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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 249: A New Family (1) Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, the best option would be his ability to use electricity now. However, making an electric vehicle was beyond Billy’s ability.

“Still… Who knows, if I managed to make a crossbow like that, maybe I could make a car that consumes mana to move,” Billy thought.

That would require dozens of prototypes as well, and it would consume a lot more time since it would need more materials as well. Nevertheless, it would be a good time investment, and in the future, they would cut off the duration of the trips. Even cutting it in half would be nice.

Along the trip, Billy also tried to make some miniatures out of earth and steel, but they didn’t have any effects. They didn’t have any use… until now. His power mostly worked to make things work better, as weapons and as tools to make him sturdier or faster, but creating something with another purpose was new territory.

“Unless it is a weapon, I guess it won’t have status or effects… But maybe I can change that if I make something like a war chariot,” Billy rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I don’t think those exist in this world, so maybe making use of those will give us some edge in future wars.”

War chariots are probably counted as weapons… Mobile weaponry, to be more precise. It was probably the most basic prototype that eventually led up to the creation of tanks. In any case, it was a bit troublesome to invent new things related to magic since Billy felt like he would make that world follow the same footsteps of Earth, and then one day, he would wake up and see that someone had invented something like a nuclear bomb. Then again, magic could also be used to kill many people, and he was sharing his knowledge quite freely.

To test that, Billy tried to level up his carriage, and when he saw that his power worked. However, the carriage only had durability as status. Even when Billy had twenty-five skill points, he didn’t find any effect that he could add to it. He didn’t see any effects that could be used or applied to vehicles. While Billy was thinking about that, they arrived in their hometown.

“So, what will be the plan?” Alexander asked.

“We don’t have houses here, so we need to stay with our respective families,” Billy said. “Are any of you against the idea?”

No one said anything. While Lily and Alexander were married, they didn’t stay together all day, and it probably won’t be a good idea to act lovey-dovey in front of Leo. After splitting up, Billy and the others went to their homes, and this time, even though it was mid-morning, he found everyone there.

“Hey, it has been a while, or maybe not,” Billy said.

“Billy!” Samuel and Samara said in unison.

As usual, they ran and jumped to hug him. They had gotten quite big lately, so it was hard to move while they were doing that. In any case, they had heard of the skills their mother and father learned, so they wanted Billy to teach them as well. The trip had been pretty long, but they wanted to learn as soon as possible… They sure were getting a bit selfish as of late, but Billy decided to spoil them.

“Today, I am going to teach you one skill, and if you behave well over the next few days, then I will teach the others,” Billy said. “Do we have an agreement?”

Those two nodded several times. They will enter their rebellious phase in a couple of years, but Billy assumed that things wouldn’t be much different from now. They will probably ask him to spar whenever possible, but even with Fierce Aura, they were far behind Drew. They belonged to a tribe of warriors, so the strong ones were respected no matter what.

“By the way, did Edward say something after receiving the letter?” Billy asked. “He was the one who informed you all, right?”

“Yes, but he didn’t seem that bothered by your choice,” Camilla replied. “He is aware that you want to respect Kate and Natalie equally, and after seeing those two after the war, anyone could tell that none of them are being neglected.”

Billy wanted to complain that he was being neglected. Since those two were young maidens, they didn’t know how to take the reins, so everything had to be started by Billy. Even simple hand-holding… Still, complaining about that seemed pretty pathetic, and it wasn’t that bad a situation per se. It was quite heartwarming, actually.

In any case, Billy spent the day with his family, and then he went to visit Lucy and Edward the other day. Lucy was a woman of few words, so Billy assumed that they would finish talking soon, and so it happened. They only talked during her path to work since she still had her policy of completely focused when she assumed her position. Regardless, Natalie was sleeping when he showed up, so he went to see Edward and also learned that Kate was sleeping as well. Even though it was past breakfast time.

“It seems that those two only want to slack off at home…” Billy said.

“Is that so?” Edward asked. “Well, come to think of it, they woke rather early when we were there since they had their work. Nevertheless, it seems the time has come, huh. You are finally accepting that you will succeed me one day.”

“I never said that I would,” Billy said. “Like I said, this type of job doesn’t suit me. So, wait a few decades before kicking the bucket, and then you can pass your job to one of your grandkids.”

“Grandkids… I will be looking forward to seeing them,” Gerald said. “You lucky bastard.”

Billy frowned when he heard that. It seemed that Gerald was fine with the result but truly letting go of his daughter was something that annoyed him. After all, another man would become the most important person for her.. Nevertheless, Gerald seemed the type of gramps that would spoil his grandkids rotten, so Billy will have to be the strict one.


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