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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 292: Fear (11) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 292 Fear (11)

Jeanette had a crazy amount of mana, even more than Billy without his rings. However, while he wouldn’t exchange his skills for hers, he could tell that they were much more fearsome than expected. She just used a small portion of her mana, and she completely immobilized him twice. If she uses half of her mana, she probably could snap his neck. The only problem with her status was the lack of skills. It seemed that she thought that anything else or developing new skills was a waste of time… that mindset was also put her level below his. Still, it was pretty high for someone who had never stepped on the battlefield. Billy only understood why when he charged at her. It was time to use his go-to and most trustworthy move…

Although he tried to use Light Spear at close range, Billy’s attack was stopped by Jeannette’s barrier. Before he could retreat and try again, some objects left Jeannette’s dress and began to float around her. They were needles… Thirty centimeters long ones. For someone who could use Telekinesis, that kind of weapon was perfect. The lighter the weapon, the better…

In the next instant, Jeannette fired three of those Billy, and while he tried to dodge them, they moved too fast and ended up piercing his right shoulder and leg. The other that was aimed at his heart was blocked by his spear… while groaning in pain, Billy prepared to pull and destroy those, but Jeannette covered the two that hit his body. The other one had broke due to the impact.

“Even though Fierce Aura is active…” Billy thought, visibly surprised.

“You are the first that ever managed to block one of my attacks, but you can’t do anything else with a shoulder, and leg hurt, right?” Jeannette asked.

Billy decided to stay quiet and do his own thing. For situations like that, he kept some status points in stock. Jeannette got annoyed because of the silent treatment and attacked again. However, his next three needles were blocked by Billy when he spun his chain spear. The trick was simple. He just increased his speed by 125 points and focused on using Block Mastery with his max speed. There was no need to focus on strength when the enemy was focusing on speed. Thanks to that, Jeannette was left speechless and with three fewer needles.

“What the hell…” Jeannette frowned.

“You may have to fight some people, but I suppose assassination is your specialty, that and controlling others,” Billy said. “Still, your attacks are too obvious to those who are fast enough. You will never hit me with those again.”

“Really, I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Jeannette said and then made all of her needles spin in order to gain more speed and piercing power.

Jeannette still had eleven of those, and Billy will have a hard time blocking all of them since she clearly improved the power of her attack, even more so now that he was wounded. Still, he already knew how to handle that. By using rage and Stamina Manipulation, Billy improved the rotation speed of the spear, and all of those needles got smashed by his weapon when they tried to pierce his body at the same time. Still, Billy paid the price for doing that… The wound on his leg and shoulders splashed some blood since he had pushed his body beyond its limits.

“Oh, you can do this much,” Jeannette said. “We are in the same position, after all, so you must also have some special skills. However, I am not done yet. You are dead wrong if my Telekinesis can only control what you can see.”

In the next moment, Billy noticed that the air around him had disappeared. No… It had been moved away from him. It was only natural that Telekinesis at level infinity could do that much. If she trained hard and obtained a massive mana pool, it wouldn’t be weird if Jeannette had the power to try and try to destroy the world the way Sephiroth tried.

In any case, Billy tried to manipulate the air to make him breathe again, but since he needed to be in contact with something for that skill to work, he failed… If he couldn’t manipulate the air, he couldn’t manipulate water and fire either.

“You aren’t panicking… You have guts, if anything,” Jeanette said. “Still, you can only last for so long without air, and the more you move, the more oxygen you will burn.”

Billy assumed his most offensive stance, the one he uses when he is about to hit something with Light Spear. Before Jeannette could try to interfere, he used Rage and Stamina Manipulation to the point where the muscles of his arms got such a buff that the muscles began to rip some of his flesh. In the next moment, he used Light Spear… The original version.

Billy was far away from Jeanette, but his skill created a powerful shockwave that made the entire tunnel tremble. Jeannette clicked her tongue as she was forced to block the entire attack with her Telekinesis, and she ended up using a good chunk of her mana to do so. She also had to focus on defense again, so Billy obtained the chance to breathe.

“She doesn’t have a single skill that grants her the chance to recover mana faster than usual, but she must have other tricks to make sure that she won’t run out of it too fast…” Billy thought. “She lost fifteen percent of her mana already, but I won’t be able to drain her mana pool just by using mine…”

The annoying part of all that was the fact that Billy had yet to make her move from the spot. She was taking him lightly… She probably could escape instantly with her powers as well, but she was humoring him with that fight. It has been a while since Billy felt so pissed at someone…


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