to a form of witticism,” Billy said. “Besides, you should feel thankful that I solved a big problem instead of forcing you guys to come with me at such an important moment in your lives.”

“I never said I wasn’t thankful for the concern, though,” Alexander said.

“How is Lara?” Billy asked and then approached Lily to see her daughter in her arms, sleeping. “You look a bit tired.”

“Well… she is a newborn baby,” Lily said while forcing a smile. “She is as healthy as she can be, but it is slightly troublesome that she wakes up at night hungry or with colics so often.”

“Well, babies are just like that,” Billy said. “I can easily imagine that Alexander isn’t being of any help, am I right?”

“You can’t blame me for that. What if I hurt Lara?” Alexander asked.

At least he wasn’t helping much because he was afraid and not because of something stupid. Although that was a bit stupid… Nevertheless, Lara seemed really peaceful while she was sleeping, but since it was past breakfast time, it seemed that she was living like an owl, mostly at night.

In any case, Billy wanted to check things in his workshop and with his trees to relax, but he did all that while he told his friends how the past four months had been. Nothing much happened from his perspective, but he ended up talking for quite a while.

“I suppose the garden will become too crowded with just ten more trees,” Billy said once he finished his report. “It can’t be helped. I will buy another terrain to put more Edish trees.”

“When did we start talking about those trees?” Alexander asked. “Anyway, I feel like Jeannette didn’t show her true self even while she was fighting you… Considering her actions and how she ended up trying to run away from you, I suspect that she wasn’t just a lunatic.”

“I think so, too,” Lily said.

“Putting that aside… The power to influence anyone’s brain and to move everything at her will… I wonder how she learned that,” Sarah said. “It is completely different from the types of magic that we know…”

As expected, Billy’s friends were too sharp, but he decided to play dumb and let the subject fade away. Since Billy didn’t seem that interested in that type of magic, his friends realized that perhaps pursuing it wasn’t a good idea. Regardless, since they the free time, they stayed at Billy’s house the entire day talking and even had their meals together. They only left at night after dinner. After that, Billy invited Kate and Natalie to his room.

“I thought you didn’t want to do it during the pregnancy…” Kate frowned.

“It is just regular sleeping. I don’t go back on my word,” Billy said.

Falling asleep with two beauties in each arm had been quite the experience for Billy. Even more so, considering that he was being tempted by the devil most of the time to do it… Still, he eventually silences his inner scumbag self and goes to sleep.

The next day, Billy found himself bored after checking his trees and workshop. Valentin and his staff looked after everything, so there wasn’t much to do.

“My legs are mostly healed, and while it is a bit expensive to travel using the magic cart, I suppose I can go to the fire dungeon every day to recover some of the money and level up my skills as well,” Billy thought. “I also can use this chance to expand the tunnel.”

“Hey, Billy,” Natalie suddenly appeared and said. “Let’s spar. I need some exercise.”

Usually, those two would sleep until mid-morning when they didn’t have work, but Natalie woke up around the same time as Billy. Even on working days or days off, he always got up alongside the sun… he felt like he had become an old man.

“You are pregnant. No sparring for you, only light exercises,” Billy said.

Natalie wanted to protest, but she knew that Billy wouldn’t budge over that. Everyone agreed with him. When Lily was pregnant, she didn’t even fire a single arrow after returning from the war. She just walked around and instructed her students. Still, Billy could understand what she was feeling. For someone who spent most of her life training, not doing that felt like she wasn’t living properly.

“Even if you can’t put much effort into your body, you still can become stronger,” Billy said. “Keep meditating as much as possible and keep Fierce Aura active.”

“I already do that! But it is boring not moving my body every single day,” Natalie said.

Even though she will become a mother soon, Natalie still has a bit of trouble with her personality. In any case, swinging swords are definitely a no since she won’t be able to hold back, and Billy can’t let her heartbeat too fast or make her breath hard. Swimming was probably fine, though, and there was a lake a few kilometers away from the capital. The monsters there had been exterminated, so it was probably fine. Billy could always make a large pool somewhere, but the walk toward the lake and back home would also count as a good exercise for his wives.


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