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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 266: Preparations (3) Bahasa Indonesia

Kate was supposed to leave three days after Gilles and his people appeared. Still, she stayed for the next four days until Natalie’s group arrived. She didn’t want to leave Billy people with those guys since he was also using the guild as an inn. So, she explained things to Natalie.

“I got it. I also think that we should be wary of them,” Natalie said.

“I am cautious, but you guys are overly cautious,” Billy said. “Isn’t Rosalie in the same position as them? You guys were so ready to help her…”

“It is different, that old man is too rude, and the others follow all of his commands. That is why we need to be careful,” Kate said before leaving.

From Billy’s point of view, someone too friendly instead of sarcastic would be more suspicious, but he could get their point. Nevertheless, while Natalie also seemed as worried as Kate, the first thing she did after seeing Billy was to pull him into a room and squeeze him dry. It was her way of expressing how much she missed him, and Billy felt that it was a pretty awesome way.

The very next day, Billy received Jean’s reply. The contents were simple. Apparently, he had heard of Gilles, and apparently, he was a man of good character. While he had a sharp tongue, he had a good reputation in both Neles and Toles states. Jean couldn’t come to check on that group but wrote that it was fine to let them cross to this wide. However, he also gave Billy free reins to deny that if he thinks that there is something wrong.

“I know that managing the lands near the border, this choice falls on you, but even Jean was being too lightly about this,” Natalie said. “He is too indecisive and is planning to leave everything regarding this fall in your hands. If things go wrong or right.”

“It is okay. I expected this much,” Billy said. “While he didn’t give us a definite answer, the things he wrote are pretty clear. Besides, I can tell that none of them are enemies.”

“They didn’t give me a bad feeling, but…” Natalie said.

Natalie was supposed to be good at that kind of thing, but it seemed that, for whatever reason, she wasn’t that confident in her skills right now.

“Jean told me that you guys can enter his territory,” Billy said when he went to see his immigrants.

“Did he tell any of us to do anything specifically?” Gilles asked.

“Like what?” Billy asked.

“Like coming to his house, bend the knee and swear loyalty to him,” Gilles said.

“I am pretty sure that he has better things to do. Besides, he isn’t a king,” Billy said. “It seems that you have a bad record with rulers, but you should have heard a thing or two regarding Jean to know that he’s not that kind of person.”

“Very well, while we have the permission to come, we won’t be welcome anywhere,” Gilles said. “Do you know a place where we will be able to start over without suffering too much hate? I can’t think of any place aside from the capital, where Jean lives.”

“You can also try Riormi state. Aura already has some people from your state there. You will have to ask her permission to go as well, though,” Billy said.

“No, we will refrain from that. It would be suspicious if we were to head to where Rosalie is,” Gilles said. “The capital… It will be hard to start over there, but we don’t have any other choice.”

That was true, and while that wasn’t Billy’s problem, he wondered if he could give them a hand, somehow. Not out of pity, but because he thought that their skills would come in handy. Jean will probably ask Gilles if he wanted to work as an instructor, but he probably will refuse. Leaving his state was one thing. Instructing others and making them stronger to defeat the people of his former home was another.

“I also live in the capital. If you have a hard time finding jobs, look for me in one month,” Billy said. “You won’t have to fight or do anything directly against your former allies.”

“We will think about it,” Gilles said.

Although he said that, Billy could tell that he was going to consider it seriously. Jean couldn’t do much for them because his people would think that he was giving them privileges by not making them fight and prove that they weren’t real enemies. As for Billy, he didn’t have to worry about that. Pretty much everyone knew how important of a role he played in the last two wars, and he had no reason to favorite them.

“Shouldn’t we send some guards to keep an eye on them?” Natalie asked.

“Geez… When did you become so paranoid?” Billy frowned. “Causing problems in the enemies’ land won’t let them accomplish anything. Besides, that old man and his people belonged to a group that didn’t participate in the last two wars. They have no reason to change their minds now. Besides, if that woman really had planned to send someone to infiltrate this state, she would send someone that wouldn’t stand out as much as that old man.”

Natalie understood Billy’s point, so she decided to forget about the matter. She was finally together again with her beloved, so she didn’t want to waste those moments. While it couldn’t be helped, Natalie and Kate had to share Billy, some days where she had him all for herself were rare.

While Natalie was gigging while thinking about that, Billy began to think about his next problem… How he should transport his magic cart back home without letting anyone see it? He couldn’t leave it underground since it would take a few months before he could connect the tunnels below his home to the Vanguard Dungeon town. That wasn’t even the closest one to the capital, after all… There was the fire dungeon and the new one that no one had cleared yet.


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