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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 273: Reasons (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Gilles wondered how Billy would be able to tell the difference between them. As a martial artist, he had quite good senses, but he never could tell between a loyal soldier and a brainwashed one. Nevertheless, it was something necessary… And he decided to trust Billy’s words.

They crossed several kilometers using the underground tunnel and even beyond the border between the states. Once Billy opened an exit, even amidst the darkness of the night, Gilles recognized the area.. They were five kilometers beyond the point that marked the border. Still, the nearest town was Thirty kilometers southwest of their position.

“Why aren’t there any fortress or defense points in this part of the state?” Billy asked. “Several years had passed since that truce, they should have built something in these parts by now.”

“I suspect that she imagined that Jean would never have the chance to attack,”” Gilles said. “The war last year… All of us were certain of your defeat. You turned the tables magnificently.”

“I didn’t do it alone,”” Billy said. “Let ‘s get going.”

Billy began to drive, following the road to the nearest destination, and as expected, they reached the place in just a few couple minutes. They stopped a few hundred meters away because even though it was silent, the magic cart was too big, and it would draw attention. In any case, that place was so small that it couldn’t even be called a town… it was more like a village that had two hundred or so people. Still, it had some guards awake, around ten, because that village raised many animals, among them, horses for the army. In order to prevent thievery, they would guard hundreds of horses day and night.

“The biggest house is the house of the Captain of the guards,” Gilles said while they were approaching.

From a distance, Billy could see three guards walking around the massive stable, three others at the entrance and the other four were nowhere to be seen. Still, after using his earth magic from a distance, he confirmed that three others were inside. The last one was missing… could it be because their leader was in his house? That complicated things… to make that even more complicated, he didn’t find anything weird in their status.

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