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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 27: Light Spear (7) Bahasa Indonesia

For the first month, Billy didn’t experience any difficulties with the work as a guard. However, he didn’t drop his guard since everyone else looked pretty much troubled. Apparently, it was rare for the elementalists not to attack the town for such a long time… Billy considered himself lucky because he had more time to train with the adults, and unlucky, because he didn’t have the chance to see their magic. Regardless, exactly one month after he joined the guard, they came…

“Go alert the other sides!” Drew shouted.

Billy was sparring with Alexander when they heard that. It was the sign that they had to listen to immediately stop whatever they were doing and dash toward the other posts of the walls. Billy, Alexander, and five other recruits split to alert the other seven guarding posts. They knew the best routes to reach those posts, and they had been trained to reach those as fast as possible. Billy was supposed to alert the southeastern post, but when he arrived there, he knew that something weird was going on… the guards were looking at the distance with complicated expressions. When he went there to alert them, he saw another group of cloaked figures approaching like they were skiing on the ground.

“… Are they bending earth?” Billy thought.

The skill list has been updated.

You can now learn Earth Manipulation.

The alert was used to call for reinforcements, but it looked like all posts were going to be attacked at the same time, so that they couldn’t help each other. When that happened, they still had another countermeasure… the recruits had to go to all the residential areas and ask for the support of the guards who work at night.

Billy increased his pace to do that and returned with reinforcements after just five minutes. However, even before they could reach the walls, they could tell that something was off… the sound of powerful impacts were taking place very often, and they were so powerful that it made some parts of the town tremble. When Billy arrived, he saw numerous cracks in the walls… even though they were five meters thick and fifteen meters tall.

“They are attacking the walls and everyone who is armed with a bow!”

The current guards alerted the second group, and they slowly climbed the walls before trying to see what was going on. The cloaked figures had twenty or so elementalists in their group, and they were attacking fifty meters away from the walls. A group of five were doing nothing and just waiting for archers to appear to kill them, while the others were making some powerful and astonishingly fast Earth Bullets hit the walls. One didn’t have to be a genius to understand what they were after, but they would never destroy the walls with their numbers.

“Why aren’t they attacking a single side in order to destroy it as soon as possible?” Billy asked himself.

If they attacked a single part of the town like that, even if they didn’t invade on the same day, they definitely would succeed, and the townspeople wouldn’t have time to repair it in a single night. Considering the range of their attacks, it was hard to imagine them fearing the sheer number of guards as well… they didn’t use shields, so stopping them would be easy. While trying to understand those questions, Billy tried to take a peek at the enemies and used Appraisal.

Sarah – Lv 81

HP: 114/114

MP: 328/882

SP: 90/90

Strength: 15

Speed: 14

Magic: 325

Endurance: 17

Dexterity: 115

Status Points: 00

Skill List: Earth Manipulation Lv 71, Fire Manipulation Lv 42, Wind Manipulation Lv 65, Analyze Lv 44, Appraisal Lv 44, Meditation Lv 44 , Water Manipulation Lv 55, Zen Lv 38

Billy frowned when he saw that… the cloaked figure that was attacking the most was a woman who had a massive mana pool… and Billy thought that he had a lot. Nevertheless, he assumed the wrong thing about them. They didn’t use spells per se. They manipulated the elements to attack. Still, that seemed a lot more complicated than using common spells. She also had some skills that Billy had and one like Zen that he had no idea what it could do.

In any case, the elementalists attacked for a while until some blocks of the walls began to fall, and then they eventually retreated. They were smart enough to save at least one-fourth of their mana to use to escape. Thanks to that, Billy confirmed that he could only learn skills by using the system if they were shown to him. He found the option to learn Earth Manipulation by using one hundred skills points… it was the same cost as Light Spear, but he didn’t find the other skills.

Eventually, Billy returned to his post and confirmed that things weren’t much better there… his father also was showing a very complicated expression since the guards didn’t have the chance to perform their duties. While giving the orders to look for help and to repair the walls as much as possible, he left saying that he would give his report to the lord of the town.. It seemed that he was going to receive one hell of a scold… and Billy began to wonder what he could do to help.


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