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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 294: Fear (13) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 294 Fear (13)

The iron block was falling too fast, so Jeannette had to use some of her power to block it. She lost focus, and her spear only pierced Billy’s left shoulder thanks to it. Still, that was fine. She could easily control the weapon from that position and push it down until it reached Billy’s heart. However, despite the annoying and insufferable pain, Billy still found the strength to use his magic and then closed the walls around Jeannette, making them from the sides. He also made another block from behind emerging. He tried to hit her from behind, but she stopped them all with her Telekinesis.

“You don’t know when to give up, huh…” Jeannette said.

Jeannette tried to move the spear, but the iron blocks around her got a bit closer when she did it. While Telekinesis has a limit which is the mana, she can only use it against so many at the same time her current focus. Jeanette, for the first time, began to sweat cold when she saw Billy preparing a Light Spear… She didn’t have room to block that one, so she used all her focus to move the iron blocks and put them between her and Billy.

Still, the power of the shockwave, added with the power of Billy’s mana on the blocks, pushed Jeannette behind for dozens of meters. That had been unexpected. Jeannette never saw himself struggling in a fight while using her Telekinesis. After all, she always killed those that she wanted to kill in a single strike. Not to mention, she could even pull out trees from the ground… She didn’t expect that someone who was famous as a warrior would be that powerful with magic.

While looking at Billy, Jeannette took a step backward. Even though she didn’t have a single scratch on her body, even though Billy had used a lot more mana and was wounded… She would have known that she had the upper hand if she had learned more skills or had more combat experience…

Billy stepped forward to make sure that Jeannette wouldn’t try to escape using the holes, but she pushed him away by compressing the air and firing the spheres toward him. Those high hard and even exploded upon contact… It was like Billy’s Wind Sphere.

After being hit by four of those, Billy ended up on the ground, and when she got up, he saw Jeannette escaping through one of the holes… While flying.

“Shit…” Billy said and then tried to follow her by jumping with all his might.

When Billy left the hole, he saw himself surrounded by people that were completely dumbfounded. They just saw their leader leaving through a hole, after all. Speaking of her, Jeannette was flying quite fast… At thirty-meter per second and going upward. Billy propelled himself with an Earth spear and then used blasts of wind to increase his speed and move toward her without any other choice.

It didn’t take long for Jeannette to notice that Billy was fast approaching… He even couldn’t fly properly, but he still was faster than her… When they were just flying above her castle, Jeannette used her Telekinesis and made him fall at a fearsome speed. She also began to fall, but she stooped when Billy hit one of the towers and completely made it collapse. He was probably buried by the bricks of a fifteen meters tall tower and died there, so Jeannette ended up stopping and just watching the destruction that she caused. However, the rubble began to move, and Billy appeared. His body was completely wounded, but the fire in his eyes hadn’t died down.

“That is his power… To he stupidly sturdy and physically stronger?” Jeannette asked. “Why is he so good at magic as well?”

Jeanette refused to believe that Billy actually worked hard to reach that level. Still, she didn’t want to face him anymore. So, using her mind control powers, made everyone in the city that had been brainwashed by her approach, and she gave them the order to attack him.

When Billy began to hear many footsteps, he understood what Jeannette did. Still, there wasn’t much he could do while she flew in the sky. However, he had an idea… Billy jumped again and used the same tactic as before. Although he tried harder than before, Jeannette still made him fall, and this time he crossed two floors and landed in the throne room. Several of his ribs had been broken, but Billy returned and tried to approach Jeannette again and again… Eventually, half of the castle had been destroyed. On the other hand, the guards had finally surrounded Billy, but he ignored them all while clenching his teeth.

Jeannette realized that things wouldn’t end just by relying on her soldiers and attacking from a safe distance when she saw Billy knocking down dozens of soldiers after using just a few Light spears. She slowly descended, even though she was quite scared, but at the same time, she used her power to prevent Billy from moving. The soldiers tried to attack him, but he sunk them to the ground with his magic. Still, once Jeannette landed, her Telekinesis grew more powerful since she was using all the mana she could muster. Billy’s legs began to crack due to the sheer pressure until they snapped…

“Gaaaahhh!” Billy finally shouted in pain, but Jeannette no longer was looking forward to seeing that.

She just wanted to make the battle end… When the guards surrounded Billy to impale him with their weapons, the sound of something crossing the air echoed through the area, and then the guards got hit on their backs and fell. Billy saw Gilled massaging his shoulders in the corner of his vision since that sequence had been a bit too much for him.

Jeannette clicked her tongue, and even though the area surrounding Billy was sinking due to her power… She decided to bury him with the rubble of her castle.


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