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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 261: Guild Master (7) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy noticed that some of Alexander’s students were hurt in the shoulders and wrist. It was evident that Alexander showed them the improvement in that skill, and they tried to copy. However, their bodies weren’t strong enough to endure the strain. They probably tried that version without even knowing the original…

In any case, while Alexander was making his body get used to that kind of skill, his students headed toward the dungeon using the same schedule Billy used with Lily. Although they were all melee fighters, Billy assumed that they would last longer than the archers in the beginning, and while they did that, it was barely noticeable. In the end, Lily’s students improved from one hour to five, but they failed in fulfilling her expectations. As for Alexander’s, they managed to stay for one hour and five minutes.

“Do you want to spar, Billy?” Alexander asked while he saw Billy almost falling asleep near the entrance of the dungeon.

“I am going to pass. I have work to do at night,” Billy replied.

“You do look a bit tired… What kind of work do you do at night that can’t be done during the day?” Alexander asked.

“The work of fighting in the dungeon to recover mana and then used it to create some tunnels,” Billy replied.

Alexander assumed that Billy had already finished that, but he liked to do things beyond the expected. Besides, Billy had another idea about how he could move faster underground. He recalled that in the old days, when humans were mining in some places, they used a weird vehicle that also could pass through trails and to make it move, two people had to pull up and down two connected levers. While he forgot the name of that type of cart, Billy could make something similar. The mechanism behind it wasn’t that complicated, and he managed to make a copy of it. One person like Billy could easily do that physical labor, but since Billy wanted to transport many more people in a bigger cart, the idea of using mana as a fuel still seemed better.

After doing a lot of experiment, Billy finally got some results. He managed to make a cart that had status beyond just durability. It had a movement speed that was in meters and also mana capacity that represented the fuel capacity of the cart. That happened when he added two things to the cart, pedals and a box that he wanted to mimic an engine. While he didn’t make anything complex, the whole thing was connected to wheels, so it became some sort of weird magic item.

Magic Cart Lv 00

Movement Speed: 05 meters per second.

Mana Capacity: 0/100

Durability: 20/20

“It looks like a huge piece of junk since I put several ideas into this…” Billy thought.

Billy had recalled those old tricycles that little kids played with on Earth. That was why he added those pedals. Still, thanks to that, there were two ways for the people riding it to make it move physically. In any case, after thinking for a while, Billy recalled that the first decent sword that he had forged had some additional effects because he forged it with the right intention and with a clear image of how that would be used. Maybe that was why the box worked like that and turned the whole thing into a magic item.

In any case, Billy decided to test the junk. When it comes to the physical strength of pedaling or pulling the levers, Billy had no problems. Still, considering its speed, it was inefficient. After doing some tests, Billy realized that he probably could transport up to five people without using more stamina than he could regenerate.

“Well, now let’s check how good is this with mana,” Billy said, and then he touched the box.

The very moment his mana was sent toward it, the vehicle began to move by itself. However, to move for a single second, Billy had to use one point of mana. On the other hand, the vehicle suddenly crossed those five meters…

“The fuel efficiency is bad… I suppose it can be improved just by increasing its movement speed. Still, then it would make things harder to control,” Billy thought while rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Billy would be able to move insanely fast if he levels up that many times, but he still would be limited by his mana pool. Not to mention he won’t be able to turn, so he will only drive in straight lines. Instead of doing that, Billy decided to scrap it and then create an improved one. As usual, he would have to create several versions of the vehicle before he makes something truly satisfying for him.

After some slight improvements and scrapped versions, Billy made a cart like the older one and then a bike. Both of them had some parts made of wood in order to make the whole thing lighter and because Billy wanted to save some mana as well. The design was way too simple, but at least Billy decreased its weight by seventy percent.

“You really spent the entire night here…” Alexander said after suddenly appearing. “What the heck is that?”

Billy didn’t exactly want to keep that vehicle as a secret from his friends, but he felt that it was a bit too soon for them to see what he was doing. In any case, Alexander was a guy, so he probably could understand the appeal of fast vehicles. Every man had a need… a need for speed.

“It looks like a mini wagon… but I can’t see where the horses would be on that,” Alexander said. “It looks kind of cool, though. What is this? and this?”

“This a wheel, and you control that to make the vehicle turn, and those are the pedals. ” Billy replied, you can make the vehicle move by using your own strength while you are still sitting,” Billy replied. “Anyway, I am improving this to make it work better with magic.”

After thinking for a while, Billy realized that he would need to add a new status to the vehicle, but he had failed until now.. Something like potency or power since it would decrease the cost of mana.


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