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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 26: Light Spear (6) Bahasa Indonesia

By joining the guards, all the recruits also gained access to a set of armor and weapons. While Billy could use armor, he felt more comfortable without them, but not using a new weapon wasn’t an option.

“This weapon might be a bit big for you right now, but it will be better if you get used to it as soon as possible,” Drew said while passing to Billy the weapon that was almost twice as big as him. “It looks like it is a good day today, so I will show you how we do our work.”

Unlike the armor, the guards are allowed to carry with them their weapons back home, and there was a warehouse nearby the walls in several parts of the town in which supplies and the pieces of armor were stored. That also was the place they had their meals during their working hours. Since only adults were working in that area of the tribe, only spears, armor, water, and food were stored there. Still, they were planning to put arrows and other weapons as well since the new generation of guards was learning how to handle many types of weapons.

“Which reminds me, you know how to use a bow, right?” Drew asked. “If your range is good, I might ask for some arrows.”

“Yes, I can only hit things twenty meters away from me, though, but if I keep practicing for a year diligently, I can double that reach,” Billy said.

“That is pretty impressive considering that you trained so hard for a year to learn Light Spear,” Drew said.

Billy could improve a lot more using the system. He didn’t want to overuse it. Besides, he learned recently that dexterity also increases his reach and precision with bows aside from increasing his SP by two points.

“We use the area between the walls and the warehouse to train the new recruits, but if something happens, it is their job to alert the other groups in the other parts of the wall,” Drew said. “Since your skill with a bow isn’t at the level of the redheads, you will do the same.”

Billy wanted to ask until when, but that probably wasn’t a good idea… he would look rather bloodthirsty to his father, and he didn’t want to worry his parents. After that, Drew moved around the area and introduced his son to the area’s inhabitants. They should get used to the guards as soon as possible to obey their orders In case something happens, after all.

“The last and most important part of our job is to guard the walls,” Drew said while they were climbing some stairs and approaching where the others were. “We need to stay cautious at every single moment because our current enemies can use long-ranged attacks. The sooner we notice them, the more chances we will have to repel them.”

“Why don’t we have scouts outside the city to prevent even more surprises?” Billy asked.

“… We have, but they are a special unit created by the lord of the town,” Drew explained after he recovered from the surprise. “They bring information directly to the lord about the actions of our enemies. When we know what they are up to completely, we use that chance to leave the town and hunt in the area.”

It seemed like a simple job, except when it wasn’t. Billy knew that now and then, some of the guards would get hurt and lose a limb. Over the years, he didn’t hear a lot about it, but some of the guards died. Considering that they had the advantage of being on the defense side. At the same time, they made good use of the walls. It only showed how troublesome the enemies were.

“Today, you can stay here and experience how a normal day of work is. From tomorrow onwards, you can train with us,” Drew declared.

Drew – Lv 48

HP: 480/480

MP: 110/110

SP: 384/384

Strength: 195

Speed: 138

Magic: 22

Endurance: 50

Dexterity: 62

Status Points: 00

SKILLS: Spearmanship Lv 62, Deadly Wind Lv 39, Steel Spear Lv 35, Light Spear Lv 34, Block Mastery Lv 15

Drew had leveled up to around fifteen times since the tribe had moved to that town, so all that training and fighting truly were strengthening him. Billy felt weird that he was almost on the level of his father. However, considering the bonus of training alone, Billy still had a long way to go… in any case, the day passed without any problem, and at the end of it, he received five copper coins. The adults gained double of that because they had to fight when necessary.

“Use your money well, Billy,” Drew said

Billy forgot that now he was truly working in another world, but it was hard to tell what he could buy with the salary of a guard. Maybe it was hard to help his family, but he couldn’t ignore the chance to buy some things that might help him with his work from now on. He didn’t hear that such a thing might be possible, but it would be nice if he could earn more based on his accomplishments.

Nevertheless, when the sun began to set, a new group of guards arrived and took their place. Billy had dinner with his family and then practiced outside for a while upon arriving home. He could only use Light Spear so many times with his current SP, so he had to use it whenever possible to make it stronger. With each level up, he noticed the power and speed behind it getting strong. Once he did that, he also practiced his archery.

“One hundred shots every night should be enough for the time being…” Billy nodded to himself.. “Now that I am working, I have less time than usual to interact with siblings… I don’t want to miss this part of their growth, after all.”


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