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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 253: A New Family (5) Bahasa Indonesia

After he undid the pillar, Billy took the girls back to their parents’ houses, and then he went to his parents. They had decided to stay for three more days before going back home since some of the folks needed to nurse their hangovers. Billy barely had any drink since he wanted to keep his mind clear. Also because he needed to prepare his next steps on those three days. First of all, he would spoil and let Kate and Natalie spoil him for two weeks, and then they would have to return to work. Billy will use that chance to do his own things.

“I suppose there isn’t much for me to do until I return to the dungeon town, so I will focus on training my skills and making some weapons,” Billy thought. “Now that I have Recovery, I need to make a better weapon. One that is more suited to my fighting style.”

Glaives were pretty good, even more so for figures that fight using horses, but Billy focused more on thrusts than slashes, so the curved blade wasn’t that appropriate. Billy wanted to make an unusual weapon like his magic crossbow, so he had to brainstorm while he had the time.

In the end, those three days passed, and Billy didn’t have any new ideas. To begin with, spears weren’t malleable like crossbows. He couldn’t make it shorter or longer at his will, at least not with the knowledge that he had. He will have to keep experimenting until he hits the jackpot.

On the day of the departure, the visitors and Billy’s part all left at the same time while seeing many people of the town waving their arms at them. Those goodbyes have been rather frequent, but Billy had a feeling that it would take a while to see them again.

“You are deeply in thought again, what are you plotting?” Kate asked.

“Just thinking of forging a new spear, I think I have outgrown this one,” Billy replied.

His friends looked at him, wondering what there was to think about. They had no idea that a simple and plain one would be too boring to have. In any case, Billy had some simple ideas. It’s like using two short spears and then combining them to make a longer one. While he would lose range, he could make the short spears give him an edge when it comes to close combat alongside Quick Spear. He also could make one that would be split into parts, and the interior would be connected by some chains. While it would become heavier, the power and the extra moves that he would obtain by making it would more than compensate for that.

He also had another idea during the trip, but instead of a shape, it was an effect. Could he make a weapon that could become stronger by absorbing the enemy’s blood? It would be awesome… He had no idea how to replicate that effect, though. To make things more complicated, Billy couldn’t focus all that much since he could tell that Kate and Natalie were getting nervous as they approached home. A lot more than nervous, he was looking forward to the showtime.

“Welcome back, master, mistresses,” Valentin said and then bowed deeply when they returned. “You have received a letter, master.”

“Really? Everyone I know was at the ceremony,” Billy said and then received the letter and frowned upon seeing the characters on the cover. “Well… it wasn’t anything important. See you guys later.”

Billy tried to recover as soon as possible and then hid the letter in his pocket before talking with his friends. They nodded since it seemed that Billy was even more eager than the girls. Alexander was stupid enough to even laugh a little… Billy shook his head when he saw that. He was about to become a father, and he still was pretty much a kid.

“Is something wrong?” Kate asked.

Billy noticed that those two realized that he was bothered by something. Probably because of the leather, they weren’t dumb, and they were sharp as well, so it was no surprise that they would notice it.

“It is nothing, just a business that went bad while I was away,” Billy said while forcing a smile. “Anyway, you guys can come to my room later whenever you feel like it. You will take a turn or you will come together?”

“You wish…” Kate said.

“Don’t talk about that kind of thing in broad daylight…” Natalie added.

It didn’t seem like they had decided the order. While they were good friends, they weren’t that comfortable with each other in sharing a busy night with Billy. So, they went to their rooms. Meanwhile, Billy stayed in the garden and then grabbed the letter stain. On the cover, it was written: to Billy… In English. Thanks to that, he hesitated in opening it. Still, he couldn’t just delay the unavoidable.

‘I know who you are and I am the same.’

Billy already knew more or less the contents of the letter, but he didn’t expect it would be so little and direct. Naturally, the message was in English, and by those words alone, he understood that the sender was an enemy… a reincarnated enemy. Billy wanted to curse his luck for such a thing to happen at such a moment of his life… It would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

“I wonder if they are implying that they also have the same powers… considering the timing, it must be the mastermind behind the last few wars,” Billy thought.

Given how much of an important role he played, word must have spread across the continent, and many heard and will hear from him, but the leader of the beast tamers was probably the one who listened to the report first and then reached that conclusion.. Still, considering the achievements of his friends, it seemed a bit precocious to assume all that… unless they knew that Billy and they had something else in common.


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