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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 268: Preparations (5) Bahasa Indonesia

“After the last few students that I had, I decided that I lost my ability to judge people,” Gilles continued. “The last students that I had become pawns of war. They used what I taught them to kill people in the name of stupid leaders. For their stupidity, they lost their lives. Still, it didn’t change the fact that I made a mistake as well.”

Gilled had many reasons to stop being a martial arts teacher. While it was a pity, it couldn’t be avoided. While his style probably was going to die with him, he was satisfied with that. However, Billy wasn’t.

“It is fine if you don’t want to teach, but about a demonstration of the Palm Cannon?” Billy asked.

“How do you know about that skill?” Gilles frowned.

“I heard some rumors,” Billy lied since he couldn’t mention the power of Appraisal.

“I was certain that everyone had forgotten about that.. Nevertheless, you seem like someone who learns fast, so even just a demonstration isn’t good,” Gilles said.

The old man was sharp… He probably didn’t know that Billy learned one of his moves thanks to Manuel, but he still could feel something weird in Billy. Regardless, it seems that Billy lost the chance of learning some amazing secret techniques… That being said, he could tell what it could do by the name alone, and he was going to try that eventually.

“… Gilles mentioned before that you had some work for him,” Jean said after a long sigh. “What do you have in mind, Billy?”

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