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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 239: Spiritual Core (9) Bahasa Indonesia

When Billy used the same amount of mana in his brain, he felt his mind getting sharper, but that wasn’t the only thing that changed. The system recognized that as a skill, it was really weird.

You learned the skill Sage’s Wisdom.

Sage’s Wisdom: It grants you five points of extra in magic per level.

Billy just learned something that he wanted for quite a while… a passive skill that could boost his parameters. It was weird that he learned a passive skill by using mana, but he assumed that he learned that because he boosted his brain’s power. So, it seemed that passive skills could be learned after reaching some requirements, like when he gets stronger by using mana. That was good and all, but it didn’t solve the thing that Billy wanted to solve.

“I will have to keep thinking about this…” Billy thought when he went to sleep.

In the end, no one had any idea how the enemies would proceed the next day, so Jean didn’t call any meeting, and everyone had to stay in the same position. The adventurers, however, had to stay cautious because they might need to change the battlefields if the monsters target another region.

“It goes without saying, but you need to keep quiet about your pregnancy,” Billy said.

“I know I would be targeted because I am the leader of those three hundred archers,” Lily said. “If something were to happen to me since they are young, they would lose their confidence.”

Billy nodded. She wasn’t in the walls anymore, so attacking Lily was more achievable than before. In any case, the chances of an enemy passing through Billy, Alexander, and Natalie were close to none… At least at the beginning of most battles.

“Hey, Billy, you were right,” Alexander said.

“I always am,” Billy said and then checked everyone’s condition. “It seems the scratches that you got yesterday disappeared.”

“Yeah, as usual, you are always learning new things,” Alexander said.

“You could learn it from me and try new things as well, you are old enough to be a father, so you might as well try to do and achieve things that no one did before,” Billy said. “Who knows, you might end up improving a world a lot more comfortable for your kid.”

“I am not sure I will be able to do that, but… I will at least try,” Alexander said.

Alexander’s cautious and meek nature put him in a bad spot, at least when it comes to exploration of the unknown. Nevertheless, he was a guy who once defeated the best archers of another tribe when he was supposed to be a spearman, so if anything, he was dedicated. Regardless, such thoughts disappeared from Billy and everyone else’s minds when they approached the walls. Even from such a distance, they could tell that the enemies prepared a lot more soldiers that day than in any other. That was good since it was a sign that they were getting cornered and impatient, but it was bad because the defenders didn’t have the manpower or the resources to win a head-on clash.

“Well, at least if we win this, then the enemies certainly will retreat,” Billy said.

“Oh, really?” Marie suddenly appeared and then asked. “How did you reach that conclusion?”

“Now, it isn’t the time for this,” Gerald said. “The enemy will indeed come at us with everything they have. Do you have any of those weird plans, kid?”

“Nope, I had no idea how the enemy would act today, and something was on my mind overnight,” Billy replied. “I don’t know if we can do anything to win this battle head-on, but I suppose we will have to think of a way as we fight.”

“You are right; I just hope that we will be able to come up with something fast enough,” Gerald said.

Fortunately, Billy made Sage Wisdom level up a bit overnight, so at least when it comes to magic, he was a bit stronger and against so many enemies, they would need all the help they could get.

By his calculations, they had ten thousand soldiers on their side, and the enemy had come over twenty-three. If that were a usual siege, the defending side would have an advantage, and the enemies would need at least three times more soldiers, but since that was a world of magic and superhumans, then things were a bit more complex.

In any case, Billy’s first idea was to use the fallen soldiers as zombies and make them attack the enemies, but as expected, they suddenly learn Necromancy would be a bit too much. Unfortunately, aside from that, he couldn’t think of much else. The enemies had to organize their troops for a few hours, but Billy failed in thinking of something during the meantime.

“Well, let’s see if I can have any idea during the battle…” Billy thought when he saw the enemy’s army marching toward them.

“Are we going to fight the same way as yesterday?” Kate asked.

“It seems that they split the monsters into three groups, and they are planning to use them on the three battlefields, so you won’t have many chances to fight the monsters,” Billy replied. “Focus on taking down the cavalry. After that, focus on the barbarians and then the monsters.”

It would be better if they could keep a pace while dealing with the same type of enemy, but the commanders wouldn’t let that, and that was why they split the monsters. Things got a bit more complicated, but at least humans are less sturdy.

That was definitely going to be the last day of battle to protect the dungeon town, so many soldiers were gulping nervously. On the other hand, Billy was wondering how he should overwhelm his foes.. He had planned to plant some fear into their minds, but it was hard to do in a war. Since his magic had increased a bit, he decided to test something…


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