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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 251: A New Family (3) Bahasa Indonesia

When the day came, Billy saw himself a bit less nervous, but his heart still was speeding up a bit. While he got used to being the center of attention on the battlefield, he and the girls would be the center of attention for another reason. Although they would be surrounded by family and friends, it was still embarrassing. It seemed that he didn’t grow that much as he had thought…

“Are you nervous?” Anna asked while seeing Billy checking his clothes many times.

“A little bit,” Billy replied.

“Well, you should be,” Anna said. “You are going to start your new family, and while you already have many responsibilities, this always should be your focus.”

It seemed that his grandmother had some lectures ready for him, but she stopped with only that much. In any case, once Billy finished with his fancy clothes, he began to look forward to seeing those two. They looked amazing in dresses, after all. His whole family was also wearing fancy clothes since they looked refreshing, and they had been circulating around lately thanks to the commercial.

“Hehehe,” Drew laughed while trying to hide it.

Since they left the house, Drew had been laughing creepily for quite a while. Even Billy was starting to feel uncomfortable, thanks to that. Still, since Camilla wasn’t scolding him, he assumed there was a reason for that. So, he began to think if everyone was hiding something from him. It was too suspicious, after all. Still, they were his family, so it wouldn’t be a bad surprise…

Billy only realized what it was when he arrived at Edward’s residence, and then he saw Kate and Natalie waiting for him wearing similar red dresses. It seemed that their roles had been inverted… Regardless, Billy understood what was going on.

“I see… So we are only having a single ceremony,” Billy said.

“You guessed as much just from this?” Kate asked while frowning.

“My dad was grinning like a fool, so I knew something was off,” Billy said.

“Hey…” Drew protested.

“Kate asked me if I wanted to hold the ceremony together, I thought that I was fine waiting another week, but she insisted,” Natalie said.

“It wouldn’t be fair if I were to start ahead,” Kate said. “Besides, I wanted to see Billy’s surprised face. We failed, though.”

Regardless, Billy approached both of them and put his hands on their waists. Now, it really looked like he was showing off. Still, like Kate said, it would be unfair. That being said, that raised a problem… If he were to continue on that path, his first night with them would be a threesome? How lucky just one guy can be?

“Let’s talk with everyone,” Billy said.

Jean had come, and he brought with him some fine wine, and he was already drinking with Edward. Thanks to that, both of them were a bit drunk… They were rather weak to alcohol if fine worked that fast with them.

“Kate…” Edward said and then sniffed.

“Yes, Father?” Kate asked.

Edward cried a little before saying anything. It seemed that he was the type who cries when he is drunk. That was a bit funny, so Billy had a hard time containing his laugh. Still, Billy could understand where he was coming from.

“I was no good father… since I gave up on you,” Edward said. “Still, I hope that you bring your kids whenever possible. I will try to be a better grandfather than I was as a father.”

“You were the best, father,” Kate said and then hugged Edward. “It is thanks to you that I am here. If you weren’t the person that you were, Billy would never have found and healed me.”

Edward didn’t say anything, so he just hugged her tightly. While he tried to play dumb, it seemed that everyone had reached the same conclusion. It was the first time Jean had heard that, so he looked surprised that Billy had managed to heal someone who had a terminal disease.

“Dad… I will call my first daughter, Christina,” Kate said.

“Yes… I will wait expectantly for her,” Edward said.

Christina was the name of Kate’s mother, so it wasn’t only an important and beautiful name for Kate. In any case, she sniffed a little as well since it was a bit difficult for father and daughter to have moments like these. Come to think of it, Billy looked at Natalie and wondered if she was going to do the same if she had a boy. Her father’s name was Hector, and she pursued his shadow for many years, after all. She probably surpassed him already, but only power wouldn’t diminish the respect she had for him.

“You all are important people for the states of this side of the continent, and while I burdened you and I will probably keep doing so in the future, I wish you all the happiness in the world,” Jean said.

“Thank you, Let’s keep working together to build a future the next generation can be proud of,” Billy said while he had a handshake with Jean.

After that, those three went to talk with Lucy, who was standing in the corner of the room while drinking some wine. Even when she wasn’t working, she still was quite stoic. Not to mention, it was hard to get a good read of her expression and thoughts based on her reactions.

“… Congratulations,” Lucy said as soon as they arrived.

Once again, it was hard to tell what Lucy felt when she said that. Even Natalie looked a bit troubled. Since both of them weren’t good with words, they probably didn’t talk much last week. Still, Billy knew that those two shared many things in common. So, he stepped forward and then opened his arms.

“You are my mother now. I want a hug from my new mother,” Billy said.

“… You are one very troublesome… Man, just like him,” Lucy said, and she showed a large grin. “No wonder Natalie loves you.”


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