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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 271: Preparations (8) Bahasa Indonesia

“So, it is like that,” Billy said. “You two are pregnant, and our family will grow even further, but even thought want to spend every bit of these precious moments with you, Alexander and Lily will need you. Besides, some spies might be around, so they will notice if all of us disappear.”

Kate and Natalie were silent, they were happy about the news, but then the last few events seemed like someone threw a bucket of cold water on them. It was really annoying, but they couldn’t contest Billy’s reasoning. It was too risky to go with him since they didn’t know for how long the mission will last.

“Besides, I want to avoid sex during your pregnancy as much as possible and I feel like I won’t resist if I stay here doing nothing,” Billy said.

“Of all things you could have said now..” Kate said and then sighed.

“Do you think that this will take too long?” Natalie asked.

“I am not sure, I will need a lot of mana in each of those operations and just on the western side of the Toles state, there are around fifteen towns and cities that have a considerable amount of people,” Billy explain. “After doing some math, I think I will need around three months. To rescue the people of that side of the state. Gilles believe that we will be able to take at least one third of the population of the state and that will be a crippling blow to that mad woman. She still will have the backing of the people of her own state and the barbarians, but it will take a considerable amount of time for her to prepare without them.”

“I see…. then I guess it can’t be helped,” Natalie said. “We will wait for good news.”

Billy kissed his wives and then grabbed Natalie’s chest and Kate’s butt while he was at it. He got scolded thanks to it, but he accepted since he would miss those. In any case, Billy spent the day doing some preparations since he would travel at night. It was the best way to use his vehicle, and that one had improved considerably since the last time.

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