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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 258: Guild Master (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The walls of the dungeon town were already big enough. They were also quite large enough, so they only needed an extra touch of nastiness for them to become quite troublesome to climb. The final touch given by Billy were some spikes that he made emerge from the walls. He focused on detail and sharpness, so even the minor touches could cut the flesh of the enemies. Naturally, he made those spikes out of iron.

With his current mana, he managed to cover around one-fourth of the walls with those spikes since he only had to put them on the upper half of the walls. Once that was done, he went to the dungeon to kill some monsters and get mana by using Spiritual Core.

Savage Belius – Lv 71

HP: 975/ 975

MP: 333/ 333

SP: 654/ 654

Strength: 124

Speed: 85

Magic: 45

Endurance: 131

Dexterity: 40

Status Points: 00

Skills: Steel Claws Lv 22, Hard Skin Lv 33

Spells: Roar Lv 39, Earth Bullet Lv 35

Passive: Earth Resistance Lv 44, Fire Resistance Lv 22, Wind Resistance Lv 49, Cold Resistance Lv 92

Skill Points: 00

When Billy entered the dungeon, he immediately saw one of those creatures. It was really quite hairy like a bear, but their ears were a lot more pointy, and their claws and fangs a lot bigger. They were supposed to be weak, but looking at them like that, one had a hard time seeing how they were weak…

Nevertheless, when the beast charged at him, Billy already had his short spears ready in his hands. The monster slashes its claws at him, but Billy stabbed those without feeling much weight behind the enemy’s attacks. It was only natural since he was at the entrance of the dungeon. The monster was weak, so he didn’t waste time and used Quick Spear. The beast only saw Billy’s arms blurring. Anything aside from that was beyond the poor creature. In the blink of an eye, its body was full of holes.

You obtained 50 experience points.

The skill Spearmanship obtained 25 experience points.

The skill Quick Spear obtained 25 experience points.

“Ah, I should have brought someone to skin those things… I won’t have time for this,” Billy thought.

In any case, Billy had come to recover his mana, so it should be a lot more fate than clearing that dungeon. Besides, he didn’t even have to bring some paper to draw the map. Much fewer knives to skin the corpses… Still, Billy kept going while making sure to learn from his mistakes.

While Billy didn’t level up much since the war, he made sure to level up Spiritual Core as much as possible. So, it didn’t take long for him to recover his mana. He probably could make the skill become even more powerful, but instead of that, he had to put the minds of the townsfolk at ease since he had left them alone for two months. So, he quickly returned to the walls and then put more spikes in other parts.

Billy – Lv 99 8800/30.000 EXP

HP: 568/ 568

MP: 1167/ 1167

SP: 577/ 577

Strength: 218

Speed: 210

Magic: 301 + 75

Endurance: 96

Dexterity: 78

Status Points: 75

Skills: Deadly Wind Lv 29, Steel Spear Lv 29, Light Spear Lv 44, Fierce Aura Lv 48 Power Throw Lv 17, Combo Lv 09

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Analyze Lv 31, Appraisal Lv 35, Meditation Lv 56, Earth Manipulation Lv 65 (+ 06 UP), Mana Infusion Lv 53, Water Manipulation Lv 51 (+ 13), Wind Manipulation Lv 56 (+03 UP), Fire Manipulation Lv 51, Zen Lv 33, Check Up Lv 05, Earth Transformation Lv 12 (+ 07 UP) Wind Transformation Lv 18 (+05UP), Water Transformation Lv 08, Fire Transformation Lv 08

Passive: Language Skill Lv 60, Spearmanship Lv 73 (+ 04), Swordsmanship Lv 15, Archery Lv 48, Firing Speed Lv 15, Quick Spear Lv 35, Block Mastery Lv 21, Writing Lv 29, Reading Lv 29, Pain Resistance Lv 17, Recovery Lv 24 + 06, Blacksmithing Lv 31, Dash Lv 19, Fire Resistance Lv 22, Heat Resistance Lv 21, Vigor Lv 36 (+ 03 UP), Poison Resistance Lv 12, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 15 (+03UP), Spiritual Core Lv 22 (+11UP),

Skill Points: 150

Despite its high level, Earth Manipulation was leveling up quite fast. It was probably because those spikes were practically weapons. Billy wondered if he would receive mana if another war happened and they ended up killing some soldiers. Such an autonomous method could only be found in games, but in the end, while it was to protect his allies and his life, he didn’t want to only create dreadful things.

“Thanks to Spiritual Core, I am spending a lot less mana. Maybe I should use that to level up Earth Manipulation inside the dungeon. That certainly will speed up things for me,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

While Billy didn’t receive much experience inside the dungeon, he was alone, and the spawning rate wasn’t bad, so he could compensate for it. Nevertheless, those were all things that he could do once he was finished with the walls, and that happened two days after his arrival. Thanks to that, the guards working there looked quite shocked. Some of them saw Billy fighting, but not that close. Not to mention, they thought that Billy went to the dungeon because he was bored and not to recover mana.

“I have been trying not to think about it, but the sender of that letter… I need to prepare against them,” Billy thought. “I need to rush since Lily’s group would come and stay for two weeks, and seven hundred people were way above the limit of the dungeon. Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to hunt while they are there.”

With that in mind, Billy decided to stay inside the dungeon even at night, and he only used Earth magic and his spear skills to deal with them. Magic was useful, but he couldn’t neglect his physical strength.. Until he becomes as strong and terrifying as he is with magic, Billy can’t slack off.


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