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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 247: Withdrawal (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy already knew that something like that would happen and as if he had read his mind, Jean granted him the authority to rule over the region of the dungeon town. While it was a lot of work, he was bound to obtain a good income from all the commerce regarding the dungeon in the area, so it was fine. Besides, he was going to outsource everything aside from the profits.

The only problem with that outcome was the fact that his friends chose areas close to the eastern border. They, just like him, wanted to reinforce the defenses of that side of the state. They felt that they could do it since the other day, they managed to create their spiritual cores, and they could tell how much power that would grant them.

On the next day, pretty early in the morning, most of the people in the town began to live. Although the inhabitants stayed to help in the war, most of them looked exhausted and apparently were thinking of moving to other places. However, they changed when they heard of the new lord of the region. Even they heard of the things he did during the war, and most of the walls had been built by him, so they felt that the enemies would think twice before attacking an area under his rule.

“I heard a few rumors about your accomplishments, but they are kind of hard to believe,” Drew said. “People respect and fear you at the same time.”

“I suppose that is good, only being feared isn’t good,” Billy said. “True respect also requires some fear. Regardless, you will need to meditate more, dad. I learned something, but you will need more mana to be able to learn.”

Billy more or less knew that his father was a bit of a musclehead, so he had been slacking off with his magical training, even though he would be able to use Fierce Aura for longer by having more mana. However, they were going to travel by carriage, so his father would have a lot of time to meditate.

The good thing about learning Spiritual Core was the fact that the mana was only used when one succeeded in creating the core. When the user failed, the mana would disperse, but it would be inside their bodies, so it was no real loss.

“Speaking of which, why are you leaving the region that you are going to govern now?” Drew asked.

“I don’t think that speaking of which fits here… Nevertheless, I am going to govern, from a distance,” Billy replied. “First of all, we will need to find the right personnel and then improve the layout for defense purposes of that place. Creating more traps and underground tunnels. However, that comes after the marriage ceremonies.”

“Oh, yeah… you are getting married… when you are just seventeen,” Drew said. “Do you have to beat me in every single thing?”

Billy laughed. It wasn’t on purpose, and then he recalled that his parents were eighteen and seventeen when he was born. He pretty much was conceived in the very first weeks after the marriage… which made Billy think that he shouldn’t think about that. Nevertheless, even the ceremonies would be a problem since they would have to travel back home two times, and he had no idea which was the best time distance between both.

“Well, at least isn’t a problem that might cause deaths,” Billy thought.

Billy was already used to that responsibility at that point in time, but it wasn’t easy. In any case, the trip back home had been a pretty calm one even though it lasted one week, and the groups split up along the way. Kate was wondering if she should invite Rosalie to live with them for a while, but since the kid looked fine, it seemed that she had gotten used to Aura’s home and was liking the place as well. Still, she invited her to visit, which she didn’t answer since she was wary of Billy. He was the one who hesitated in helping her and was quite cold, after all.

Along the way, Jean also mentioned when they were willing to take more apprentices. It seemed that despite the hard time they had, about half of Natalie’s and Alexander’s students survived. While Sarah, Kate, and Lily only lost about ten percent of their students since they were long-ranged fighters. Due to Lily’s pregnancy, it seemed that it would be better to start another six-month course in the next month in order to give her some extra time later and because it would be better if all of them started and ended at the same time.

“So, it would seen that it would be better if the ceremonies happen in the next few weeks,” Billy thought.

Billy wanted some time to laze around before the marriage, but he couldn’t cause problems for his friends. So, he made his choice.

“Let’s get married in two weeks,” Billy declared.

Billy – Lv 97 5400/29.000 EXP

HP: 548/ 548

MP: 997/ 1007

SP: 327/ 557

Strength: 213

Speed: 205

Magic: 296 + 05

Endurance: 91

Dexterity: 73

Status Points: 65

Skills: Deadly Wind Lv 29, Steel Spear Lv 29, Light Spear Lv 44 (+ 06), Fierce Aura Lv 48 (+ 04 UP), Power Throw Lv 17, Combo Lv 09

Spells:Mana/EXP conversion Lv ∞, Exp Master Lv ∞, Analyze Lv 31, Appraisal Lv 35, Meditation Lv 56, Earth Manipulation Lv 59, Mana Infusion Lv 53, Water Manipulation Lv 51 (+ 13), Wind Manipulation Lv 56 (+03 UP), Fire Manipulation Lv 51, Zen Lv 33, Check Up Lv 05, Earth Transformation Lv 05 Wind Transformation Lv 13 (+08UP), Water Transformation Lv 05, Fire Transformation Lv 05

Passive: Language Skill Lv 60, Spearmanship Lv 69 (+ 02), Swordsmanship Lv 15, Archery Lv48 (+ 09 UP), Firing Speed Lv 15, Quick Spear Lv 35(+06UP), Block Mastery Lv 21, Writing Lv 29, Reading Lv 29, Pain Resistance Lv 17, Recovery Lv 22 + 06, Blacksmithing Lv 31, Dash Lv 19, Fire Resistance Lv 19, Heat Resistance Lv 17, Vigor Lv 33 (+ 07 UP), Poison Resistance Lv 12, Sage’s Wisdom Lv 12(+11UP), Spiritual Core Lv 12(+11UP),

Skill Points: 140


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