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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 256: Guild Master (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Kate and Natalie couldn’t understand what Billy meant by that. So, he explained things. Putting aside that they were spoiled kids, pretty much everyone could learn magic as long as they keep improving their meditation level. So, he told them that was their homework. They had to meditate as much as possible, and then, every day, as soon as they came to the lessons, they would use all of their mana to create the largest earth block. In the beginning, their progress would be obvious, so everyone would be even eager to practice, even the spoiled ones, since it would become apparent that it was only a matter of dedication.

“To make sure that they will feel even more determined, you should show them what you can do with your magic. Any demonstration will be fine,” Billy said.

Things would be different for Natalie since she wasn’t just teaching magic, but she could use the same theory. In any case, they nodded since they liked that plan. Some rich kids might find the idea of working hard to gain something preposterous. If they truly wanted to learn magic, then they didn’t have any other choice. It wasn’t something that money could solve, after all.

After those groups made one month of training, they would move to the west and began to work and train there, and until then, Billy imagined that all those trouble makers and the lazy ones probably would have dropped from the courses, so they wouldn’t bother him. In any case, that month passed in the blink of an eye, and even though Billy felt that he didn’t do much, he at least managed to make some respectable spears.

Chain Spear

A spear that can be prolonged by using the chains inside.

Strength + 25, Speed + 25

Durability: 30/30

Combined Spears

Two short spears that can be combined to create a longer one. Their power is doubled when they are connected.

Speed + 20, Strength + 10

Durability: 15/15

The first spear could split into three parts, and thanks to the chains, their reach could duplicate while it would lose some power if Billy uses it like that. It won’t need much if he hits the enemy’s head in case mastering that one would be hard. On the other hand, the short spears were quite easy to use. Even when they are combined into one. Billy found it quite interesting and fun to use Quick Spear alongside both of them. However, he couldn’t do much about the fact that he left himself wide open by attacking with both short spears. Unless he overwhelms his opponents with sheer speed, then it wouldn’t be very useful.

“Now, I suppose while I level up these weapons, I can think of a way to improve our movement speed by using some type of vehicle,” Billy thought while he was packing his things with his wives. “This will be even harder.”

“Why are you frowning?” Kate asked. “Are you unsatisfied with your new and weird weapons?”

“No, I was thinking about something else,” Billy replied. “Is Natalie already ready?”

“She is at the entrance, unlike you. She doesn’t care so much about the clothes she is taking with her,” Kate replied.

Natalie cared too little about fashion. Then again, since she had the nice body gene, she looked fine in pretty much everything. As for Billy, he was taking his time because he needed the right clothes since he was in a position of power. He had to be and look respectable. Usually, he wouldn’t care what others think about him, but since he was one of the most important men of the Heinhall state, he needed to at least try…

After a couple of minutes, they headed toward the entrance of the mansion, and there they found Sarah, Lily, and Alexander. Lily’s belly was already a bit big, but her condition seemed fine despite that. Billy thought that until the sixth month, she would be fine while working, but after that, the stress might be prejudicial.

“Everyone is already waiting for us outside,” Alexander declared.

Billy and the others nodded. It was a pain, but they would walk all the way to the eastern side of the state. The reason for that was that those five would give the students the chance to learn a few things while traveling and how the life of a soldier and Adventurer was. As such, they couldn’t set a good example by using a carriage.

“Speaking of which, how many students of your group have dropped out already?” Billy asked.

“Not a single gave up. Why would you ask that?” Kate frowned. “Thanks to that tip that you gave us, the kids realized that everything depended on their efforts. The lazy ones realized that meditating was a pretty good way to slack off, so eventually, their mana increased, and then they learned Earth Manipulation.”

While Billy gave them that tip, he didn’t imagine it would work so well. Truth to be told, he only came up with something that would help Natalie and Kate, but it seemed that things went beyond what he had expected.

“We also told them that if they persist and learn magic, they would be able to see you using yours during the trip,” Kate added.

“Heh… So you used me to achieve your own goals,” Billy said.

“Don’t phrase it like that,” Kate said.

After a couple of minutes, the group reached the exit of the capital, and then they found the thirty-five thousand students waiting for them. It was the first time that such a group was mobilized in times of peace… Although they were kids between ten and eighteen, they were divided pretty well into battalions.

“Pretty awesome, right?” Alexander asked.

“Why do you look so proud?” Billy asked. “I dislike crowded places… Anyway, where are your former students?”

“They went ahead since they didn’t have to walk,” Alexander replied.

Billy assumed that the others also sent their former students ahead, while the newbies would be enough to make some walls. All the help would be welcome…


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