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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 279: Reasons (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 279 Reasons (7)

Rage was active… Billy didn’t pay attention to that because it sounded like it wouldn’t suit him. He barely let the anger go over his head, after all. Still, he could see how useful it was now.

The skill Rage was added to the shop list.

Rage: Temporarily increases strength, endurance, and speed of the use by 0.5% percent per level at the cost of magic and their dexterity.

The cost was almost non-existent, but Billy knew that such a boost wouldn’t come cheaply. Svan was strengthening his body with skill and forced him to surpass his current limits. Since that was the case, his body wasn’t strong enough to hold that power for long… Still, he just had to train his body more just like the barbarians.

Nevertheless, Svan apparently was used to those effects since he didn’t look even a bit bothered by it. In the next moment, he swung his ax to the side and then made Billy’s attack end by hitting the spear as well and forcefully opening his guard. He also dashed and swung his other ax toward his waist. Billy had planned to fight without magic, but he almost impaled Svan with an earth spear from behind. Still, he stopped that and jumped with all his might in the blink of an eye. Somehow, he dodged the attack, but then he saw himself almost one hundred meters above ground and completely vulnerable to the next attack when he landed.

Still, Billy had an idea… and then he smirked. When he finally got close enough, and then Svan prepared to swing both axes, Billy pulled back his glaive and then prepared to use Light Spear. Both attacks hit each other, and since Svan had his feet on the ground, he obviously won the contest. Still, while Billy was flying in the opposite direction, he noticed that his axes cracked. In the end, Billy only stopped when his back was hit against the wall that protected the dungeon town, and while he felt that several bones had been broken, he still got up because he also noticed that Svan’s weapons were goners. He focused too much on defense at the start, and he paid the price.

“That was a good one,” Billy said while stretching his shoulders. “Do you want to stop now before it gets dangerous?”

“… No,” Svan replied while readying himself again.

“I imagined you would say that,” Billy said and then dashed.

If his weapons were damaged, he just had to stop blocking and defeat Billy as soon as possible. Still, Svan had to dodge first when he saw Billy using Light Spear while aiming at his neck. Still, Svan managed to sidestep and dodge the strike with his extra speed, but he didn’t expect that Billy’s trust would suddenly turn into a slash… That was supposed to be impossible. Such an attack couldn’t change like that. Still, Gilles knew that had happened. Billy had used Combo.

Despite the surprise, Svan managed to block the strike, but then one of his axes cracked even more, and half of it fell to the ground. Svan clicked his tongue and then tried to jump to the side, but then Billy put more strength behind the attack and made the ax fall apart, and his glaive approached his beck. Svan dropped his stance and dodged the attack, but then Billy followed with a downward slash.

Svan dropped his broken ax and tried to grab Billy’s weapon. He did that and prepared another strike with his remaining weapon, but Billy’s knee landed on his face and rolled backward before he could do that. Things were getting too dangerous, so Billy used that chance to break the remaining parts of the ax. Svan clicked his tongue when he saw that. He looked quite pissed; his nose broke, and he was bleeding from it.

“Are we done yet?” Billy asked while trying to hide the pain in his shoulders and wrist.

“A barbarian only loses when he can’t move anymore,” Svan said and then showed a boxing stance.

“Come on…” Billy said and then sighed.

Without any other choice, Billy threw his spear to the side. Not even he would find any value in a victory when they weren’t standing on the same level of opportunities. For the first time, Svan smiled. Unlike his appearance, Billy was quite prideful as well. Still, against an opponent like that, fighting with his fists when he clearly didn’t have any experience could also be madness. It was true, Billy didn’t have any experience fighting with his fists, but he had something else… The knowledge of his previous life.

Svan dashed toward Billy, and judging by the position of his shoulders and his stepping speed, Billy knew a right straight coming at him from kilometers away. It was exactly the punch he was waiting for…

Billy corrected his Posture in the blink of an eye and then stepped forward while leaning his head to the left side. Svan’s punch scratched his face and right ear to the point where it even opened a cut, but Svan was hit by a counter in the next moment. Billy’s strength and Svan momentum made the attack extra powerful, to the point where Billy even heard some cracks, but he still found the fight in his eyes…

Before Svan could recover, Billy hit his solar plexus and made the guy lose all the energy in his body, and to finish him off, Billy punched his left temple… He looked at him again to see if he wanted more, but then Svan fell backward with his back on the ground. Completely unconscious… It would be a problem if he woke up and said that the fight wasn’t over since Billy wasn’t sure he could pull out such a counter again.

Regardless, a lot of people that watched the spar were dumbfounded. The barbarians never saw Svan unconscious and being defeated in a fistfight like that, so they were particularly shocked…


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