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I Can Make Everything Level UP – Chapter 232: Spiritual Core (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Billy’s original plan in using the tunnels was to connect them to the enemy’s base and then take the heads of the commanders. However, that would take too long. Even considering his skills, it would take a month to reach the northern camp. Naturally, just wiping out the leaders there probably won’t be enough. No one had any idea where the commanders of those thirty thousand soldiers were, after all. Regardless, Billy asked for permission to make his group to stay on the Northern side of the battlefield. The Captains of the other battlefields wanted some explanation since they were the only reinforcements they could have if things get dicey. Still, the guild masters didn’t just make a fuss out of it since they knew that Billy was plotting something to end the war quickly. They knew that he was that resourceful

Once Billy got his permission, he told Sarah and her group to recover as much of their mana as possible because he won’t be able to do much the next day on the actual fights. He also told his other friends to get a good amount of sleep because, on the next day, things won’t stop until one of the sides was completely massacred… To some extent.

Things started as usual on the next day, but then the enemies realized Jean’s intentions. He wanted to drag out this war by focusing on defense. Without any soldiers blocking their path, the enemy soldiers went all out to capture the northern wall. They sent four thousand soldiers to do that… Almost half of their current forces that had been working to take down that side of the battlefield. Still, that eagerness cost them dearly…

When the enemies began to climb the walls and put a lot of pressure on the walls with their soldiers armed with tower shields and crossbows, the whole army moved as one to get closer since the barbarians were also damaging the north gate, it was only a matter of time before either of them collapsed. However, the enemies suddenly stopped when the ground suddenly began to tremble. Those who had good senses knew that such a thing wasn’t a coincidence, so they turned around and saw hundreds of recruits emerging from the ground while forming a big half-circle behind them. With those numbers, it was impossible to ambush them… or so they thought until many more walls began to emerge in front of those guys.

It didn’t take long for the whole army to see themselves surrounded by another layer of twenty meters tall walls. They had been completely cut off from their camp, and now they saw themselves in a killing zone. The northern battlefield grew silent… the enemies couldn’t imagine how that was possible, and while the defenders had informed them that such a thing would happen, only a few of them thought that it was possible. The first ones to move had been Lily’s group of archers that made arrows rain down on the enemies even more. After that, the northern gate was opened, and then Natalie and Alexander’s group began to slaughter the enemies. Soon other soldiers and adventurers joined them, but not in time to make use of the moment of shock and disbelief of the enemies.

“Retreat! Retreat! These walls aren’t as strong as they look!”

Eventually, some soldiers recovered and began to attack the walls. That was right. They remembered the first night raid. They were right. To create something that big that fast, they had to sacrifice durability. Still, Billy had planned something to compensate for that.

It didn’t take long for the enemies to reach and attack the walls, but even though they tried to knock them out in the opposite direction, they fell toward them. Massive blocks of Earth smashed dozens of soldiers and buried others. Those who survived were too wounded to move as fast as before. The calvary couldn’t make the horses step on the bodies, the rubble, and the weapons, so they were the first to fall. They learned that day one of the ironclad rules of the battlefield… showing the battlefield back to the enemy is a terrible mistake.

Some who were on foot managed to move faster and escape the blockade. Still, since their numbers were small and they were too wounded, they tasted the power of the cavalry that Jean had barely used. The enemies tried to send some Reinforcements to help those, but they didn’t in time. While being attacked from behind by the infantry and the archers, at the same time, they were surrounded by the infantry when all the walls fell. That indeed became a kill zone.

That day, the soldiers made history… They killed four thousand enemies while losing a few dozen. Those who looked down on magic and thought that their application was limited began to change their minds after hearing such a thing.

The plan had been simple, Billy made the tunnels to the sides instead of to the enemies’ camp. He had to use all his mana to make five hundred meters of tunnels that formed a perfect encirclement around the enemies who were too eager to take the Northern gate. Since he used all his mana, he used Sarah’s students to make the walls, and he told exactly how they could make the walls… Slightly inclined to the enemy’s side. They feared that the enemies would reach them and would be treated like sacrificial pawns. Still, they changed their minds because Billy and Sarah stayed with them the whole time… the act of making the walls fall toward the enemies also bought them some time to escape. The mission had been a complete success… To the point where the soldiers of the Northern gate cheered so much that their voices could be heard even from several kilometers away.. Billy was happy that they recovered some of their vigor, but he wished that they were a bit less loud since he wanted to sleep.


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